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pneumatic separator / metal / for the textile industry / high-performance
pneumatic separator

FOR INSTALLATION IN PNEUMATIC FIBRE PROCESSING LINES Reliable metal and spark removal. Minimal ejection loss through ultra-fast switching time. Extremely robust – 300,000 switches without visible wear. Suitable for pressure and ...

3-phase separator / oil / water / compact
3-phase separator

Width: 1,000 mm - 2,400 mm
Flow rate: 10 m³/h - 100 m³/h

... Fully automatic operation possible No chemicals Mature technology and sturdy design Low maintenance requirement High operational safety Service-friendly and easy to use Little space required thanks to ...

centrifugal classifier / gravity / particle / metal
centrifugal classifier

Weight: 50 kg - 14,800 kg
Width: 380 mm - 2,500 mm
Filtration size: 2.6 µm - 60 µm

... Dispersing is an Air separator which is designed for ultra-fine and sharp separation. This tool can be used with conjunction in grinding plants. The unit uses a classifier wheel geometry which gives the ...

centrifugal classifier / for solids / air / laboratory
centrifugal classifier

Filtration size: 2.5 µm

CFS 5 HD-S and CFS 8 HD-S are lab classifiers for the most honed division extending up to d97 2.5 µm. The enhanced classifier wheel geometry and best conceivable material scattering in close closeness ...

vibrating separator / particle / metal / sludge
vibrating separator
Finex Separator

This vibratory Finex Separator is ideal for accurate grading, scalping or sizing wet and dry materials up to five fractions in one operation with advanced separation technology enabling improved capacity, upgradability, ...

centrifugal separator / oil / for the recycling industry / compact
centrifugal separator

Filtration size: 50 µm
Flow rate: 4 l/min - 16 l/min

... individual machine sumps as well as larger central systems. The unit can process flow rates of 1-4 gpm (4-16 lpm) depending on fluid type and condition. Key Features: High speed ...

biodiesel separator / disc stack / liquid / for solids
biodiesel separator

Filtration size: 1 µm - 1,000 µm
Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 100 m³/h

MACFUGE separators offer a wide range of solutions designed to boost value in this respect, ranging from separator with a daily capacity of 50 tons for operations of small oil mils, right through to separators ...

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disc stack separator / 3-phase / 2-phase / liquid
disc stack separator
Macfuge 450

Filtration size: 500 µm
Flow rate: 20 m³/h

Macfuge separator liquid / liquid / solid or liquid / solid clarifier Self cleaning machine Centripetal pumps for the extraction of the separated phases integrated in the centrifuge Gear drive Control ...

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disc stack separator / liquid / for solids / for the food industry
disc stack separator
Macfuge 590

Filtration size: 1 µm - 500 µm
Flow rate: 40 m³/h

Macfuge separator liquid / liquid / solid or liquid / solid clarifier Self cleaning machine Centripetal pumps for the extraction of the separated phases integrated in the centrifuge Gear drive Control of the motor by ...

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magnetic separator / powder / for the food industry / high-performance
magnetic separator
MRG series

Magnetic Drawer separator Magnetic Drawers are designed for efficient fine iron and ferromagnetic contamination removing from a range of dry free flowing powdery, scrap, granule product such as sugar, grain, tea, etc. ...

centrifugal separator / 3-phase / sludge / process
centrifugal separator

Filtration size: 3 µm
Flow rate: 120 l/min

... large effective rotor diameter, the high-performance 4 kW drive, and thanks to the special inlet hub the separator U-15 achieves a very good separation level of down to 3 µm. The cleaned ...

drum separator / permanent magnet / metal / for the chemical industry
drum separator
YL1 series

Weight: 110 kg - 3,100 kg

Series YL1, are also called magnetic pulley or dry large separator, adopts high-performance hard material featuring high field intensity, simple structure, convenient, ...

cyclone separator / particle / construction / high-performance
cyclone separator

... customers. With the high-performance cyclone separator, Binder+Co has succeeded in offering its customers a robust, low-maintenance solution for many industry sectors. ...

coalescing separator / liquid / gas / process
coalescing separator

... horizontal flow. These top-performance, separation internals are available in a wide range. They are suited for horizontal gas flows in a variety of industrial, commercial and process needs. These internals can be ...

gravity separator / gas / liquid / for the petroleum industry
gravity separator
T17 / T27 / T80

Ensepatec provides completely standarized, high -performance and energy - friendly gas/liquid separations for perpendicular gas flows. The separators designs allow forr pre - separation ...

cyclone separator / metal / for the recycling industry / compact
cyclone separator

Air-based separators Cyclone, filter, washer and separator as required Venti Oelde offers system solutions for almost all air-based requirements: High-performance ...

centrifugal separator / liquid / for the food industry / high-performance
centrifugal separator

The PROFI beer filtration is a combination of high performance centrifuge and membrane filtration. It enables optimized beer filtration without kieselguhr. GEA separator with patented ...

magnetic separator / water / self-cleaning / automatic
magnetic separator

Filtration size: 1 µm - 5 µm
Flow rate: 30 l/min - 950 l/min

... magnetic separator in line with high-performance magnets. The simplicity of the product design allows working 24/7 operation, while the footprint is four times smaller than traditional ...

oil separator / centrifugal / gravity / 3-phase
oil separator

Filtration size: 125 µm
Flow rate: 5 m³/h - 2,000 m³/h

... sedimented substances are discharged into the hopper of the separator and can be derived by pump or outlet into the AWAS drainage container. More information about the simultaneous separator you will ...

magnetic roller separator / for bulk materials / granulates / high-performance
magnetic roller separator

Width: 1,405 mm

Paddy Husker (All-in-One Type) Characteristic Combine paddy husker, aspirator, and paddy separator in one machine! High Performance & High Efficiency brown rice production!

electrostatic separator / particle / dry materials / plastic
electrostatic separator
EBS (triboelectric)

... profile), PVC + PE (grinded cable insulation), PET + PVC (crushed PET bottles), ABS + PS (crushed WEEE), PP + PE (plastic bottles and caps) and other mixtures (PVC + glass, PS ...

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gravity separator / waste / fiber / high-performance
gravity separator

Waste Separator WSA/WSB High-performance fibre separation

magnetic separator / metal / for ore / high-efficiency
magnetic separator
YCG series

Weight: 0.8 t - 6 t
Width: 1,000 mm - 2,200 mm

... Advantage of Roll type high intensity permanent magnetic separator(YCG series ) With high performance NdFeB rate earth magnetic material and applying pressing method ...

air separator / waste / waste recycling / high-efficiency
air separator

... A few specific benefits and characteristics of the WSS diagonal Windshifter: 60% of the exhaust air is re-used High separation efficiency of up to 99% Flexible, can be set up in many different ways / ...

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Nihot Recycling Technology B.V.
air separator / oil / water / emulsion
air separator
OEL-/EM Expert series

Filtration size: 0.3 µm
Flow rate: 1,000 m³/h - 8,000 m³/h

... the model 'Expert' from our HANDTE OIL/EM series. This separator with mechanical post-filter stage is the safest choice if your manufacturing processes involve ultra-fine aerosols and smoke or high introduction ...

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Camfil Handte APC GmbH
centrifugal separator / cyclone / air / high-performance
centrifugal separator

Centrifugal separation of liquids from compressed air up to 99% Cyclone separators extract water and coarse dirt particles from compressed air by means of the centrifugal effect and are installed directly ...

permanent magnet separator / high-performance / permanent magnet
permanent magnet separator

... non-magnetic materials. Features High-performance NdFeB: It uses high-performance NdFeB as magnetic source, which has strong magnetism and is not easy to demagnetize. ...

cyclone classifier / grit / high-performance
cyclone classifier
WEMCO® Hydrogritter®

Flow rate: 50 m³/h - 357 m³/h

... exceptional grit cyclone and classifier with an enduring operational life of over 25 years. The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® components are designed as a system to optimise each piece of equipment to consistently ...

high-performance separator / sheet / automatic
high-performance separator

Pre-Separation for Improved Handling of Larger Batches