single-point load cell / torsion / beam type / stainless steel
single-point load cell
BM6G series

Rated load: 10 kg - 500 kg

Off center load cell Type BM6G can be used in small capacity weighing systems. Some applications are: Suitable for Platform, belt scale, and other weighing systems. Stainless Steel, single ...

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tension/compression force transducer / precision / hermetic / strain gauge
tension/compression force transducer
KS series

Rated force: 0.2 kN - 2.5 kN

The force transducers of KS series are used for precision force measurement of smaller forces. Accurate, reliable and robust.

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GTM Gassmann Testing Metrology GmbH
tension/compression load cell / button type / hermetic / strain gauge
tension/compression load cell
LU-E series

Rated force: 0.5 kN - 200 kN

Hermetically-seal Structure with Inert Gas Filled in Usable for Both Tension and Compression Loads The detection portion is hermetically sealed with inert gas filled in to prevent aging deterioration ...

tension/compression load cell / pancake type / stainless steel / compact
tension/compression load cell
0.1 - 300 klb | 2400 series

Rated load: 100 lb - 300,000 lb

... Stainless steel construction Hermetically sealed Tension and compression Compact size Counterbored mounting holes The 2400 is a stainless steel load cell designed ...

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Interface, Inc.
compression load cell / canister / stainless steel / for hopper scales
compression load cell
SSM14A series

Rated load: 10 t - 200 t

The SSM14A Compression Load Cell is a hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell with a capacity of up to 200t.

compression load cell / button type / stainless steel / IP68
compression load cell
SSM24R series

Rated load: 60 kg - 60,000 kg

The SSM24R Compression Load Cell is a hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell with a capacity up to 60t.