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The Borehole 3D Geophones (model: DHTG), manufactured by PASI, is generally designed to fulfill even the most stringent customer requests. Its system (typically consists...

The GFA 60 Series manufactured by PASI is a 3D Borehole 10Hz Geophone that is used for determining the time of arrival of the types 'p' and 's' seismic waves. This device is created...

The GEMINI 2, 4 is a 3D land geophone equipped with USB interface mod., manufactured by P.A.S.I. This product is constructed with...


The S3 is a borehole sensor with a 4.5Hz frequency geophones. The device consist of a vertical...


The tri-axial geophone Nor1292 is a sensitive transducer for vibration velocity based on a rugged geophone construction used by seismologists and geophysicists for decades. One main application is for the measurement of vibrations in buildings. The frequency response is essentially flat from the resonance frequency 4,5 Hz and...

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