data connector / coaxial / circular / flange
data connector
C 737 series

Voltage: 15 kV

... KVDC to 70,000 ft. - Operating temperature: -55°C to +95°C - Mating connectors: All C 730 lead assemblies All series 737 lead assemblies All LGH 1/2I lead assemblies - Solder flange: Brass with ...

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Teledyne Reynolds
rectangular connector / flange / board
rectangular connector

Current: 12 A
Voltage: 400 V
Pitch: 7.62 mm

7.62mm pitch rising-cage clamp 2 - 16 poles single mold wire entry parallel to plugging direction with fixing flange

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Hartmann Codier
hybrid connector / DIN / circular / flange
hybrid connector

... Inc. Electro-Optic Connectors are designed for use in hostile environments where reliability is crucial. Using Military Specifications Mil-C-24217 as a guide, we have combined the ruggedness and high pressure tolerance ...

optical connector / data / fiber optic / DIN
optical connector
Heavy Duty 200

Heavy Duty class connector series for extra robust applications, for 2 fibers. Different strain relief types allow adaptation to various cable types. multi mode and single mode detachable connector ...

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Rosenberger OSI
electrical power supply connector / rectangular / flange / with LED
electrical power supply connector
M-A series

Current: 10, 4, 2 A
Voltage: 250, 230, 24 V

The M-A is series of rectangular connector manufactured by Binder-USA, LP. The binder solenoid connectors is best suitable for low profile or standard size housings. It is build with a protection class ...

RF connector / DIN / circular / flange
RF connector

HellermannTyton offers a variety of high quality audio visual connectors that coordinate with our faceplates, surface mount boxes and modular patch panels.

electrical power supply connector / USB / rectangular / flange
electrical power supply connector

Current: 2 A
Voltage: 250 V

The IEC connectors and NEMA receptacles from Arcolectric are specially designed with inlets and outlets that comply to IEC 320 standards. A flange and snap system is engineered for panel fixing to ensure ...

electrical power supply connector / USB / rectangular / flange
electrical power supply connector

Ensto connectors have been used around the world since the mid 1960s. Our connectors are designed to resist corrosion and bimetallic electrochemical reactions and to endure varying mechanical tensions ...

optical connector / data / fiber optic / straight
optical connector

DILAS has just the right diode laser accessories to support your application and integrates its products into high quality production lines for industrial applications. Fiber Cables DILAS provides fiber cables for multimode with core ...

RF connector / DIN / circular / right-angle
RF connector

... Cable-mount plugs with 90-degree cable attachments (pictured to left) facilitate connector mating and cable routing in confined spaces. Panel-mount plugs are also available in flange mount ...

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Cooper Interconnect
data connector / DIN / rectangular / flange
data connector
revos MINI

... MINI fits into machine building, control and switchgear applications as well as small motors and lighting technology. With connector housings in die-cast zinc or polyamide, revos MINI withstands even the toughest of application ...

board-to-wire connector / PCB / flat / female
board-to-wire connector
LC6-2.5 series

Current: 4 A
Voltage: 160 V
Pitch: 2.5 mm

Connector, Male & Female Terminal blocks Part number: LC6-2.5 Center Spacing: 2.5mm Number of Poles: 2-24 Poles Approvals: UL, CE Certified, RoHS Comply SPECIFICATIONS: IEC: 160 V / 4 A / 0.5 mm2 UL: 125 V / 4 A / ...

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Elinker Electric
data connector / coaxial / D-sub / flange
data connector
PotCon series

Custom PotCon RFW application required a 3 X D-Sub connector and 3x coaxial connector inside a 2 ¾ conflat flange. Our unique potting extension solved our customer’s fit problem when ...

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Douglas Electrical Components
RF connector / DIN / circular / flange
RF connector

Voltage: 200, 100, 115 V

MINI-MIL CONNECTORS Mini-MIL Circular Filtered Connectors API Technologies' Mini-MIL circular connectors are small and lightweight offering space and weight savings while providing ...

electrical power supply connector / DIN / rectangular / right-angle
electrical power supply connector

Current: 3 A
Voltage: 250 V

... 250V. It can operate in thermal ranges of -25°C ÷ 80°C for connector and -25°C ÷ + 70°C for cable in fixed position. In addition, this connector can accommodate 3mt PVC-cable and can resist insulation ≥ 100 M Ω.

electrical power supply connector / cylindrical / flange / single-pole
electrical power supply connector
10 - 25 mm

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Trafimet Distribution
coaxial connector / SMA / PCB / cylindrical
coaxial connector
SMA-xx series

Data rate: 40 GB/s

Subminiature interconnects with screw-type coupling. FEATURES Performance up to 6 GHz Available in a wide variety of cable assemblies Available in a wide variety of orientations and PCB terminations

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XLR connector / PCB / circular / female
XLR connector

Current: 3 A
Voltage: 125 V

Product Description ITT XLB male and female PCB flange mount receptacles are plastic Low cost alternative to our metal XLM-CPB Connectors

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ITT Cannon
RF connector / circular / flange / M16
RF connector

... compressed air piping system network, and this product is one of the components. One piec of AIRPIPE Flange Connector is needed to connect the flange to the pipe.And we guarantee 10 ...

data connector / DIN / cylindrical / flange
data connector
TUV C101

Current: 25 A
Voltage: 600, 1,000 V

Product Type: Solar Connector Serial No:C101-XXMAX01 Model (1) Mate Series: ULLable: YES Package: Tube/T&R MOO: 2000 Delivery Time: 20-25Day Brand Name: WCON Advantage 1.All kinds of products 100% tested before delivery. 2.Well-equipped ...

data connector / flange / zinc-plated steel / strain relief
data connector

... ZINC-PLATED STEEL CONNECTORS FOR STRAIN RELIEF AND AFFORDABILITY Liqua-Seal zinc-plated steel connectors resist corrosion! The waterproof, oil-tight design of Remke’s Liqua-Seal Connectors ...

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data connector / circular / flange / high-voltage
data connector

Current: 30 A
Voltage: 10,000 V - 40,000 V

The high-voltage circular connector from the S series is manufactured by GES. It has an IP50 class protection, with a round or 4-hole flange mount. The connector operates with a voltage ...

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GES Electronic & Service GmbH
RF connector / HDMI / parallel / flange
RF connector
CAM-F77B, F77C

Current: 0.5 A
Voltage: 40 V

[FEATURES] 1. 19 pins connectors that conform to HDMI interface. 2. There are two types of CAM-F77B, and F77C: those with a flange for mounting to external case and those without. There is also a F77B ...

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Mitsumi Electric
audio/video connector / multi-channel fiber optic / DIN / circular
audio/video connector

... Two or four channel bulkhead Suitable for use in harsh environment Easy to terminate IP 67 Compatible to: Connectors MIL-DTL-83526/20 Use Military Video and TV transmissions Industry

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RF connector / circular / flange
RF connector
N/MS series

Current: 13 A - 245 A
Voltage: 200 V - 7,000 V

... compatible MS connector, which had been distributed for over 50 years. RoHS compliant product. Hazardous substances contained in MS connectors (Lead, Cadmium, hexavalent chromium) are not used. Compatible ...

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Japan Aviation Electronics Industries