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dry filtration unit / air
dry filtration unit

Filtration size: 0.1 µm
Flow rate: 4,000 m³/h - 32,000 m³/h

... Carcinogenic-Mutagenic-Reprotoxic) with its 3 filtration stages (Absolute filtration ≥ 95 % for size particles between 0,1 and 0,2 μm). It is used in some cases to reintroduce clean air ...

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pressure filtration unit / air
pressure filtration unit
Cyclair 300®

Flow rate: 300 m³/h

The Cyclair 300 is a portable mobile pressure unit designed to depress confined and hard-to-reach areas. In a nuclear environment, this device protects your operators against the risk of contamination.

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NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit / air / mobile
NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit
Cyclair® 50X

Flow rate: 500 m³/h

The Cyclair® 50X is a mobile vacuum unit that allows the airlock depression to be used for stato-dynamic, direct and indirect dynamic containment operations. Flow rates: up to 500 m3 / h Filtering ...

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pressure filtration unit / air / automatic
pressure filtration unit
AutoFilt Z

Operating pressure: 5 bar

... pressure filtration for the sugar lab Automatically adjusted to sample characteristics Constant filtrate volume Environment-friendly measuring technique Lead-free sample preparation AutoFilt Z unleaded The new fully ...

pressure filtration unit / air
pressure filtration unit

Operating pressure: 10, 5 bar

Fast pressure filtration for the sugar lab Environment-friendly measuring technique Lead-free sample preparation Easy handling Residue-free filtration AutoFilt filtration unit The ...

membrane filtration unit / dry / pneumatic / stainless steel
membrane filtration unit

Filtration size: 0.02 mm
Flow rate: 2,500 m³/h - 4,000 m³/h

... rotary-mechanism filtration system has a dust filter that moves cylindrically downwards. The system is produced in 2 dimensions as standard. Stainless steel is used as material. The most ...

vacuum filtration unit / for compressed air / for medical applications
vacuum filtration unit
TxxxxV series

Filtration size: 0.01 µm
Flow rate: 6 ft³/min - 145 ft³/min
Operating pressure: 7 bar

... disease units, when tested in accordance with BS 3928. OPERATION Vacuum from the system enters into the filter through inlet port. Vacuum free of impurities and contaminants is delivered by the filter ...

activated carbon filtration unit / absorption / gas / air
activated carbon filtration unit

Flow rate: 9,500 m³/h - 29,000 m³/h

... compliance with the cur- rent international regulations. The KARB unit comprises a structure of galvanized panels (painted upon request) which are bolted to one another and house: • a filtering ...

vacuum filtration unit / air / modular
vacuum filtration unit
PP, STO series

Bioconservacion revolutionised the air filtration market by incorporating a modular system to change granules in filtration and air purification systems. This has resulted ...

activated carbon filtration unit / air
activated carbon filtration unit

Flow rate: 2,000 m³/h - 90,000 m³/h

... pressure rather than high pressure ventilators, which represents a reduction in the facility’s energy use. A compact unit, with a footprint between 1/2 AND 2/3 Smaller, they take up less space and it also means ...

vacuum filtration unit / gas / drying
vacuum filtration unit

Filtration size: 20 µm
Operating pressure: 6, 4 bar

PSL’s SimpleFilter Dryer is a standard nutsche filter dryer for pilot plant facilities. This pressured filter dryer allows for simple and effective filtration, washing and drying operations ...

Nutsche filtration unit / dry / drying
Nutsche filtration unit

... box isolator surrounding, the PSL's MAXI LAB is 0.05m². It has also a Glass Filter Dryer or GFD that has a 0.125m², 0.2m² or 0.3m² agitated nutsche filter dryer. To continue, the ...

disc filtration unit / dry
disc filtration unit

Filtration size: 5 µm - 250 µm

... utilizing side and bottom filtration, size classification is achieved. The suspended microspheres achieved from various micro encapsulation production that requires an integrated handling has a difference from a typical ...

drum filtration unit / dry / compact
drum filtration unit
Multi Waste®

Pre-filtration and final filtration all in one: Selfcleaning rotary filter Cyclone pre-filtration system Low pressure axial fan or centralized high pressure ...

activated carbon filtration unit / fume / for paint
activated carbon filtration unit

... extraction and filtration of fumes and/or over spray resulting from the above mentioned working processes. HDCA is a mobile extraction and filtration system specific for all types of ...

mobile filtration unit / suction / dry / for carbon fiber cutting
mobile filtration unit

... Sandblasting APPLICATION SECTORS: Marine, Industry Compact, Mobile, high efficiency filtration also of very fine dust particles (99.5%), equipped with an automatic filter cleaning ...

activated carbon filtration unit / fume
activated carbon filtration unit
LF series

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 350 m³/h

... particle filtration. The unit's filter can be fitted with an activated carbon, to filter everyday odors and fumes. Also, the device can be used with Terfu extractor of ...

suction filtration unit / fume / air / HEPA
suction filtration unit
EB series

Flow rate: 3,500 ft³/min - 4,500 ft³/min

Our Model EB Series backdraft industrial air filter systems provide cutting edge solutions to dealing with industrial air cleaning demands. This industrial dust extractor is designed ...

plate filtration unit / for compressed air / modular / pneumatic
plate filtration unit
FW35, FW60

Flow rate: 3,000 ft³/min - 7,500 ft³/min

... Maid is a leader in the industrial media air filtration industry, providing practical, modular “side and back-draft” style industrial filter walls. The multi-stage filtration ...

vacuum filtration unit / air
vacuum filtration unit

... has a range of filters, ranging from extraction from a single machine using a portable vacuum cleaner to traditional modular filter solutions and advanced round, welded filters and blower filters.

NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit / for liquids / gas / modular
NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit

A Filtration SKID is a turnkey filtration solution, which meets filtration needs in many activity sectors: Water, Conventional and nuclear power plants, Metallurgy, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, ...

cartridge filtration unit / air
cartridge filtration unit

... provide high filtration efficiency and long filter life MERV* 15 filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007 Automatic pulse-cleaning design for continuous operation Cost Effective Low ...

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cartridge filtration unit / dry / self-cleaning
cartridge filtration unit
DCF 2000 series

Filtration size: 75 µm
Flow rate: 6.8 m³/h - 45.4 m³/h
Operating pressure: 10.5 bar

Eaton DCF 2000 filter system solves the problems faced by the paper-making industry related to filtering coatings and slurries. The self-cleaning filter system is driven by a motor and ...

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Eaton Filtration
air filtration system / compact
air filtration system

... , construction industries or in other sectors: Our filter systems remove dry and even very fine dust reliably, without leaving any residue. Less contamination for man and machines alike Dusty air ...

centrifugal filtration unit / air
centrifugal filtration unit

... parts located between the suction and the combustion chamber.MANN+HUMMEL core activities in the development of air filter systems:• Filtration• Flow optimisation with regard to pressure ...

gas filtration system / high-efficiency
gas filtration system

... and installation of metal cleaning systems. We use a variety of filtration media, each chosen to meet a specific need. Our filtration solutions include filter plates, filter ...

steam filtration unit / air
steam filtration unit
ATEX; CE Ex II 3/ -G Ex ic nA IIB T4 Gc

... II 3 / - G Ex nA IIB T4 Gc ic Circulating air filter housing made ​​of powder-fine steel. Recirculating air filter complete with multi-stage ...

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asecos GmbH
membrane filtration unit / for water / dry / high-efficiency
membrane filtration unit

GORE™ Membrane Filter Sock and Tube assemblies provide highly efficient ePTFE membrane filtration for use in tubular backpulse liquid filtration systems.

cartridge filtration unit / air / high-efficiency
cartridge filtration unit

Flow rate: 0 ft³/min - 5,500 ft³/min

... M73 Industrial Media Filtration Unit is a self-contained media air cleaning system designed for general background or ducted for source capture applications. The M73 air ...

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Air Quality Engineering
strainer filtration unit / gas / pneumatic
strainer filtration unit

Filtration size: 0.003 µm
Flow rate: 1 l/min - 50 l/min

... 0.003µm filtration. Ideal for flows from less than 1 slpm to 3 slpm. 20 slpm version available for 0.4µm nominal retention. Utilize as a component protection device. Maximum recommended operating temperature ...

air filtration unit / fume / modular
air filtration unit
Euroclean series

Flow rate: 1,500 m³/h - 30,000 m³/h

... pre-filter made of metal, a square to circular connectivity to the duct, and a protective grid. Technical aspects of the filter are indicated and allow further scope for improvement. It is made up of galvanized metal ...

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pressure filtration unit / gas / dry / HEPA
pressure filtration unit
HEPA-Module Complete

Flow rate: 1,000 m³/h
Operating pressure: 40,000 Pa

... and new cyclones copes with high pressure and high air flow (max Q= 1000 m3/h, max dp= 40 kPa) easy filter change Our customers have the possibility to complete or combine S11000 filter ...

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vacuum filtration unit / gas / air / mobile
vacuum filtration unit
ACD 220 Ex

Flow rate: 420 m³/h
Operating pressure: 1,100 Pa

... ATEX EEx e II 2G Metal filter cassettes with grounding connectors Electrical signals and control elements in remote control unit Simple filter handling, modular construction Powder-coated, ...