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grate - Trellex LS PU

Our experience with polyurethane products are as much as our knowledge of rubber polymer. As a result, the production of polyurethane...

grate - Trellex LS RU

Trellex LS Rubber is designed for coarse and intermediate applications. The unique properties of rubber...

grate - Trellex LS HiPer

The Trellex LS HiPer series of modular systems is made up of 3 models. The HiPer Life is made to withstand maximum loads with their molded apertures and high temperature resistance....

grate - Trellex 300TS T60

Manufactured by Metso, the Trellex 300 TS T60 is a plastic mesh typically used...

grate - Trellex 300TS T40

The Trellex 300TS T40 is ideal for dynamic screening applications. This screen incorporate innovative features of a modular...

grate acoustic - SR

Air inlets with reduced depth allowing a integrated installation in walls. They have perforated sheet metal protection...

grate basalt - 25 x 25 mm

Basalt Geo-Mesh offers a number of advantages over metal or glass fiber used for pavement reinforcement:

Ecologically safe
Withstands very high temperature of molten asphalt
Very high strength and durability


grate composite - C-GRID®

Patented C-GRID® structures are light weight, high strength and non-corrosive composite reinforcements. They are custom engineered for...

grate - KOMBIPLAST series

KOMBIPLAST system screen panels, made of highly wear resistant polyurethane, are standardized - construction-kit like - modules with dimensions of 100 - 400 mm width and lengths up to 1200 mm.
Fixing to the substructure bars is by the well proven peg anchoring...

grate - UNI 2000 series

UNI 2000 system screen panels, made of highly wear resistant polyurethane, are standardized - construction-kit like - modules with dimensions of 100 - 400 mm width and lengths up to 1000mm.
Fixing to the...

grate - UNI 2000 series

Conventional polyurethane screens are produced as:

screens with hooks for crosswise and lengthwise tensioning
plain screen panels with integrated steel reinforcement

grate - UNI 2000 series

Thanks to their ingeniously simple construction with just a few components, Hörmann rolling shutters and rolling grilles of aluminium, steel and stainless steel are...

grate acoustic - 60 - 300 m³/h | GFV 91

Technical specifications

grate acoustic - 60 - 300 m³/h | GFV 91

For security purposes of kiosks, stores and other openings, the StoreFront Grilles that Wilcox provides may be your security solution....

grate roll-up - FlexGuard

- Becomes a unique "sentry" at the warehouse opening

grate - TY-BLITZ™

Ty-Blitz is a two-part modular polyurethane panel consisting of a top screen surface panel, and a bottom support section. When the top surface wears out, you simply replace it leaving the bottom in tact. Ty-Blitz will...

grate - TY-BLITZ™

Basalt reinforcing mesh is designed for reinforcing road and highway overlays to prolong the pavement lifespan by reducing the effects of reflective cracking caused by traffic loading, age hardening and temperature cycling. Pavement life between maintenance can be prolonged significantly. Basalt reinforcing mesh makes it possible...

grate - 2 – 80 mm, 300 x 1 000 mm

Polyurethane screens, similarly to rubber screens, are an alternative for metal...

grate - 2 - 80 mm, max. 2 400 x 2 000 mm

Similarly to rubber screens, they are an alternative for metal screens. They are abrasion-resistant and lack of corrosion. Self-cleaning effect and cone-shaped...

grate - 2 - 90 mm, 325 x 430 mm

Rubber screens, similarly to polyurethane ones, are an alternative for metal...

grate - 5 - 200 mm

Rubber screens, similarly to polyurethane ones, are an alternative for metal screens....

grate acoustic - 19 dB

Registered unique acoustic product. You can achieve noise level restriction up to 19 dB(A) with 400 MM installation depth. or eventually through chaining of the vents to increase the effect...

grate acoustic - 19 dB

An articulated system of woven threads - that never clogs - enables obtaining a continuous cut and perfect visibility of the work surface. The product finds application in the most varied fields.

Net 1
It is a mesh of woven cotton threads with an hexagonal or squared shape with a hole of approximately 2.5 mm, covered with abrasive. According...

grate fall-arrest - système: MUSCA

Steel Rack Guards help keep items from falling and are an essential addition to your pallet rack system. Available in stock widths from 7 to 12 feet and heights from 3 to 5 feet. Our panels attach...

grate fall-arrest - système: MUSCA

The anti-collapse panels guarantee an increased security in your warehouse : how many times does it not happen that bits of goods of or...

grate fall-arrest - système: MUSCA

RackBack® Rack Backing Panels

Protect workers and equipment from falling items with WireCrafters RackBack® pallet rack backing panels.

RackBack® wire mesh panels bolt directly to the back of your existing pallet rack uprights creating...

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