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Over the years Transtecno Group has built Its own solutions for the mechanical and small automation industry: gearboxes, electric motors and now, variable speed drives. The newest addition, inverter TT100 allows clients to have a complete solution from one supplier. The TT100,...


The elimination of external cables results
in simplified connection, to name two of
many advantages. Others are the lack
of screened motor...


Profi Drive Controller PDC
Features of the ABM Profi Drive Controller PDC:
• Modular
• High flexibility
• Compact...

Logical Drive Controller LDC
Features of the ABM Logical Drive Controller LDC (CDA/CDB):
• Compact
• Optimum control properties
• High flexibility with many options


For operating and controlling of the TURBOVAC turbo molecular vacuum pumps an electronic frequency...


JST series frequency converters work within the power range of 10-32 kVA with a single-phase output and 10-600 kVA with...

The UPC series is composed of frequency converters developed by JOVYATLAS. They are available in the frequencies of 50.0, 60.0, 200.0,...


Arcadia is a line of frequency inverters positioned in the middle-high power range, from 70 to 150kVA. They are designed...


The FX-702 is a low jitter precision frequency translator used to translate input frequencies...

The FX-402 is a precision quartz-based frequency translator used to translate 1 to 4 selected input clocks as...

The VI CD-700 is a user-configurable crystal based PLL integrated circuit....

The FX-500 is a complete crystal-based frequency translator used in communications applications where low...

The FX-700 is a crystal-based frequency translator used in communications applications where low jitter...


Drehzahlverstellung und -regelung von Drehstrommotoren bis 30 kW
Speed control (open and closed loop) of three-phase motors up to powers of 30 kW

Frequency Inverter with power regeneration:
Speed control (open and closed loop) of three-phase motors up to powers of 200 kW
TRANSOMIK U2 frequency inverters...


The TravelMaster is a frequency inverter developed by SWF Krantechnik GmbH, specifically for materials handling equipment....


Medium Frequency inverters



The TE1500 series identifies products designed for resistance welding with medium frequency inverter technology.
The task of the welding system is to...

The TE1500R series identifies products designed for resistance welding with medium frequency inverter technology.
The task of the welding system is to...


Optimized frequency inverters for the control of one motor, eg. fan motors in air...

Fcontrol frequency inverter speed controller, for trouble-free parallel operation of motors without shielded motor cables....

Attributes and special features:
Ziehl-Abegg special motors for frequency inverter operation are optimised for...

The ZETADYN 3C is a frequency inverter developed especially for elevator technology. It provides a high-quality speed control for asynchronous machines as well as for modern permanent magnet synchronous machines.
The main unit is the ZETADYN...

The ZETADYN 3BF is a frequency inverter developed especially for elevator machines. It provides the highly sophisticated control for asynchronous...


INGEDRIVE® by Ingeteam belongs to the family of low-and medium-voltage frequency converters. With their modular design, it is possible to accommodate a whole set of powers and voltages. They have an intuitive structure which makes...


With its power range up to 25 HP, its flexibility and low price, the SM2 Flux Vector Series inverters excel in applications where inverter technology was once considered too costly. Applications would include packaging machinery, food processing,...

Sensorless Vector AC inverter delivers up to 200% starting torque and can control a vector duty motor down to 1Hz at full output torque. The SM Vector drive is designed...

Our Micro Series line of compact inverters offer “Big drive” features for adapting standard or premium efficient three-phase motors to adjustable speed operation. They utilize the latest technology in software and power conversion circuitry. They are easy to program and read-out in plain English, eliminating the frustration and time involved...


CapDRIVE is a device that monitors and protects the pumping system, based on the pump frequency variation. Its external structure is extremely...

Thanks to a vast range of standard and optional functions, the VLT® AQUA Drive frequency converter helps to cut down on the running costs...


Frequency inverters bring the perfect balance to your machines. Their economy, with savings of up to 70% when used with fans for example, are the ideal arrangement. With...


Simple adjustment and control of values via display.


The NXL is a unit manufactured by Vacon company. It is an AC drive used for industrial...

The NXC is aunit manufactured by Vacon company. It is an AC drive solution with a compact design. It is suitable for robust and serviceable...

Designed to release the efficiency and active power control, VACON 8000 WIND power converter works with superior power quality. Double-fed...


Motor Generator Set 50/60Hz from 12kVA up to 1500kVA

The main purpose of the Motor Generator is to convert the 50Hz power from the mains to 60Hz power used for load supply. The experience that Piller has gained in the construction of several thousand power...

Frequency Converter - UNIBLOCK UBSF from 150kVA up to 1000kVA
Many industrial applications as well as naval power systems require a power supply with a frequency of 60Hz...

Frequency Converter Solid State APOJET AJS 5 kVA to 200 kVA

The Solid State APOJET AJS static frequency converteris designed to generate 400Hz power in workshops for aircraft equipment service or in hangars. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology and...


How to choose this product


A frequency inverter controls the speed or torque of an electric motor. It can operate in four quadrants, by acceleration or braking, and in either direction.


Industrial uses for these devices include the control of high-power electric motors, machine tools and transport machinery. They are also found in the plastics and metal industries, on injection molding equipment, construction cranes, windlasses and other lifting gear, and on air compressors and pumps.


While these inverters are usually found on asynchronous three-phase machines, some are used with single-phase motors or synchronous versions with permanent magnets.

They can regulate motor speed along an acceleration curve, compensating for load and the variation in speed or torque. Braking requires the use of a dissipation resistor or the re-injection of dissipated energy into the electrical network. Control can be a function of a potentiometer setting, a 0-10 V or 4-20 mA signal, via an RS485 serial port or a Profibus, Modbus or Ethernet network.

Speed adjustment is by incremental or absolute encoder, a tachometer generator or current flow analysis without a sensor. Such devices also improve power factor and protect the motor from excess voltage and current. They maintain speed or torque within a normal range and forestall oscillatory phenomena.

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