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The series 500 of sight windows shows contents or levels of pipelines and tanks, and...

hydraulic flow indicator - 4 - 22 L/min | LOFLOW

These easy-to-read loflow flowmeters come with permanent...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - FM30

The FM30 is a basic indicator and totalizer operated by a stand-alone battery. It is applicable...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - RS-232, RS-485 | TIO

This device plays the role of two flow totalizers in a single construction. It is able to convert analog mass flow meter and controllers into digital units of a high precision using RS 485 or RS 232 interfaces. The product can be used as a...

flow indicator - NAM

The NAM is a sight glass flow system manufactured by New-Flow. This device has a body of SS316, a glass...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 4.5 digits

The Digital Flow Rate Indicator is designed to present the rate and total...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - HIT-2A

The 5 Digit Rate Display and the 8 Digit Totalizer Display is especially designed to provide a high...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - FLOWSTAR 2005

FLOWSTAR 2005 is a volumetric flow rate indicator/totalizer for liquids which provides local display and transmits flow data for control capability with cost effective solutions in flow measurement systems. In addition it can...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - Ace II series

Technical data sheets from Hoffer Flow Controls are easily upgraded from ACE to ACEII. The advanced human machine interface or HMI has soft keys...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - Ice series

The Integrated Cryogenic Electronics or IICE from Hoffer is a truck mounted flow meter. It...

flow indicator - 0.1 - 60 lpm, max. 15 bar | IF..V series

The IFV Series, manufactured by Elettrotec, is a visual flow indicator equipped with a pirex...

flow indicator - 1/4 - 1

The Sight Flow Indicator by VAL.CO is highly designed to promote a good quality...

flow indicator - 1/4 - 2

The CV Series, manufactured by Val.co, is a flow indicator equipped with 1/4" up...

flow indicator - 1/4 - 3

The FD Series, manufactured by Val.co, is a flow indicator equipped with maximum 3"...

flow indicator - 1/4

The NH1 Series, manufactured by Val.co, is a flow indicator equipped with maximum 1/4"...

in-line flow indicator - 180 lpm (48 US gpm), 420 bar (6000 psi) | FI750

The FI750 is a dial type flow indicator engineered by Webtec. It is suitable for use on high-pressure...

in-line flow indicator - 400 lpm (100 US gpm), 350 bar (5000 psi) | FI1500

The FI1500 is an in-line flow indicator, manufactured by Webtec. This product is used on high...

reversible flow indicator - 200 lpm (54 US gpm), 420 bar (6000 psi) | RFI

The reversible flow indicator (RFI) from Webtec is suitable for use on hydraulic systems....

hydraulic flow indicator - 550 lpm (145 US gpm), 240 bar (3500 psi) | WP

The Hydraulic Flow Indicator WP Series is manufactured by Webtec. The product does not need a battery...

hydraulic flow indicator - 550 lpm (145 US gpm), 240 bar (3500 psi) | WP

The high quality apparatus is specifically designed to provide an extensive and high...

flow indicator - ProSeries®

These detects are engineered with an ability to detect flows between 50 to 10100 ml/min. The ball rises and falls at systemic...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 0.1 - 4 l/min, max. 10 bar (150 PSI) | OG2

The OG2 is manufactured by Titan, and is an oval gear totaliser that is intended to give high performance with a low cost of ownership. It has an...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 0.5 - 10 l/min, IP65

This Digital Flow Rate Indicator is designed primarily for beer measurement and it also shows the value of what was dispensed. This device can attain a value of zero through a...

totalizer flow indicator / analog - IP67, -20...+80 °C | Metra Smart

The Metra-Smart design is specifically suitable for computing and displaying rates and totals along with giving an analog output that is proportional to flow. The unit is able to provide dual pre-set flow switch points and make calculations for...

totalizer flow indicator / analog - Metra-count

Metra Count is used for computing & displaying totals from flowmeters or similar machinery while generating pulse or frequency outputs. Manipulate the display in the instrument and it can show Re-settable Total and an Accumulated Total...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - IP65 | CUB5

The CUB5 by Titan Enterprise is a digital flow rate indicator which features its two functions, either it can do a function counter or a rate meter. It comes with a display panel...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - DS 400 Flow-Station

The DS 400 and VA 400 are flow stations developed by CS instruments. They are mainly used for compressed air and gases.

The DS400 comes with 3.5″ touch screen graphic display to show the movement of the measured...

glass flow indicator / sanitary - 1/2 - 4

The SIC model is a sanitary flow indicator manufactured by Papailias. It has resistance to various components such as stress,...

flow indicator - 24 - 50 000 lph | DS15 series

In DS15 flow meters, the float is forced upward within a tapered tube by the flowing medium and this is in accordance to the variable area principle that has been proved. Its...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - RT-10 series

Loop powered system
6-digit LCD display

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 25 - 200 gpm, 3/4 - 2

There are no moving parts to clog or wear because the technology used is vortex shedding. Digital display and various electrical outputs are standard. Standard construction...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 8 - 28 V dc, 4 - 20 mA, IP 67 | F112, F 113

Flow rate/total and accumulated total display instrument, 15 point linearisation. Hazardous Area option.
Features :
- Seven 17mm and eleven 8mm digits.
- Direct or wall mount.
Input Power:

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 24 V dc, 4 - 20 mA, ATEX | FPOD

Display Instrument with Flow rate/Accumulated flow display and linearisation. Five 13mm and eleven 7mm digits....

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 24 V dc, 4 - 20 mA, ATEX | FPOD

Displays to be combined with many...

totalizer flow indicator / digital - 8 - 24 V | BT series

The BT programmable self powered totaliser is specifically designed for computing & displaying totals from flowmeters or machinery...

flow indicator - 24 - 50 000 lph | DS15 series

The model DS15 flow meters work according to the proven variable area principle. The float is moved upward in a tapered tube by the flowing medium and its upper edge indicates the flow rate by means of a scale affixed...

flow indicator - 232 psi | DG08

Flow Indicator Model DG08
Available in red bronze or stainless steel
Domed sight glass for easy view of ball
1/4 to 1-1/2 Pipe Size

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