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Flap discs
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The Rough Grinding Disc by the Hoffmann Group is specifically designed to provide a high quality performance. The disc is incorporated with cloth flaps which is covered...

flap disc for stainless steel - 0664130501

This device performs at ah high revolution or rotation rate of 30500 U/min...

flap disc - PREMIUM***

These are Premium Flap Disc ceramic manufactured by Tyrolit which features its extremely high performance tool having a specific stock removal rate....

flap disc - 577F

The 577F is a flap disc manufactured by 3M™ and it functions as a strong stock removal suitable for...

flap disc - 967A

The 3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 967A is highly designed and created to...

flap disc - ø 4.5 - 7 in

The Zirconia AP Type 27 is a standard abrasive flap disc manufactured by 3M. It is suitable for removing...

flap disc - 0.87 in

The Standard Abrasives™ Surface Conditioning Flap Disc is manufactured by 3M company used for polishing after the...

flap disc - AF-D

The HILTI Flap Disc AF-D is a top of the line component developed as a cutting...

flap disc - AF-D

This unit is a zirconia alumina cloth intended for flap discs. It has additives and its high-performance...

flap disc - AF-D

Remove welding spots and seams, rough grinding...

flap disc - POLIFAN®

For grinding PFERD offers reinforced grinding wheels, flexible grinding wheels, cup wheels, ring wheels and POLIFAN®-Flap Discs. For cutting of materials PFERD cut-off wheels are suitable for hand-held, portable cut-off machines and diamond cut-off wheels.




With the innovation POLIFAN-STRONGFREEZE, PFERD is offering a flap...

flap disc - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | LGZ-F2

Price attractive flap disc with high...

flap disc - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | LSZ F2

Price attractive flap disc with high...

flap disc - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | LSZ F VISION

Thanks to their recess the VISION will become transparent when rotating. This allows a permanent control of the working process without stopping the machine. Fibre support, zirconium


flap disc for stainless steel - max. 125 x 22.23 mm | VSK VISION

Thanks to the unique combination of two special product features, the VSK VISION offers some clear advantages for the surface finishing of stainless steel....

flap disc for stainless steel - max. 180 x 22.23 mm | LGZ F1

Very good performance on stainless...

flap disc for stainless steel - max. 180 x 22.23 mm | LGZ F1

The performance of the KLINGSPOR abrasive mop disc, with its fan-shaped radial arrangement of...

flap disc for stainless steel - max. 180 x 22.23 mm | LGZ F1

Weiler's made in U.S.A. Tiger Discs
are the benchmark of the industry. They are...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

GET THE EDGE with Weilers new Tiger Paw™ abrasive flap discs! Tiger Paws are designed for aggressive performance on tough EDGE grinding applications. These 100% zirconium flap discs last 30-40% longer than competitive standard zirconium flap discs due to both a high performance grain and special poly cotton cloth that provides...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

Flap Discs are used for:
Intermediate and finishing of welds.
Deburring, rust removal and snagging.
Suitable for almost all ferrous & non-ferrous materials
Excellent for surface finishing

Flap Disc specifications:
A/O Flap Discs - Coated with Aluminium Oxide.
Z/A Flap Discs - Coated with Zirconia Alumina.
S/C Flap Discs - Coated with Silicon...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

Uniform surface roughness:
- Optimal grit distribution across the base,

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

Composed of overlapping abrasive cloth flaps and radially glued on backing made of plastic or high-strength fibreglass. They assure a high degree of removal and considerable durability due to their capacity for self-sharpening until the flaps are worn out.
The flap discs fitted on angular polishing machines and are suited for removing welding beads, spots, recesses, bevels and carpentry work...

flap disc -  Tiger Paw™

Flap discs are a 3-Dimensional abrasive product. They consist of abrasive flaps glued radially to a backing plate. As the product is used the abrasive wears down and new abrasive is exposed underneath. Zirconia is the most common mineral for flap discs due to its cool cutting action. Ceramic is sometimes used but the price usually cannot be justified for the small performance increase.


flap disc - Enduro-Flex

Whether you work in stainless steel, aluminum or any other alloy, the Enduro-Flex flap discs will replace grinding wheels and...

flap disc - Enduro-Flex 2 in 1

Surface Finishing Discs
Enduro-Flex 2 in 1 flap discs will remove TIG welds and finish the surface in just one step, substantially...

flap disc - Enduro-Flex Spin-On

Made from natural and sustainable plant fibers the Eco-Trim backing can easily be trimmed for higher productivity, maximum...

flap disc - Enduro Flex TURBO


Cyclone Technology...

flap disc - Twist

Longest disc life and most consistent finish with very high removal...

flap disc - Twist

Conical type
for grinding at an angle of 15-25°
steel / stainless steel / non ferrous
metals / cast iron / plastics / wood
for deburring / edge dressing / welds /
rust removal...

flap disc - max. ø 180 x 22 mm

EUROflex FLAP DISCS are made using a plastic or a glassfibre backing pad on which flaps of abrasive cloth are attached.
They are anchored by using modern, high-technology machines that enable assuring the highest quality standards. Mounting...

flap disc - ø 115 mm

The cup flap discs...

flap disc - ø 115 mm

Best for aggressive stock removal on a variety of welds, coatings and other metal fabrication applications. The overlapping coated abrasive cloth flaps on Flap...

flap disc - max.13 300 rpm

Best disc for deburring, edge breaking, blending, cleaning, finishing, and polishing after traditional grinding is done with a Resin...

flap disc - ø 115 mm | SAITALM SL

Abrasive flat flap discs in plastic with abrasive...

flap disc - ø 100 - 165 mm | SAITLAM

Abrasive flat flap discs in plastic with inserted flaps...

flap disc - ø 115 - 180 mm | SAITLAM F

Abrasive conical flap discs in on fiber glass with abrasive...

flap disc - ø 115 mm | SAITLAM FU

Abrasive flat flap discs in on fiber glass...

flap disc - ø 115 mm | SAITLAM PN

Abrasive flat flap discs in plastic with abrasive...

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