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Compact tools hardening machine

Trempe - Recuit - Revenu

Caractéristiques techniques
Composition: 1 four à cloche, 2 bacs de trempe, 1 four de recuit/revenu
Austénitisation jusqu'à 1150°C
Trempe à l'huile ou à l'eau (eau salée, polymère)
Trempe à l'azote

induction hardening machine - 225 part/h, 400 kW | BBA-016

This automatic hardening machine for CV's and tulips, joins great
flexibility with high productivity, being able to harden parts in less than 16
s, and with a change of reference time of less than...

induction hardening machine - 120 part/h, 300 kW | BBA-030

This machine is, among all theautomatic range of installations, the most
economical and simple one, being able to harden both CV's and tulips.
With two different stations,...

induction hardening machine - 164 part/h, 400 kW | BBM-022

This manual tulip and CV hardening installation allows a flexible
production, being the most productive among the manual installations.
The machine has one loading...

induction hardening machine / vertical - 100 part/h, 300 kW | BBM-036

The main characteristic of this manual hardening installation for tulips,
CV's and prototypes are its flexibility...

induction hardening machine - 300 part/h, 400 kW | MBA-012

This GK Group CV hardening machine is with the MBA-013 installation,
the most productive one produced by GH Group for CV heat treatment.
Composed of two four...

induction hardening machine - 300 part/h, 400 kW | MBA-012

profibus hardware software Siemens S7
steam heated
oil heated
hot water heated

induction hardening machine / vertical - HardLine series

Our versatile vertical machines cover everything from manually loaded to fully automated...

horizontal hardening machine / induction - HardLine CP 600

These systems cover every type of crankshaft (marine, compressor, car, truck,...

induction hardening machine - VSM-95

VSM-95-Induction Heating Machine
The VSM-95 induction heating machine is a rugged and used for high-volume scan hardening of many cydrilical parts, like axel...

induction hardening machine / vertical - TVR

Our TVR vertical hardening machines integrate all the necessary equipment in a compact 2.5m(2) footprint: a transithermic PHW induction heating power supply, vertical hardening machine equipped with CNC, and closed circuit cooling equipment...

induction hardening machine / vertical - TVT

Our TVT type vertical induction hardening installations offer great versatility in processing parts of varying dimensions and characteristics. Hardening can be accomplished by scanning or single shot, with or without...

induction hardening machine / vertical - TVG series

Our versatile TVG vertical induction hardening installations accomodate parts up to 3000mm in length, 4000mm in diameter, and...

horizontal hardening machine / induction - HE

With horizontal "single shot" induction hardening machines, axis, semi-axis, steering racks and similar parts can be treated and hardened automatically. Our systems simplify integration of the induction hardening process...

horizontal hardening machine / induction - HS

With induction hardening via horizontal scanning, axis, semi-axis, steering racks and similar parts can be treated and hardened automatically. Our systems simplify integration of the process into automatic manufacturing lines.


induction hardening machine / for crankshaft - EloCrank™

EloCrank™ represents the system solution for surface hardening of passenger car crankshafts and the machine can be realized with...

induction hardening machine / for crankshaft - EloCrank™ L

With the hardening of up to 1500 mm-long crankshafts, EloCrank™ L is literally opening...

induction hardening machine / for crankshaft - EloCrank™ XL

Crankshaft hardening with a length of up to 12000 mm and a weight of up to 8 t – these are...

induction hardening machine - EloFlex™

The cost-efficient modular system solution EloFlex™ has been specifically designed for customers with frequently...

induction hardening machine - EloShaft™

The key requirements for camshafts, axles, shafts and other long cylindrical parts can be summarized in one sentence: weight saving, improved vibration behavior, increase in useful...

induction hardening machine / vertical - 200 mm/s | Cetus

Solidly constructed hardening machine of different sizes, designed for the processing of heavy and large work pieces in small...

induction hardening machine / vertical - Lepus

Vertical Indexing Table Hardening Machine Type LEPUS (KM) designed for large-scale Batches

Designed for the efficient processing of small parts in medium-sized to large-scale batches. The easy-to-install...

induction hardening machine / vertical - 200 mm/s | Taurus

Vertical Hardening Machine Type TAURUS (UM) designed for small to large-scale Batches

Universally applicable hardening machine for small to large-size work pieces to...

induction hardening machine / vertical - 200 mm/s | Lupus

Vertical Hardening Machine Type LUPUS (UML) designed for small to large-scale Batches

A universally applicable, easy-to-install hardening machine for minor to medium-weight...

induction hardening machine / vertical - 200 mm/s | Lupus

Inductive systems for the hardening of large-diameter sleeve bearings and gear rings designed...

hardening machine - 18 - 48

The Internal Quench Furnace, aka External Quench Furnace, offers process versatility...

hardening machine - max. ø 266 mm | 529

The 529 Quenching Machines are used in fast production of automotive ring gears and other round and flat parts that has...

hardening machine - max. ø 686 mm | 537

The Gleason No. 537 Quenching Machine (Manual) and the No. 537 Process Controlled Quenching Machine (PCM) are designed for quenching automotive, truck and tractor main drive gears and other flat,...

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