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After extensive research, Fagor Arrasate developed two highly efficient and flexible lines of mechanical forging presses, specifically designed for the continuous flash-forging process, normally...

The Gamei brand manufactured PHG screw presses provide different advantages, such the capability of being able to attain maximum speed after 50% of...


This screw press has improved economical and technical features that allow it to be far ahead of competing brands that are currently on the market. It features rotating linear motion, which has...

The PVS and PVX are a series of friction screw presses manufactured by Ficep. It offers technical enhancement for a wide variety of applications including...



In forging presses with ServoDirect Technology, several torque motors act on a main shaft via a step-down gear unit. These types of presses are suitable for single-stroke operation as well as forging...


The DualDrive concept for crank presses makes it possible to move through the top dead center position at a very low ram speed, and move through the bottom dead center position at a very high ram speed. The forging press is equipped with two drives for this kind of high-performance.

Main drive. A conventional main...

Hydraulic presses uses fluid pressure so greater capacity and flexibility is achieved. Pre-forms are produced in hydraulic pre-form presses for mass supply needed for...

With the hydraulic presses in the MH series, weight savings in the driveline are achieved. Ideal for forging aluminum wheels, the series offers benefits such as a payload increase (up to 500kg), wheel weight...

The MH series of ring blank forging hydraulic presses are capable of high press forces ranging between 8,000 to 140,000 kN. This capacity, along with long stroke rates, makes the presses...


The highly accurate K1-E Series Press from AIDA is a reliable, productive and high performance cold forging press that is very compact and easy to install. It has...

The cold forging technologies by AIDA serve an important roll in automotive and other industrial...

The cold forging process is faster than the cutting one and Aida created its cold forging presses series that achieved the requirements for...

AIDA's cold forging presses FMX series is helpful from the industry of automotive. The high quality parts of these presses...



Open die forging hydraulic press is mainly used for the open die forging process, include: blanking, upsetting, swaging, punching, expending, bending,...


Isothermal close die forging hydraulic press is mainly used for the isothermal close die forging process at...


This machine is mainly used to manufacture the aluminum magnesium alloy hub.

Main Parameters:



This machine equips with mould, furnace, AT railway load and unload device to forging the end of AT railway.


The UL Series of Hydraulic Forging Press, manufactured by Tianjin Tianduan Press Co.,Ltd.,...


The model is a cold forging and sizing hydraulic press that has a capacity which ranges from 400 tonnes up to 3,000 tonnes. It is available in models that...


Applicable for small type of progressive precision die forming.

● Features

An ultra rigid H frame structure reduces deflection to less than 1mm.
Patented 9-linkage mechanism...


Open-die forging machines built by SMS Meer are able to exceed forging forces way above 100 MN, depending on the customer's needs. The pass schedules for the forging process are provided by technology systems featuring comprehensive material databases. The control...


Press capacity 1500 kN
Coring Punches 4 N°
Capacity of each punch 500 KN
Options available...

Press capacity 2500 kN
Coring Punches 4 N°
Capacity of each punch 750 KN
Options available...

Press capacity 3500 kN
Coring Punches 4 N°
Capacity of each punch 2000 KN
Options available...

Press capacity 4500 kN
Punches 4 N°
Capacity of each punch 2000 KN
Options available...

Screw diam. 280 mm
Nominal force 8500 kN
Maximum admissible force 13600 kN
Maximum admissible energy 65 KJ
Rounds per minute
30 n
550 mm


The PM presses are engineered to withstand the most challenging requirements in the field of die-casting or forging. The space-saving design of the housing...


The HFP series is a hot forging press driven by direct drive system that appropriate to produce
various types of forging.Tie rod is inserted into the...

The HDP series is a hot forging press driven by double drive system that appropriate to produce
CVJ, spindle and shaft types of forging.Tie rod is inserted into the high rigidity integral frame...


Top level automation presses for net shape cold forging
Generally these machines, both with excentricand linkdrive, are supplied in extremely complete arrangements.


Simple and double effect hidraulic...


SPAN 2500x1350x2000
SPEED 400/15/400MM/SEC



A heavy-duty steel plate high-rigidity sold loop frame structure has been adopted to ensure smooth load transfer and to minimize stretch. This realized high-precision...

The high-rigidity 5-train BKO ensures proper and smooth knock-out and transfer...


This Cold Forging press.
Equipped with die cushion and ejector.


Used by a leading manufacturer of mining products for the hot forging of media grinding balls
Parker SSD variable frequency drive technology for improved energy efficiency and system simplification
Modular, tie-rod...

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