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die face water ring granulator - Repro-Print

The Repro-Print machine is developed for reprocessing the film with surface with large prints or high water content. The feeding is achieved by conveyor belt and nip roll feeder. Its extruder has a single screw and two stage extrusion. Screw diameter can be customized between...

granulator - 7 t/h | ECO Grater 1500-G

The ECO 1500-G Grater is a machine for mid-stream granulating and steel liberation. It is particularly intended to take pre-shredded tires chips...

granulator - 4 t/h | ECO Grater 1250-G

The ECO 1250-G is a grater from ECO green that is used for mid-stream grinding and steel liberation. The machine is designed to handle...

granulator - 2 t/h | ECO Grater 1200-G

The e ECO 1200-G is a grater from EcoGreen that is suitable for mid-stream grinding and steel liberation. It is desgined to...

granulator - 1200 Kg/h | ECO Crumbler G1-AG

The ECO Crumbler G1-AG by ECO Green Equipment, USA is a granulator which is designed...

granulator - 200 mm | RN 20

RN 20 Series low speed granulators, characterised by a 200 mm diameter with multiple staggered blades and 300 and 450 mm length. A version with open rotor for the recovery of blow moulded sprues is also...

granulator - HB series

The HERBOLD HB granulator has combined the idea of the supply bunker with hydraulic stamp with a granulator. Due to the design...

granulator - 80 - 150 kg/h | GR360ML series

Shaped soundproof anti fly-back hopper of big thickness for manual loading or by conveyer belt. It’s covered inside with stainless steel sheet.
Containing fore console to facilitate the loading of the machine;
360X250 mm loading mouth;
Protection flaps group;
Heavy steel supporting structure;
Cutting chamber for medium-light operations...

plastic granulator - max. 1 500 kg/h | CentriCut®

Nuga Systems granulators were designed and developed for the needs of the plastics industry.

The following requirements were the basis for the development of the CentriCut®:...

granulator - max. 17 150 kg | PCL series

Welded by rigid steel structure, with high manganese steel blade. Mainly for recycling the metal...

granulator - VBM 1350

VBM 1350

The powerful granulator, offers
- slowly rotating breaker arms
- screens with hole sizes 6 - 20mm

granulator - GS series

Granulators belonging to the GS series, designed for use beside a press, originate from the basis of warehouse granulators. In...

granulator - max. 7 t/h | RAP1000

Only 3 in 1 machine of the market which proposes to you : rasper, granulator, rasper + granulator.

granulator - max. 200 kg/h

A range of small and medium sized granulators with high performance.

They are employed for a variety...

granulator - GR35, GR50, GR70

Deagglomerating materials that tend to cake
Range models : GR35, GR50 & GR70


-High flow rate

granulator - GR35, GR50, GR70

Summit Systems are agents for Zerma in the UK and Ireland.

The Zerma range of special application granulators includes units for 'in line' skeletal waste, 'off line' reel stock scrap and under trim press applications. Summit's...


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A granulator can be a type of knife mill or pelletizer. It is used to cut or crush different materials into small pieces.


Since granular materials flow easily, their transport is simplified. Thus, these devices are common in the pharmaceutical, plastics and many other industries.

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