rigid coupling / locking device / flange
rigid coupling

Torque: 29 Nm - 2,600 Nm

Taper Bushes Taper Bushes - Selection Tables Bolt on Hubs for Taper Bushes Weld on Hubs for Taper Bushes Clamping Bushes Clamping Bushes - Mounting Instructions Locking Assemblies Self-centering & Non-Self-centering Locking Assemblies Calculation ...

rigid coupling / flange
rigid coupling
ISO-K series

The ISO-K Series of Rigid Coupling: Coupling Flange, manufactured by Comvat, is specifically designed with membrane bellow mounting which is built with one-part or two-part end piece. ...

gear coupling / flange
gear coupling

Torque: 500 ft.lb - 60,000 ft.lb
Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 12,000 rpm

Automatic freewheel clutches are used in conjunction with a double engagement gear coupling. They can be produced in close coupled or spacer design to suit. The clutch coupling must be stopped to check ...

Oldham coupling / flange
Oldham coupling
OC series

Torque: 0.08 Nm - 70.4 Nm
Rotational speed: 4,000 rpm - 6,000 rpm

The OC series is a line of oldham flexible couplings manufactured by OEP. This tool is capable of protecting driven component that acts as mechanical "fuse". This tool can shield bearings by exerting consistently low ...

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OEP Couplings
bellows coupling / flange
bellows coupling
EWA Series

Torque: 7 Nm - 1,800 Nm
Rotational speed: 7,000 rpm - 20,000 rpm

Metal bellows coupling EWA • 6-corrugation bellows - easy assembly clamping hub • cost-effective standard type

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elastic coupling / tire / flange
elastic coupling

Torque: 30 Nm - 51,200 Nm
Rotational speed: 810 rpm - 4,500 rpm

Couplings (tyre couplings, spider couplings, flexible couplings, gear couplings, rigid couplings)

elastic coupling / tire / flange
elastic coupling
FFX series

Torque: 14,675 Nm

The FFX series is manufactured by Challenge PT, and is a shaft coupling with torque output of up to 14675 Nm at 6 pole motors. It has an angular misalignment of up to 4° with wind up shock absorption of up to 12°. The ...

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Challenge Power Transmission Plc
bellows coupling / miniature / flange
bellows coupling

Chemi-chan (High efficient miniature coupling) Characteristics: Servo-motor oscillation is prevented, gain is raised, and positioning accuracy is increased. Applications: XY tables (with servo-motors), semiconductor ...

gear coupling / flange
gear coupling

Curvic® Couplings have precision face splines with curved radial teeth of contact depth. They are used for joining two or more members to form a single operating unit. Arrow’s capability for Curvic® Couplings ...

jaw coupling / flange
jaw coupling
S series

Torque: 1.1 Nm - 1,500 Nm
Rotational speed: 1,750 rpm - 10,000 rpm

Basic Series of couplings with projection to assemble with shaft and cotter. Using the same spider size, different models and series can be combined.

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gear coupling / flange
gear coupling
SDF series

Torque: 750 Nm - 36,700 Nm
Rotational speed: 1,200 rpm - 3,000 rpm

The SDF series is a flexible coupling that is constructed with 2 flanged sleeves and an integrated spur gear teeth. These gear teeth are attached with a series of alloy steel fasteners that undergo heat ...

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Stromag France
jaw coupling / flange
jaw coupling

Torque: 10 Nm - 56,000 Nm
Rotational speed: 1,400 rpm - 19,000 rpm

Metal hubs (cast iron, steel, aluminium alloy) Polyurethane spider In “flexible couplings” range it has got best "transmissible power/dimension" ratio Couplings can be supplied according to ATEX DIRECTIVE ...

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SIT S.p.A.
rigid coupling / taper sleeve / flange
rigid coupling

Sati can supply a wide range of bushes, that is all the standard types. Following bushes are always available ex stock: 1008 1108 1210 1215 1610 1615 2012 2517 3020 3030 3525 3535 4030 4040 4545 5050 Every bush can be supplied with different ...

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gear coupling / high-performance / flange
gear coupling

High-precision ground special gear teeth. High performances with limited dimensions. Execution complying with API 671 standards (American Petroleum Institute). Construction in alloy and hardened steel, to obtain the best features in terms ...

rigid coupling / expandible axle / self-centering / flange
rigid coupling
TLK 110 series

Torque: 12 Nm - 25,000 Nm

Tollok-Famiglia's TLK 110 Series is part of the company's line of locking assembly, self-centering discs. Models of the series feature self-centering, moderate-torque designs, and fast installation times. These devices showcase dimensional ...

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spiral coupling / flange
spiral coupling
max. 76 Nm | CL series

Torque: 0.2 Nm - 76 Nm
Rotational speed: 2,200 rpm - 30,000 rpm

... transmitting torque in a low-inertia design. Beam couplings are commonly used in low torque applications that do not require high torsional stiffness or excessive operating speeds. One-piece metallic beam coupling ...

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rigid coupling / shaft collar / flange
rigid coupling
SCC series

... Precision shaft couplers and clamps for attaching leadscrews, pulleys, gears, and other drive components. The C collar style clamp holds onto the shaft tightly without marring the shaft, 10X better then setscrews, and ...

roller chain coupling / flange
roller chain coupling

Torque: 38 Nm - 23,000 Nm
Rotational speed: 800 rpm - 8,000 rpm

... separate by merely opening the coupling chain, and they offer an excellent cost / performance ratio for numerous applications in machine and plant construction. The wide application range is due to the numerous coupling ...

torsionally elastic coupling / flange
torsionally elastic coupling
Sure-Flex® series

Torque: 0 Nm - 8,200 Nm
Rotational speed: 2,200 rpm - 9,200 rpm

... Wood's Sure-Flex® couplings use a rubber (EPDM), neoprene, or Hytrel sleeve and have exceptional torsional flexibility. Their 4-way flexing action absorbs virtually all types of shock, misalignment, and end float. With ...

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TB Wood s Electronic - Woodsdrives.com
rigid coupling / flange
rigid coupling

Clampco offers Flanges that mate with our V-Band Couplings. Our Flanges are either machined from stainless steel or formed from stainless steel sheet metal. We will ensure that flanges ...

transmission coupling / elastomer / self-centering / with clamp
transmission coupling
CO series

Torque: 9 Nm - 165 Nm

... electromechanical axes and cylinders with motors or gearboxes. Mod. COE couplings are composed of two hubs with a high concentricity clamp and an elastomeric element. Mod. COS couplings ...

elastic coupling / transmission / encoder / aluminium
elastic coupling
G series

These flexible encoder coupling are specially made for rotational motion and are vital devices for transmitting rotary motion to the encoder shaft. They are fabricated from aluminum alloy and are constructed in a cylinder-shaped ...

shaft coupling / encoder / flange
shaft coupling

... effective compensation of small alignment inaccuracies high torsion spring stiffness, low restoring force vibration damping, clamp style Backlash-free, angularly aligned transmission of rotary movements high torsion ...

flange coupling
flange coupling

REMA TIP TOP flange couplings Split flange couplings for DUNLOP HD slurry handling hoses.

flexible coupling / flange
flexible coupling
14J21 series

... is ±4° for full couplings. Integral Bonding Wires The bonding wires are captivated within the clamshell halves eliminating the chance of snagging experienced with external bonding systems and also improving the aesthetics ...