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double-diaphragm pump / for wastewater / pneumatic / industrial
double-diaphragm pump

Flow: 651 l/min

The Ingersoll Rand ARO PF20X series metallic flap valve offers flows up to 172 GPM, and can handle 2" semi-solids and 3/4" solid materials. They can be ordered in aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron versions, with optional plated ...

slurry pump / electric / submersible / vortex
slurry pump
Hazleton® SHW-R

Flow: 0 m³/h - 455 m³/h
Head: 0 m - 76 m
Power: 3.7 kW - 300 kW

SHW-R features a vortex design that enables to pump any solids that pass through the pump suction, including stringy, fibrous or tramp material. The recessed impeller ensures long wear life even on heavy ...

centrifugal pump / for chemicals / for beverages / for dairy products
centrifugal pump
W+ series

Flow: 800 m³/h
Pressure: 15 bar

... attributed by a quiet performance due to reduced vibration and initiation of high pressure capability. This centrifugal pump offers a wide range of optional features and presents a convenient and ...

pump for the food industry / for dairy products / for cream / whey
pump for the food industry

Flow: 0.033 l/min - 66.4 l/min
Pressure: 1 bar - 20 bar

ViscoTec dosing and filling pump type RD-hygienic for food and cosmetics is a volumetric conveying pump based on the endless piston principle. Suitable for discontinuous or continuous pulsation-free metering ...

grease pump / oil / manual / piston
grease pump
3106000 series

Pressure: 0 bar - 30 bar

... Temperature : +5°C to +40°C The rugged and reliable manual pump Series 3106000 is designed to be used in oil and fluid grease NLGI 00 lubrication systems. Easy to use The manual pump ...

seawater pump / slurry / for sand / diesel engine
seawater pump

Flow: 3,000 m³/h
Pressure: 4 bar
Head: 40 m

SG(H) dredge and gravel pump is designed for pumping extremely aggressive slurry, contain large particle, and is capable to handle big solid at consistently high efficiency results in low cost of ownership. ...

chemical pump / centrifugal / for the chemical industry / single-stage
chemical pump

Flow: 500 m³/h
Pressure: 16 bar
Head: 215 m

The CRP-M range of sealless centrifugal pumps with permanent magnetic drive in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2858 and 15783 for the chemical industry.

water pump / oil / with electric motor / centrifugal
water pump

Flow: 0 m³/h - 10,000 m³/h
Head: 0 m - 450 m
Power: 0 kW - 15,000 kW

... generation. These robust units provide the pumping power needed for economical production and transportation of heavy oil and bitumen, which have particularly challenging viscosities and API gravities. The ...

oil pump / foot-operated / rugged / heavy-duty
oil pump
PA series

Flow: 0.13 l/min
Pressure: 0 Pa - 70,000,000 Pa

... air hydraulic foot pumps features a swivel connecting that makes pumping and hydraulic connection easy. It possesses a sturdy structure that results to long tool life and easy operation. For optimized hold or retract ...

water pump / electric / centrifugal / industrial
water pump
3180 series

Flow: 9,000 m³/h
Pressure: 16 bar
Head: 125 m

The GOULDS PUMPS 3180 series heavy duty process pump features extreme flow capacities up to 40000 GPM (9000 m3/h), head to 410 feet (125 m), and can operate on temperatures ...

water pump / electric / diaphragm / industrial
water pump
D400 series

Flow: 380, 345, 430 l/min

Plastic Pumps :380 L/min (Rubber) 345 L/min (PTFE) Metallic Pumps : 430 L/min (Rubber) 380 L/min (PTFE) Heavy Duty VA" AO DD Pump Sériés Specifically ...

air pump / air-driven / self-priming / industrial
air pump
FAN 420-530

Flow: 720 m³/h - 893 m³/h
Pressure: 0 bar - 2.5 bar
Power: 0 kW - 27 kW

The cooling for FAN Pumps is provided by fresh air forced by high efficiency cooling fans. An accurate study of the aluminum conveyor, the body fins profile and inlet and outlet port make the pump suitable ...

water pump / diesel engine / self-priming / centrifugal
water pump

Flow: 0 m³/h - 3,660 m³/h
Pressure: 103 psi
Head: 0 m - 8.5 m

... dewatering needsThe Godwin Dri-Prime® CD500M Heavy Duty pump offers flow rates up to 3,660 m³/hr (16,120 USGPM), and the capability to handle solids up to 80 mm (3.1 in.) in diameter.The ...

wastewater pump / electric / industrial / hazardous-duty
wastewater pump
E7 series

Flow: 1.3 us gal/h
Pressure: 25 psi - 300 psi

The Series E Metering Pump is designed for use in hazardous environments. It meets or exceeds all standards for Class I, Division I, Groups C and D; Class II, Division I, Groups E, F and G. The rugged, urethane coated, ...

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LMI Milton Roy
chemical pump / paint / electric / diaphragm
chemical pump
MAXROY® series

Flow: 732 l/h
Pressure: 150 psi

... metering pumps designed for applications up to 232 GPH (732 l/hr) at pressures up to 150 psi (10 bar). Its cast iron housing with chemical resistant powder coating enables the MAXROY® to be used in the harshest environments. ...

water pump / electric / submersible / centrifugal
water pump

Flow: 10 us gal/min - 20 us gal/min

... and other substances typically found in water. Heavy duty, 300 V, 10 ft SJOOW motor leads. Ceramic bearing sleeve has time proven durability for years of reliable service. Hex rubber bearing has extra ...

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Franklin Electric
paint pump / for solvents / electric / airless
paint pump
BL-xx1 Series

Flow: 60 ft³/min
Pressure: 280, 370, 396, 450 bar

... epoxy, marine paints, solvent less polyurethane and fire retardants. Our pumps are designed to be rugged, reliable and be serviceable in the field, having simple maintenance, heavy duty ...

diesel fuel pump / external-gear / for agricultural applications / for the construction industry
diesel fuel pump
3.8 - 22.9 cm³ | D

Pressure: 207 bar

... diesel fuel transfer. Our D pumps are designed to provide reliable, long life service under rugged conditions. D Series pumps are built with cast iron bodies and hardened steel gears. ...

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Concentric Hof GmbH
chemical pump / air-driven / self-priming / diaphragm
chemical pump
12 l/min, max. 7 bar, 1:1 | DX200

Flow: 720 l/h
Pressure: max 7.0 bar

Rugged Construction & Universal Material Compatibility - Available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel to handle a wide variety of fluids Non-Stall & Quiet Running - A non-stall air valve and integrated ...