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thin transmission belt - RoHS

Designed for long life, even tracking, smooth & efficient...

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - BLACK FLAT

The Gates BLACK FLAT belts are extruded and flat belts that are made from durable and strong...

thin transmission belt - LiftPower™

Developed and engineered by Gates, the LiftPower range of open-ended flat belts are designed for conveyance and lifting operations with weights or platforms. Flat pulleys are utilized to operate...

thin transmission belt - LiftPower™

With the use of Habasit knowledge in polyester research, the Polyester Power Transmission Belt offers...

thin transmission belt - LiftPower™

Habasit releases a comprehensive range of polyamide power transmission belts, noted for their reliability,...

thin transmission belt - LiftPower™

The TF tangential and flat Aramide Power Transmission belts from Habasit provide accurate and...

thin transmission belt - LiftPower™

The Endless Flex Belts are constructed with helically wound steel cords. It is designed with...

thin transmission belt / endless - Synchro-Power®

The Synchro-Power® Endless Belt serves as a solution for positioning implementation that needs more rigidity...

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - CONTI® POLYFLAT

Continental Technology provides malleable and space-saving open-ended belting equipment with the CONTI® POLYFLAT flat...

thin transmission belt / endless - FLAT BELT® MAXIFLEX® OIL STAT® series

M.E.C. FLAT BELT® MAXIFLEX® OIL STAT® flat endless belt is integrated with neoprene rubber protected, synthetic, highly resistant and endless tubular fabric. Not only is it heat resistant, but...

thin transmission belt - Nittra® series

Nittra ® belts are manufactured by making use of the most advanced industrial manufacturing techniques backed by a long experience...

thin transmission belt - Nittra® series

Flat Belting and Belts move heavy loads
Solid elastic urethane.
Thicknesses: .031", .063", .094", .125", .313" (.8mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4mm)
Any width up to 12" (305mm), except .313" (8mm) belt, which is .401" (10.2mm) wide, and it has round edges.
Any length above 3.5" (89mm)
Colors: clear .031" & .063" (.8mm & 3.2mm),...

thin transmission belt - Nittra® series

The urethane flat belts were derived from the gravity roller brakers manufactured by DuraBelt. It is applicable on roller blakes used to decline roller conveyors. The braking force can be adjusted...

thin transmission belt - Nittra® series

The flat transmission belt, manufactured by Chinabase Machinery, is a high intensity, slight elongated, high-speed rubber...

thin transmission belt - Extremultus

Forbo Movement Systems manufactures a wide variety of belts that are ideal for use in different...

thin transmission belt / rubber / polyamide - 50 - 4 200 mm | P 51xx series

The P 51xx series from BGK Endlosband, is a polyamide and elastomer flat transmission belt,...

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - 200 - 4 200 mm | P 61xx series

The P61xx series is a polyurethane-fabricated transmission belt that is commonly used...

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - MEGAFLAT series

The MEGAFLAT series is a polyurethane flat transmission belt developed by Megadyne. The unit is available...

thin transmission belt / rubber - MEGAFLAT series

The MEGAFLAT series is a rubber flat transmission belt developed by Megadyne. The unit is...

thin transmission belt - 225 - 1 800 N/mm

High-efficiency leather flat-belts: automatic lathes, centrifugal...

thin transmission belt - 225 - 1 800 N/mm

Research and development, constant innovation and quality assurance are our top priority. But thats not the only reason why Esband represents...

thin transmission belt - 225 - 1 800 N/mm

All renowned manufacturers of cigarette and filter machines all over the world use our endless suction tapes and garniture tapes in their machines.
As a global market leader, we are aware of our special responsibility. In order to guarantee...

thin transmission belt - 225 - 1 800 N/mm


For use on variable speed sheave drives requiring exact speed control and maximum range of speed changes. Ideal for recreational...

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - Eagle Orange 85 series

Eagle Orange 85 Non-Reinforced Flat Belting is constructed...

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - ALPHA linear-F series

Optibelt ALPHA linearF flat belts are extruded, open-ended polyurethane flat belts with steel tension cords parallel...

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - ALPHA linear-F series

Blue colored and bareback-structural belt

thin transmission belt / polyurethane-coated - ALPHA linear-F series

Belts for application in power transmission and conveying.


How to choose this product


A flat belt is wider than it is thick and has a rectangular section. This provides a large contact surface. It is often very flexible, silent and able to transmit high speeds (60-100 meters/second) under low torque. It is also about 98% efficient, e.g., in gearing arrangements.


Flat belts are common in many power transmission applications.

How to choose

Choice criteria are the same as for belts in general:
- Torque to be transmitted
- Rotational speed of drive and driven shafts
- Shaft spread
- Available space
- Operational conditions (vibrations, surge, shocks, temperature, humidity, dirt, etc.)


- Large contact surface
- Silent and very flexible
- High-speed operation
- Efficient


- Limited torque capability

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