data connector / circular / flange / metal
data connector

... Circular Connector is developed by JFlex. It is built suitable for hose connector processing for automotive, pneumatic lines, oiling machine and machinery industrial. The circular connector ...

RF connector / radio-frequency / coaxial / circular
RF connector

RF Connectors Amphenol is the world’s largest manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data transmission system applications. Coaxial transmission cables are used ...

RF connector / DIN / circular / flange
RF connector

Connector series: ISO-BUS Gender: Male Coding: Break way Locking type: Quick-lock Mounting type: Straight Part No.: ISO-BUS-PM-XX General information Standard:ISO 11783-2 Ambient temperature:-25℃ ~ +85℃ Connector ...

data connector / DIN / circular / flange
data connector
HS-AA series

HS Connection Bracket For remote sensors which are permanently mounted on machinery, allowing quick connection to be made to a portable data collector. Comes with a right-angled fixing bracket and socket protection cap.

audio/video connector / BNC / cylindrical / flange
audio/video connector

Voltage: 12 V

Art.-No.: 70599 Video Twisted Pair Transmitter (BNC Type), Composite Input, 12VDC

electrical power supply connector / circular / flange
electrical power supply connector
4840 series

Current: 0.5 A - 2 A
Voltage: 12 V - 18 V

The 4840 Dc Connector series has a nickel-plated solder terminal for cable mounting. It functions as a low voltage DC plug and socket with 2 poles straight DC plug. It is guaranteed to last long up to 5000 Insertions. ...

data connector / DIN / straight / circular
data connector
A series

Current: 10, 9 A
Voltage: 160, 125 V

... plug-in connector M23 standard [6 to 19-pin] kinds Plug, standard as well as push-pull model, angular connector Lead-through Coupling, standard and also by using central connection PG 13.5-installation ...

data connector / cylindrical / female / male
data connector

Various Connectors and plugs suitable for our encoder range Various pin numbers Large temperature range High IP protection

data connector / circular / flange / multipole
data connector
Appleton MN series

Voltage: 0 V - 600 V

Multi-pin connectors are designed to provide power, control, or instrumentation connection to fixed or portable equipment. They are mainly used in zero hazard conditions in applications like process and control, ...