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resettable fuse / SMD - 0.05 - 1.5 A, 6 - 30 VDC | PFUF

It can be soldered directly on printed circuit boards and is 100% well-suited with the PFMU type. It has an approval UL-File Number of E172175...

resettable fuse / SMD - 1.36 - 1.6 A, 16 VDC | PFHT

The PFHT surface mount fuse operates at a temperature range up to 125 °C....

PTC type fuse / resettable - max. 40 A, 72 VDC | PFRY

The PFRY by Schurter is designed to be a replacement for the type PFRX. It has...

fast-acting fuse / SMD - 0.5 - 10 A, 125 VDC - 250 VAC | UMF 250

The UMF 250 non-resettable compact-design fuses may be soldered directly on PCBs, has low melting...

fuse for photovoltaic applications - max. 1 500 A, 500 VAC | SHT 6.3x32

The SHT 6.3x32 is commonly used in different applications such as industrial electronics, frequency...

NH fuse / Class gPV / for photovoltaic applications - IEC 60269-6, UL 2579, RoHS

Mersen's HelioProtection® Photovoltaic fuse-links gPV was created and produced to particularly protect the photovoltaic systems. These...

NH fuse / Class gPV / for photovoltaic applications - IEC 60269-6, UL 2579, RoHS

3X Size
The 690/700V Protistor® fuse-links provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate protection for today's power conversion equipment. These square body fuse-links are available in different body sizes, each size having multiple worldwide acceptable mounting styles. The Protistor® have been engineered to provide state-of-the-art protection for semiconductors: diodes,...

cylindrical fuse / high-voltage - DIN IEC 60282-1 VDE 0670 T4 VDE 0670 T402 DIN 43625

Designed by Mersen, these Limitor high voltage fuse-links are compliant with IEC 60282-1 and VDE 0670 TD standards. They have also been manufactured and tested to comply with the Quality Management System certification under the...

low-voltage fuse - NEOZED

Quality and reliability has been the utmost thought when one is purchasing any equipment or component. The brand is here to deliver both quality and reliability in...

low-voltage fuse - 500 - 750 V | DIAZED

The Diazed fuse system is the oldest in the world and dates back to 1906 when Siemens first developed it. Today it remains the standard fuse system in most countries. It is very popular in harsh industrial...

Class CC fuse - 30 A

The Class CC fuses enfolds fuse holders designed and examined by the US National Electrical Code NEC 210.20(A) for the purpose that only 80% of the rated...

NH fuse - LV HRC

These LV HRC fuses are system fuse created for operations by the most qualified and reliable staff. Moreover, the additional devices and parts are...

NH fuse / for semiconductors - SITOR

Introducing the top performing Semiconductor Fuse SITOR which is especially built with a NH Design. This device is equipped with a specialized fuse that safeguards power...

switch fuse - QSA

Fuse Combination Switches with QSA flexibility designed with three configurations that provide solid neutral...

switch fuse - 32 - 63 A, 690 V (IEC 60947-3)| OS Gamma

The switch fuse is used as the main switch in low voltage switchgears in the industry for distributing power and protecting motors, cables and other devices against short circuits and overloads.


switch fuse - 315 - 800 A, 690 V (IEC 60947-3) | OS

The switch fuse is used as the central control in low energy switchgears in the manufacturing for allocating energy and guarding engines, towlines and other...

switch fuse - 200 - 250 A, 690 V  (IEC 60947-3) | OS

The switch fuse is used as the central control in low energy switchgears in the manufacturing for allocating energy and guarding engines, towlines and other...

switch fuse - 100 A, 600 V (UL/CSA) | OS Gamma

The switch fuse is used as the main control in low energy switchgears in the manufacturing for allocating energy and guarding engines, towlines and other...

switch fuse - 30 A, 600 V (UL/CSA) | OS (Mini)

The switch fuse is used as the central control in low energy switchgears in the manufacturing for allocating energy and guarding engines, towlines and other...

switch fuse - 32 - 800 A | Fupact INF, ISFL, ISFT

Fuse switch-disconnectors from 32 A to 800 A

Nominal current from 32 to 800 A
Voltage rating up to 690 V (AC) and 750 V (DC
3 and 4 pole version
Test position
Indication by fuse operating mechanism
Positive contact indication

DC fuse - 24 V

The IEC 60204-1 is made to manage fuses. They serve as switched-mode power units that can handle...

medium-voltage fuse - CLE, HLE, HCL

This Eatons Helix Fuels (CLE, HLE, and HCL) provides a variety and wide range of interrupting ratings which also comes in single barrel creations and is...

limiting fuse / Class RK1 - CLS series

Component manufacturers are quite common but not if they are well known for their reliability. The EATON CLS current limiting backup fuses is a top of the line component....

high-speed fuse - 1 - 5 A, 250 V | 808 series

The 808 Series or the 250VAC/450VDC Fast-Acting TE5 Subminiature Fuse by Littelfuse is especially invented...

fuse for photovoltaic applications - max. 20 000 A, SPFI series

The Littelfuse SPFI solar fuse is designed integrate into an in-line assembly within a wire...

fuse for photovoltaic applications - 125 - 450 A, 1 000 V | SPFJ series

The SPFJ is a 1000 VDC Solar Fuse by Littlefuse. It comes with a class J case...

time delay fuse / Class L - 1 000 - 3 000 A, 600 V | KLLU series

The KLLU Series consists of high-quality 600 V, UL listed and Class L Time-Delay Fuses. They were specifically made to be the less expensive version of the POWR-PRO™...

time delay fuse / Class RK5 - 0.1 - 600 A, 600 V | IDSR series

The Littelfuse IDSR Indicator™ fuse has a compact design that gives high reliability outcomes. The Littelfuse IDSR Indicator™ fuse provides...

time delay fuse / Class RK5 - 0.1 - 600 A, 600 V | IDSR series

The battery protection fuse, engineered by ETI, functions to provide a protection for battery storage systems and UPS systems. This device provides users a selection...

Class gG fuse - 8 - 50 kA, 500 - 1 200 V

The D fuse-links are suitable in protecting the electrical installation, control and signal circuits in overload and short-circuit currents. These products include a full range of five physical...

DO type fuse / neozed - 20 - 63 A, 250 - 400 V | DO2 series

D0 fuse-links are used as the most reliable protection of electrical installation, control and signal circuits against overload and short-circuit currents.
The whole system D0 contains a complete range of three physical sizes D01, D02 and D03 fuse-links, standard...

low-voltage fuse - 80 - 100 A, 250 - 400 V | DO3 series

D0 fuse-links are utilized as a dependable solution for safety of mechanical setups, regulation and indicator orbits from excess load or fire hazards. The entire DO systems comprises of three sizes including D01, D02 and D03 fuse-links,basic...

cylindrical fuse - 2 - 50 A, 500 - 690 V | CH14 series

The cylindrical fuse-links are made for use in maximum secure protection in electrical installations,...

miniature fuse - 250 V, 0.1 - 16 A

Miniature fuses with glass body are characterized by their high resistance to breaking and are specifically designed...

cylindrical fuse / Class gG - 400 - 690 V, 0.5 - 125 A

The gG Cylindrical fuses are designed as protection against overloads and short circuits. They are specifically manufactured to act as shields of...

cylindrical fuse / Class aM - 400 - 690 V, 0.16 - 125 A

The aM Cass cylindrical fuse links are designed to provide short circuit protection in transformers, motors, etc. They also provide switchgear protection due to low 12t values and good current limiting...

Class aR fuse / for semiconductors - 690 V, 4 - 100 A

aR High speed fuses for semiconductors is a cylindrical high speed fuse cable that is designed for the security...

cylindrical fuse / Class gR / for semiconductors - 690 V, 4 - 100 A

gR class of fuses are designed for lightening response speeds to provide excellent protection to semiconductors. The cylindrical units are responsible for the safety of semiconductors and related components like Thyristors, triacs, rectifiers, static relays and diodes.


NH fuse - 2 - 1 250 A, 250 - 690 V

These NT fuse-bases from Bolevo conform to IEC60269, DIN43620, CE Safety as well as ROHS norms. They handle a rated voltage of AC500V/690V...

chip fuse / high current - 10 - 20 A | 1206 series

The 1206SFH100F/24-2 is a high-current rated chip fuse manufactured by TE Connectivity....

time delay fuse - 1 - 5 A | 0603 series

The 0603 slow-blow chip fuse is manufactured by TE connectivity. The fuse assists in giving...

fuse for telecom applications - 0.5 - 2 A | FT600 series

The TE FT600 series is an array of telecom fuses that delivers low temperature-rise performance under sneak...

ceramic fuse / lead-free - 1 - 5 A | 0603 series

These pulse tolerant chip from TE Connectivity aid in providing protection against...

ceramic fuse / lead-free - 1 - 5 A | 0603 series

TE Connectivity presents a wide selection of surface-mount...

thermal fuse - 3 000 V | ZH 437 K-H

The ZH437 K-H series are tripping devices that integrated with auxiliary switches. The series provides effective thermal cutout protection from overheating machine such as electric air heaters. The air heaters...

thermal fuse - 1 500 V | ZH 037 K

The ZH037 K series is a tripping device intended to provide a fail-safe thermal output protection to prevent overheating specifically in electric air heaters used in rail vehicles and other...

switch fuse - 25 - 1 250 A | FUSERBLOC

The Fuserbloc from Socomec are manually operated with multi-polar fuse combination switches for industrial...

high-speed fuse / switch - max. 1 250 A | FUSERBLOC UR

The Socomec FUSERBLOC Fuse Combination Switches, combined with high-performance fuses (UR), are particularly...

low-voltage fuse - 0.16 - 1 250 A

The industrial fuses manufactured by Socomec ensure high reliability and performance. It protects installations...

high-speed fuse - 5 - 2 000 A

These Socomec high speed fuses are made to protect power semi-conductors and DC circuits....

fuse for photovoltaic applications - 1 - 600 A

SOCOMEC gPV fuses work by...

medium-voltage fuse - 6 - 36 kV

The H.V.H.B.C. fuses from Driescher are designed to be automatic and it is an acting medium-voltage...

NH fuse / low-voltage - 500 V, max. 400 A

The NH fuse by Driescher has a low voltage and high breaking capacity...

NH fuse / low-voltage - 500 V, max. 400 A

The Miniature Fuse consists of various sizes of electronic fuses and subminiature fuses. The typical cylindircal structures...

NH fuse / low-voltage - 500 V, max. 400 A

The Bussmann SMD Tron is designed to EIA-PD-100, DWG SOPM-7243.
A high temperature body material is capable of surviving a 60 second exposure to a temperature of 215°C. Because the SMD Tron is totally sealed, it can be subjected to cleaning by a wide variety of aggressive solvents.

NH fuse / low-voltage - 500 V, max. 400 A

The phenomenon that allows conductive plastic materials to be used for resettable overcurrent protection devices is that they exhibit a very large non-linear Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) effect when heated. PTC is a characteristic...

NH fuse / low-voltage - 500 V, max. 400 A

The key component of a fuse is the “element”, a short piece of metallic wire or strap made of a material with a relatively low and predictable...

NH fuse / low-voltage - 500 V, max. 400 A

The rated functioning temperature (TF) with thermal cutoff has an upper limit temperature at the rate of 0.25 to 1°C per minute and a detection...

fuse - max. 100 kA

Fuses Made Simple™
The easiest and fastest way to select and specify fuses
Three Tiers

Three tiers of protection offer distinct levels of performance benefits to help you speed up specification and selection.


fuse - max. 100 kA

Blade Fuses - ATM, ATC,...

fuse - max. 100 kA

Our series of plug-in fuse components...

fuse - max. 100 kA

0603FA Series, Fast-Acting Chip™ Fuses

fuse - max. 100 kA

16 Volt DC Radial Leaded, PolyTron PTC Devices


How to choose this product


A fuse is an electrical conductor that melts when the current flowing through it exceeds a certain value. This opens the circuit, interrupting current flow to connected devices.


Overcurrent can be provoked by a short circuit in a device; fuses protect the electrical network in such cases. Short circuits can also be provoked by overvoltage; the fuse then protects connected devices.

Domestic installations often use gG fuses with 10A, 16A or 20A values. Fuses used in electronics are often encased in glass tubes. Miniature fuses can be soldered onto a printed circuit board.

Industrial installations use fuses with ratings to 300A, and high-tension models. Fuses have better power-cutting abilities than circuit breakers.


The main types are fast-blow fuses (F and FF) and slow-blow, or time-delay fuses (T and TT). Special fast-blow fuses are used to protect semiconductors. Time-delay fuses are used in cases where momentary overcurrent is permissible, as when starting a motor. These circuits have aM fuses.

Thermal fuses are activated by the overheating of the devices in which they are installed. Resettable fuses do not melt, but open in response to overload and close automatically once they cool.

How to choose

Fuse type and configuration, nominal current and power-cutting capacity will determine selection.


- Price


- Non resettable

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