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tubular heating element - 175 °C ... 982 °C | WATROD™

The WATROD tubular heaters are available in double-ended or single-ended termination styles. Thanks to the versatility of Watlow’s tubular heating element, these heaters can be used in virtually the entire range of air heating...

tubular heating element / armored - 982 °C

The High-Temperature Tubular Heaters from Watlow are engineered with a special internal construction housed within an Inconel® 600 outer sheath enabling reduced oxidation as well as resistance from corrosion....

tubular heating element / armored - 650 °C ... 760 °C | MULTICOIL™

The Multicoil™, which is manufactured by WATLOW, is a tubular heater component that features several coils and thermocouples in its insulation and...

tubular heating element - 650 °C ... 870 °C

The Watrod miller are groove heaters designed to follow a certain consistency set by the user so to maintain its uniformity and maximization of heat pattern for certain...

tubular heating element - 650 °C ... 760 °C | FIREBAR®

FIREBAR is a heating element that offers additional heating performing over the standardized heating elements that are round and tubular. Especially...

tubular heating element / flexible - max. 700 °C, max. 10 W/cm2 | Z 11381 series

It is a new form of tubular - heating equipment that is highly flexible. It is moisture proof and also resistant to temperature and can be unique due to the connecting elements. The special ceramic and new kinds of...

heating element - HIFLOW

HT Hiflow is an integrated and compact heating system, ideal for satisfying and solving constant temperature...

ceramic heating element - HTCC/MCH

The HTCC/MCH is an alumina ceramic heater manufactured by Innovacera. These heaters are developed by implementing specific metallization and ceramic lamination processes.

This apparatus...

ceramic heating element - HTCC/MCH

The Ceramic heating element is manufactured by Kuhlmann. It is principally utilized for warming water, fluids and oil items. They are...

tubular heating element - ø 6.5 - 16 mm | RHK series

The RHK series is a metal frame heating element developed by Herbst. It is specially built...

ceramic heating element - ø 36 mm, 400 - 4 000 W | PHK series

Ceramic heating elements Ø 36 mm

for installation...

ceramic heating element - ø 46 mm, 500 - 4 900 W | PHK series

The PHK Series, manufactured by HERBST Beheizungs-Technik, is a series of ceramic heating elements...

ceramic heating element - ø 32 mm, 450 - 2 400 W | PHK series

CARTRIDGE Heaters are designed with ceramic heating elements that is of Ø...

finned heating element - 500 - 2 000 W | RRH series

The RRH series is manufactured by Herbst Beheizungs-Technik. This finned...

flat heating element / ceramic - MAX. 1000 °C

Our flat heating elements made off silicon nitride ceramics can be operated in air up to 500 °C and optionally up to 1000 °C.
The adjustment...

ceramic heating element - max. 230 V, 1000 °C

This heating element from Bach RC comes in different size and shape configurations that suit application requirements. There are standard shapes that are made for this tool such as ring heaters, rectangles, and heated...

ceramic heating element - MAX. 1000 °C

Chip heaters made from silicon nitride are generally rectangular. With varying dimension and batch sizes up to our die diameter of 300 mm are producible. The unique properties as well as the low mass for the ceramic allows for...

silicone heating element / flexible - max. 230 °C

Silicone heaters are advantageous compared to other heaters because they are robust, flexible and provide excellent thermal transfer. Wire bound ones are quite advantageous as they can...

silicone heating element / flexible - - 60 ... + 230 °C

The Etch Foil is manufactured by Holroyd, and is a silicone heater that has been specifically developed to provide adequate...

polyimide heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C

Due to the reduced thermal mass and superior electrical insulation, Kapton is the perfect solution for applications that need a lightweight solution that has a fast and efficient...

polyimide heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C

Holroyd provides factory fitting service to assemble silicone heaters to customer components using vulcanization or self adhesive methods. The silicone heaters can also be manufactured for low thermal mass and feature rapid...

polyimide heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C

The Flexible Heating Element is developed by Holroyd. It is specifically built suitable for applications...

silicone heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C | HSI

The Splash-proof Flexible Silicone Heating Mat is developed by Hillesheim. It comes with 200 °C maximum operating temperature, -60 °C...

heating element - + 60 °C ... + 250 °C | HVT series

Operating temperature 250 °C
Rated voltage 12 400 V AC/DC
weight 4 mm 10 kg/m2, 6 mm 15 kg/m2

silicone heating element / flexible - 5 000 W/m²

The unit is manufactured by Aaatelec, and is a silicone heater mat that is ideal for use in industrial operations that needs a surface...

ceramic heating element - max. 1300 °F (705 °C)

Hotwatt ceramic heaters are used in copiers, dehumidifiers, glee guns, heat sealing tools, instrumentation,...

flexible heating element - max. 300 °F (149 °C)

The unit is manufactured by Hotwatt, and is a foil heater that has been specifically developed to be used in a broad spectrum of operations. These operations...

tubular heating element / armored - max. 550 °F (288 °C)

The HotWatt Tubular heated Glasrope Heater is insulated with a fiberglass element that is encased inside of an aluminum or stainless steel housing. The system...

flat heating element - 50 - 4 320 W, 1200 °F (650 °C)

The CS series is manufactured by Hotwatt, and is a ceramic insulated strip heater that is ideal for use in...

flat heating element - max. 800 °F

The unit is manufactured by Hotwatt, and is a strip heater that has been specifically...

flat heating element - max. 800 °F

Electric Blankets Thermal Technology is known for manufacturing customized heating blankets, with strips of Carbon Fiber resistors, which are standard prototypes or small qualities. The heating bands can be of different capacities, while the sixes can also...

polyester heating element / flexible - max. 90 °C

Polyester flexible heaters are PTF type heating equipment. Available in many sizes but the normal size available is 1000x600mm. The equipment provides...

silicone heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C

The Silicon Flexible Heater is manufactured by Alper, and has a maximum standard size of 940 x 3000 mm, which is also available in other sizes on...

polyimide heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C

The Felxible Polyimide Heating Element was developed by Alper, and comes with various thermal protections such as fuses, thermostats, probes and sensors....

polyimide heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C

Technical data RRFI range
Stainless steel tube AISI 321 or AISI 304L
ANNEALED of Ø8 mm.
Vulcanized hoods Ø8'7 mm.
Degree protection against...

tubular heating element - ø 8.5 mm | TUBEFOLD

The Tubefold model is manufactured by Fepa, and is a tubular heater that...

hot runner nozzle heating element - max. 30W/cm2 | NHDC

The NHDC Series manufactured by Fepa is a hot runner and nozzle heating element. This device...

hot runner nozzle heating element - 230 V | NH2

These NH2 Heaters are the ideal solution for applications...

hot runner nozzle heating element - 230 V | NH2

The application of this product is found in heat dies, heat extruder cylinders and heat...

screen-printed heating element - max. 200 °C | SILICON

Fepa's tech-film heater is made out of silicon. It is...

screen-printed heating element - max. 200 °C | SILICON

This product is a hot runner nozzle heating...

tubular heating element / armored - 1 000 - 1 500 W

The heat-resistant stainless steel sheathed elements...

tubular heating element / armored - 500 - 2 000 W

The tubular element is manufactured by Vulcanic, and is a stainless steel sheathed...

tubular heating element / armored - 250 - 2 500 W

Manufactured by Vulcanic, these metal frame heating elements are specially designed for heating fiat and cylindrical surfaces. They...

finned heating element - 400 - 6 000 W


To heat air or gases by natural or forced convection, one possible
solution is the finned element.
Heat transfer from tubular heating elements for heating
gaseous media is increased by a metal strip wrapped
around the element . Through...

finned heating element / flat - 250 - 3 000 W

VULCANIC finned elements are based on sheathed heating elements to which fins are attached. These...

hot runner nozzle heating element - hotslot®

With hotslot®, which is based on the proven principle of hotspring® coil heaters, hotset offers an excellent heating...

tubular heating element / flexible - Ø 6.5 mm, max. 700 °C | hotflex®

The hotflex® is worldwide the first tubular heater which can be manually bent in all three dimensions. Easiest handling, simple assembly, optimal thermal features and the simple storage (the hotflex®...

silicone heating element / flexible - max. 200 °C | hotform® series

Whether plains or cylindrical shapes: hotform® silicon heating elements can be used everywhere where the space...

hot runner nozzle heating element - hotcast®

hotset offers a wide product range for applications in the casting industry (e. g. hot chamber casting).

The hotcast® Sealed Nozzle Heater (type GMH) based...

hot runner nozzle heating element - hotcast®

This range of flexible cables are manufactured with various insulating materials as per operating temperature requirements. It may be thermowelded on aluminum foil or inserted between...

hot runner nozzle heating element - hotcast®

The flexible heating cable can be inserted into an aluminium tube and shaped as required by the customer, enabling quick application, especially in cavities.
It ensures good resistance to mechanical stress and guarantees high thermal...

hot runner nozzle heating element - hotcast®

Manufactured by SEDES Group, screen printed heating elements are constructed through etched foil technology on a silk-screened...

screen-printed heating element - PET

Thick film heaters are constructed on silk screening of conductive and resistive inks. These inks are placed with diverse compositions and layers, depending on the electric...

tubular heating element / armored - max. 3.0 W/cm²

The Tubolar heaters are manufactured of proven, effective technology. The heater is composed of a heating wire insulated by magnesium oxide (MgO) inside a stainless...

tubular heating element / armored - max. 3.0 W/cm²

Aperam brings you numerous varieties of heating elements. Shaping resistances formed from ribbon, wire or strip in allow Ni-Cr or Fe-Cr-Al are ideal for temperatures up to 1,350°C. Centrifugated tubes constructed from refractory...


How to choose this product


A heating element generates heat when an electric current runs through it. While all electrical devices carrying current produce heat by the Joule effect, a heating element is one specifically designed to do so.


There are many different types of heating element.
- Tubular models, some with flanges, have a wound resistance perfectly centered within a cylindrical metal sheath or shielding filled with a compact, powdered insulating material. The outer sheath ensures very good heat transfer and excellent mechanical properties.
- Cartridge heaters are used in the plastics industry to warm molds and tools.
- Flat versions are analogous to tubular models, but with a different configuration whose surface offers better heat transfer to solid substances.
- Heater bands are designed to heat cylindrical parts.
- Flexible elements consist of a particularly flat resistance sandwiched between two sheets of flexible insulation with low power density.
- Immersion heaters heat the liquid in which they are submerged.
- Heating belts and blankets are used to warm drums and IBC containers.
- Heating cable and tape is used especially to keep pipes, ducts and lines from freezing.

How to choose

The proper type of heating element depends on the specifics of the application. Choice of model will depend on the size, required power and the compatibility of materials.

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