HgCdTe photodiodes

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HgCdTe photodiodes

The HgCdTe detector from Zolix have liquid nitrogen cooling IR detectors that have a spectral range from 2 to 22μm. Two...

HgCdTe photodiode - 1 - 5 μm, SWIR

McPherson's Mercury Cadmium Telluride Detector is designed for high performance, and...

HgCdTe photodiode - 2 - 14 µm, MWIR

663-14 is one of the Mercury Cadmium Telluride models, for 2-14 microns, delivered in a size of 2 x 2mm. This unit is recognized for the high performance photoconductor/receiver,...

HgCdTe photodiode - 2 - 20 µm, LWIR

McPherson's Models 663-15 and 663-16 are both Mercury Cadmium Telluride that are engineered for...

HgCdTe photodiode - J15 Series

HgCdTe is a ternary semiconductor compound which exhibits a wavelength cutoff proportional to the alloy composition. The actual detector is composed of a thin layer (10 to 20 µm) of HgCdTe with metalized contact pads defining the active area. Photons with energy greater than the semiconductor band-gap energy excite electrons into the conduction band, thereby increasing the conductivity of the...

HgCdTe photodiode - J19TE Series

J19TE series detectors are high-quality HgCdTe photodiodes for use in the 500nm to 5.0um range. The equivalent circuit is...

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