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frequency inverter - FR-A800

The FR-A800 is mainly designed and created to provide a good quality performance and functionality for very specific purposes....

frequency inverter - FR-A800

The Mitsubishi's FREQROL FR-A700 series is an AC (Alternative Current) inverter which is designed based on the latest technology. It is an upgraded combination of the features of...

compact frequency converter - FR-E700

The FR-E 700 range of inverters offers highly flexible, cost friendly solutions for various applications. These inverters are enhanced with an integrated one-touch Digital...

compact frequency converter - FR-E700SC

The new FR-E700SC-EC is a compact inverter that offers the same power and versatility but with an upgraded safety functionality such as the Safe Torque Off (STO). This prevents...

HVAC frequency converter - FR-F700

The power-saving inverter is designed to answer the demands that modern building services set before drive systems. The FR-F700 series frequency inverters present a design that...

frequency inverter with integrated safety - ACOPOSinverter P74 / P84

Intelligence combined with efficiency - Increased...

compact frequency converter - 0.75 - 55 kW | Dedrive

The Demag Dedrive Compact STO frequency inverters exhibit high-performance and end-user satisfaction for most applications while ensuring...

frequency inverter - 1.5 - 560 kW | Dedrive Pro

The DEMAG Dedrive Pro frequency inverter offers a wide range of outputs and comes in seven sizes. It features components...

frequency inverter for universal applications - 0.25 - 1 200 kW | Unidrive M

The Unidrive M range meets the requirements the of automation application requirements, as a result of in-depth market research on customer...

frequency inverter for universal applications - 0.37 - 1 900 kW | Unidrive SP

The Unidrive SP (Universal drive) for continuous duty applications is manufactured by Leroy-Somer...

compact frequency inverter - 0.12 - 11 kW, IP20 | AGILE series

The AGILE smart sensorless frequency inverters provide open loop vector control of brushless motors,...

digital frequency inverter / compact - 132 - 800 kW | VCB series

Bonfiglioli VCB - power frequency inverter is a dependable and robust option for all types...

compact frequency inverter / torque vector - 0.25 - 3 kW | S2U series

The S2U from Bonfiglioli is an intuitive and simple plug-and-play frequency inverter, which comes...

decentralized frequency inverter - 0.37 - 3.3 kW, 380 - 480 V | VLT® FCD 300 series

The VLT® Decentral FCD 300 converter is specifically designed for decentralized mounting and is a complete frequency converter in itself. It can be mounted easily over machines/walls close to the motor or even on the motor. It has been designed...

decentralized frequency inverter - 0.55 - 22 kW, 380 - 480 V | VLT® FCM 106

The VLT® DriveMotor FCM 106 is outlined for installation and constant magnet motors...

frequency inverter - 0.37 - 11 kW | DC1

DC1 is one of the latest additions to its product series, being known for its compact design, as well as the variable frequency. Eaton has included various advanced technologies...

frequency converter - max. 32 MVA | PCS 6000

ABB's compact PCS 6000 or a power converter system that is really flexible to let this converter be applied to a broader of application. It is highly competitive when it comes...

static frequency converter - PCS100 SFC

Connecting industrial applications to the electrical supply with differing voltage and frequency is a complex task. ABB PCS100 SFC...

HVAC frequency converter - 0.75 - 160 kW (0.5 - 200 hp) | ACH550-01

Wall-mounted units

Power range:
0.75 to 160 kW (0.5 to 200 hp)

Supply voltage:
3-phase, 380 to 480 V +10% /-15%
The introduction of a dedicated ABB drive for HVAC marks a significant...

HVAC frequency converter - 200 - 355 kW (250 - 500 hp) | ACH550-02

Free-standing units

Power range:
200 to 355 kW (250 to 500 hp)

Supply voltage:
3-phase, 380 to 480 V +10% /-15%
The introduction of a dedicated ABB drive for HVAC marks a significant...

wind alternator frequency converter - max. 8 MVA | PCS 6000 Wind

ABB’s medium-voltage frequency converter PCS 6000 Wind provides the optimum solution for wind turbine applications where high power density and best reliability is required.

ABB’s 6000-series of liquid-cooled IGCT converters has excellent reputations for endurable and reliable...

cabinet frequency converter - 208 - 480 V, 1 - 10 hp | C1-D

The C1-D Enclosed Drives from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC employ the D700 Variable Frequency Drive technology, which is notorious for reliability in harsh applications. They can...

HVAC frequency converter - Carbon series

Carbon chain regulator from Mitsubishi unites a plain and strong heating, ventilation and air conditioning regulator plan with...

frequency converter - 240 - 600 V, 3/4 - 650 hp | A700

The A700 is equipped with many of the innovated technologies that decrease production and operating costs. Initially, this product was designed for...

frequency converter - 240 - 480 V, 7.5 - 75 hp | A701

The A701 provides many of the same features as that of the standard A700 Series, except for its new built-in line regeneration that enables 100% consistent braking torque....

frequency converter - 230 - 460 V, 1/8 - 10 hp | D700

Compared to the previous S500 & S500E series, the all-new D700 series packs a number of enhancements, such as the higher...

frequency inverter - 0.25 - 630 kW | FR-A 700 series

Manufactured by Mitsubishi, the FR-A700 Series is an addition to the family of frequency...

frequency inverter - 0.75 - 630 kW, 0.5 - 400 Hz | FR-F 700 series

The inverter products have really evolved and are now suitable for the applications...

compact frequency inverter - 0.1 - 15 kW, 0.2 - 400 Hz | FR-E700 series

The simple, powerful and compact FR-E700 inverters provide outstanding driving performance. Accurate...

high power frequency inverter / EMC / compact - 0.25 - 75 kW, 230 - 500 V | MOVITRAC® MC07B series

SEW-EURODRIVE presents the next generation frequency inverter from the MC07 series - MOVITRAC® MC07B. MC07B features the most...

asynchronous frequency inverter / conveyor / engine - 115 - 400 V, 0.37 - 11 kW | MOVITRAC® LTE-B

The MOViTRAC® LTE B is an innovative type of frequency inverter that is devised for use in basic programs. It helps in speed regulation in asynchronous motors and it is best used in conveyor...

conveyor frequency inverter / dirty / compact - 0.75 - 160 kW | MOVITRAC® LTP-B

The MOVITRAC® LTP-B series frequency inverters are the economical solutions for regulating the velocity of asynchronous and synchronous motors...

asynchronous frequency inverter / frequency / conveyor / modular - 200 - 500 V, 0.25 - 1.1 kW | MOVI4R-U®

MOVI4R-U® frequency inverters offer the ideal solution for implementing simple drive technology applications. Without any unnecessary additional features, the focus of SEW-EURODRIVE for these inverters is on the...

open loop frequency inverter / decentralized - 380 - 500 V, 0.37 - 4 kW | MOVIFIT® FC

MOVIFIT® FC is configurable frequency inverter, used in the lower power range of 0.37 to 4 kW while offering a variable voltage range of 3 x 380 to 500 V. Inverter features an integrated technology for power distribution system. SEW three-wire brakes feature...

frequency converter - 1.5 - 11 kW, 28 A | HCS02

The HCS02 IndraDrive C series is a compactly designed one-unit inverter and power supply. It is...

frequency converter - max. 75 kW, 145 A | HCS03

This converter has an extremely high overload capacity, and has mains connection voltage...

frequency converter - max. 630 kW, 1 126 A | HCS04

The HCS04 power unit from Rexroth is capable of delivering quality output from 50 W...

modular frequency inverter - 20 - 350 A | HMS

Bosch Rexroth's modular system inverter sets come in either single-axis (max. current 20...350A) or double-axis (max. current 12...36A) space-saving modular designs for multi-axis operations. Powered...

modular frequency inverter - 12 - 36 A | HMD

The IndraDrive M – HMD models, manufactured by Rexroth Bosch Group, can perform through a continuous current of 6 A to 20 A and boasts of a maximum current of 12 A to 36 A. Users can choose...

vector-controlled frequency inverter - 0.37 - 355 kW | FASTPACK series

FASTPACK AC series is a range of single- or three-phase industrial drives designed to help save energy in fans, pumps and compressors applications up to 110kW. Housed in IP54 electrical...

frequency inverter for universal applications - 0.25 - 7.5 kW  | AC650 series

Whether you need to control a conveyor belt, automatic barrier, machine spindle or other general purpose application, the AC650 delivers reliable, cost-effective voltage/frequency speed control of your motor.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the AC650 comes in a compact format with DIN rail mounting as standard...

vector-controlled frequency inverter - 0.75 - 1000 kW | AC690P series

The AC690+ series is a single range of AC drives designed to meet the requirements of all variable speed applications from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems.

The heart of the AC690+ is a highly advanced 32-bit microprocessor based motor control model. This provides an exceptional dynamic performance platform to which can...

modular frequency inverter - 110 - 400kW | AC890PX series


The new AC890PX Modular Chassis drive is supplied in kit form, providing systems integrators and panel builders with the flexibility to assemble the drive into the same suite of electrical enclosures as the additional ancillary control components required to tailor the product...

wind alternator frequency converter - 48 V, 3 kW | FP2 HE Wind

The FP2 HE Wind is manufactured by Eltek, and is a 48 V, 3000 W DC power system that is suitable...

AC frequency converter / AC / for heavy vehicles / for power supplies - 2 kVA | FC 2KP-EW/A

Sinusoidal output voltage
Able to handle generator voltage
Nominal input voltage: 230Vac from diesel generator
Input range: 180-270Vac at 35-70Hz
Fully encapsulated internal modules for immunity to extreme environments
Conduction cooled - no fans required

The FC 2KP-EW/A Series modular ac-ac frequency converter system was designed to deliver a clean sine-wave...

frequency inverter - 1 - 3 AC, 0.2 - 2.2 kW | Goodrive10 series

This is the Goodrive 10 mini which is an economic frequency inverter which has been developed for general application...

frequency inverter - 3 AC, 4 - 500 kW | CHV190 series

The CHV190 series is a range of special inverter for cranes and is designed for applications that require hoisting and lifting. By implementing the control theory in its design, the series achieves...

frequency inverter - 3 AC, 7.5 - 110 kW | CHV110 series

The CHV110 Series is a range of low voltage inverter from Invt. This device features a vector control technology that functions to avoid the interruption of product cycle time problem....

frequency inverter - 3 AC, 75 - 1200 kW | CHA100 series

The CHA100 series is a four quadrant vector control inverter which employs the PWM-controlled rectification technology.

The main circuit of the machine consists of modular units. This means that...

vector-controlled frequency inverter - 3 AC, 1.5 - 500 kW | GD300 series

The Goodrive 300 series is manufactured by Invt, and is a high-performance vector control inverter that is capable to asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control. It has a rigid design, which has...

frequency converter - INGEDRIVE

INGEDRIVE® by Ingeteam belongs to the family of low-and medium-voltage frequency converters. With their modular design, it is possible to accommodate a whole set of powers and voltages. They have an intuitive structure which makes...

frequency converter - 40 kHz, 300 A | Fischer SmartDrive

Smartdrive utilizes high torque and high power engines bringing about Fischer to include with converter engineering. With a regulation recurrence of 40 khz, a usable present...


How to choose this product


A frequency inverter controls the speed or torque of an electric motor. It can operate in four quadrants, by acceleration or braking, and in either direction.


Industrial uses for these devices include the control of high-power electric motors, machine tools and transport machinery. They are also found in the plastics and metal industries, on injection molding equipment, construction cranes, windlasses and other lifting gear, and on air compressors and pumps.


While these inverters are usually found on asynchronous three-phase machines, some are used with single-phase motors or synchronous versions with permanent magnets.

They can regulate motor speed along an acceleration curve, compensating for load and the variation in speed or torque. Braking requires the use of a dissipation resistor or the re-injection of dissipated energy into the electrical network. Control can be a function of a potentiometer setting, a 0-10 V or 4-20 mA signal, via an RS485 serial port or a Profibus, Modbus or Ethernet network.

Speed adjustment is by incremental or absolute encoder, a tachometer generator or current flow analysis without a sensor. Such devices also improve power factor and protect the motor from excess voltage and current. They maintain speed or torque within a normal range and forestall oscillatory phenomena.

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