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stainless steel flap disc - 0664130501

This device performs at ah high revolution or rotation rate of 30500 U/min...

stainless steel flap disc - 0664130501

The Rough Grinding Disc by the Hoffmann Group is specifically designed to provide a high quality performance. The disc is incorporated with cloth flaps which is covered...

flap disc - AF-D

The HILTI Flap Disc AF-D is a top of the line component developed as a cutting...

flap disc - 577F

The 577F is a flap disc manufactured by 3M™ and it functions as a strong stock removal suitable for...

flap disc - 967A

The 3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 967A is highly designed and created to...

flap disc - ø 4.5 - 7 in

The Zirconia AP Type 27 is a standard abrasive flap disc manufactured by 3M. It is suitable for removing...

flap disc - 0.87 in

The Standard Abrasives™ Surface Conditioning Flap Disc is placed on a sturdy phenol plate which produces cushioned effect for blending....

flap disc - PREMIUM***

These are Premium Flap Disc ceramic manufactured by Tyrolit which features its extremely high performance tool having a specific stock removal rate....

flap disc - PREMIUM***

Strong zirconia alumina cloth for flap discs
Heavy duty...

flap disc - PREMIUM***

Remove welding spots and seams, rough grinding...

flap disc - PREMIUM***

The performance of the KLINGSPOR abrasive mop disc, with its fan-shaped radial arrangement of...

flap disc - POLIFAN®

For grinding PFERD offers reinforced grinding wheels, flexible grinding wheels, cup wheels, ring wheels and POLIFAN®-Flap Discs. For cutting of materials PFERD cut-off wheels are suitable for hand-held, portable cut-off machines and diamond cut-off wheels.




With the innovation POLIFAN-STRONGFREEZE, PFERD is offering a flap...

flap disc - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | LGZ-F2

Price attractive flap disc with high...

flap disc - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | LSZ F2

Price attractive flap disc with high...

flap disc - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | LSZ F VISION

Thanks to their recess the VISION will become transparent when rotating. This allows a permanent control of the working process without stopping the machine. Fibre support, zirconium


stainless steel flap disc - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | VSK VISION

Thanks to the unique combination of two special product features, the VSK VISION offers some clear advantages for the surface finishing of stainless steel....

stainless steel flap disc - max. 180 x 22.23 mm | LGZ F1

Very good performance on stainless...

stainless steel flap disc - max. 180 x 22.23 mm | LGZ F1

Best for aggressive stock removal on a variety of welds, coatings and other metal fabrication applications. The overlapping coated abrasive cloth flaps on Flap...

flap disc - max.13 300 rpm

Best disc for deburring, edge breaking, blending, cleaning, finishing, and polishing after traditional grinding is done with a Resin...

flap disc - max.13 300 rpm

We make discs from different materials to suit the application. Here are a selection of cloth, paper and fibre backings. Each backing material is available...

flap disc - ø 115 mm | SAITALM SL

Abrasive flat flap discs in plastic with abrasive...

flap disc - ø 100 - 165 mm | SAITLAM

Abrasive flat flap discs in plastic with inserted flaps...

flap disc - ø 115 - 180 mm | SAITLAM F

Abrasive conical flap discs in on fiber glass with abrasive...

flap disc - ø 115 mm | SAITLAM FU

Abrasive flat flap discs in on fiber glass...

flap disc - ø 115 mm | SAITLAM PN

Abrasive flat flap discs in plastic with abrasive...

flap disc - ø 115 mm | SAITLAM PN

Molemab flap discs are made by cloth abrasive flaps (aluminium oxide, zircon oxide or ceramic) pasted on nylon or fibreglass backing.


flap disc - max. ø 180 x 22 mm

EUROflex FLAP DISCS are made using a plastic or a glassfibre backing pad on which flaps of abrasive cloth are attached.
They are anchored by using modern, high-technology machines that enable assuring the highest quality standards. Mounting...

flap disc - ø 115 mm

The cup flap discs...

flap disc - Enduro-Flex

Whether you work in stainless steel, aluminum or any other alloy, the Enduro-Flex flap discs will replace grinding wheels and...

flap disc - Enduro-Flex 2 in 1

Surface Finishing Discs
Enduro-Flex 2 in 1 flap discs will remove TIG welds and finish the surface in just one step, substantially...

flap disc - Enduro-Flex Spin-On

Made from natural and sustainable plant fibers the Eco-Trim backing can easily be trimmed for higher productivity, maximum...

flap disc - Enduro Flex TURBO


Cyclone Technology...

flap disc - Twist

Longest disc life and most consistent finish with very high removal...

flap disc - Twist

Weiler's made in U.S.A. Tiger Discs
are the benchmark of the industry. They are...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

GET THE EDGE with Weilers new Tiger Paw™ abrasive flap discs! Tiger Paws are designed for aggressive performance on tough EDGE grinding applications. These 100% zirconium flap discs last 30-40% longer than competitive standard zirconium flap discs due to both a high performance grain and special poly cotton cloth that provides...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

Conical type
for grinding at an angle of 15-25°
steel / stainless steel / non ferrous
metals / cast iron / plastics / wood
for deburring / edge dressing / welds /
rust removal...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

Flap Discs are used for:
Intermediate and finishing of welds.
Deburring, rust removal and snagging.
Suitable for almost all ferrous & non-ferrous materials
Excellent for surface finishing

Flap Disc specifications:
A/O Flap Discs - Coated with Aluminium Oxide.
Z/A Flap Discs - Coated with Zirconia Alumina.
S/C Flap Discs - Coated with Silicon...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

Uniform surface roughness:
- Optimal grit distribution across the base,

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