UV flashlight / inspection
UV flashlight
Torchlight 5F

Power: 1 W

UV-Torchlight 5F The ultra-compact UVA hand lamp provides maximum power immediately after switching, on thus can be quickly used for inspections even in areas difficult to access. Whether for detection and localization in buildings, ...

LED flashlight / portable
LED flashlight

This powerful TQC LED pocket flashlight produces a very impressive 200 lumens and provides a projection distance of 250 meters. Small (26 x 118mm), portable and light weighted (73gr) The light is supplied with holster, ...

inspection flashlight / robust / rechargeable
inspection flashlight

The TQC Inspector Flashlight is a robust and handy flashlight with extremely powerful PowerLED. The adjustable lightbeam makes this flashlight very suitable for most kinds of inspections. ...

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