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glass ball - P

Thanks to a special grinding process, in the production of our SiLibeads Type P, we achieve a very high degree of precision. The diameter and roundness tolerances...

glass ball - 1.5 - 4 mm

ROBU has developed a new carrier substrate for cell cultivation from the proven family of VitraPOR sintered filter products. Pure, binder-free USP-class I borosilicate glass...

glass ball - 1.5 - 4 mm

For mild cleaning of sensitive surfaces (moulds, tools,...

glass ball - ø 1 - 10 mm

Glass beads are used for mixing or milling. The...

glass ball - max. 840 µm

Field of application:
Cleaning, shot peening, surface finishing

Blasting systems:

glass ball - max. 840 µm

A wide range of sizes allows smooth to more...

glass ball - max. 840 µm

Characteristics: Little abrasive, due to the spherical shape associated to the hardness and density of glass, they remove contaminations and finish surfaces, in the majority of cases, quickly...

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