Honing tools

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Honing tools

The External Honing manufactured by Sunnen is a tool that is utilized in removing the "cloverleaf" center-less grind...

honing tool - max. ø 254 - 1 524 mm | GNH

The GNH Giant Portable Hone is optimized for use with deep boring applications. The system may be used on parts with large diameters...

honing tool - ø 4.7 - 1 524 mm

Sunnen Portable Hones have the capability of honing open, shouldered, blind, keyway, splined, tandem, or rifled bores to a uniform surface finish of .08-1.5 micrometer Ra...

honing tool - max. ø 203 mm | CV

Sunnen's CV/CK was designed with two-stone offset hone head. It produces aligned, round...

honing tool - max. ø 203 mm | CK

The CK series from Sunnen is a tooling that is especially designed for engine cylinder...

honing tool - Flex-Hone®

The Flex-Hone® is a honing tool that is a specially designed for various applications such as finishing,...

honing tool - Flex-Hone®

The Flex-Hone® tool by Brush Research offers superior quality honing devices and flex hones for rotors that are engineered to supply appropriate finish. The high ability to finish...

honing tool - novoflex-B®

The Novoflex-B is ideally designed and created to promote a good quality functionality...

honing tool - M.M.®

You can immediately shape your rods in any form using the patented M.M preliminary shape that contains no abrasive.

For internal and external lapping and super finishing of curved surfaces like spherical, conical and cylindrical parts,...

honing tool - M.M.®

Lamplan presents expandable cylindrical rods, which are the bore finishing formula.

The assembly comprises of a conical shaft, which has been developed to be fitted on the mandrel. They include...

honing tool - M.M.®

The unit is manufactured by Hermes, and is a honing wheel that has been specifically developed to be used in gear honing operations with minimal sound pressure levels in the transmission by...

honing tool - ø 68 - 110 mm | PT series

The PT series is a range of tooling system that is manufactured by Gehring. The newly manufactured multiple-stone PT tooling system is suitable for honing bores, with a diameter range of 68-110 mm.


honing tool - ø 3 - 15 mm | L series

The latest single stone L series tooling system has been standardized for honing purpose of high-precision bores with a diameter range of about 3-15 mm. The re-constructed modular system is an added feature. It distinguishes...

honing tool - ø 5 - 1000 mm | TN/TS series

Proven precision

The multiple stone honing tools of the TN/TS series distinguish themselves through the wide range of their applications.

This series, tried and tested for many years is trusted by many. It has been...

honing tool - FLEX-HONE®

Applications include honing,...

honing tool - FLEX-HONE®

Type A
A x L

honing tool - ø 0.6 - 1.5 mm | PEMAMO 814

Technical data

Includes an integral adjustable torque clutch for tool protection
Honing range Ø 0,6 - 1,5 mm
Lenght : 80 mm without shank and tool
Clamping shank : 6 mm
Suitable for use in any true running machine
Ideal for single...

honing tool - ø 1.5 - 20 mm | PEMAMO 220

Technical data

Honing range Ø 1,5 - 20 mm
Transforms your lathe, drilling or milling machine into a precision honing machine
Very easy handling and good access
With this apparatus also unskilled...

honing tool - ø 11 - 70 mm | PEMAMO 1040

Technical data

Honing range Ø 11 - 70 mm
Transforms your lathe, drilling or milling machine into a precision honing machine
Very easy handling and good access
With this apparatus also...

honing tool - ø 11 - 70 mm | PEMAMO 1040

The Flex-Hone Tool is designed with a soft cutting action for super finishing in any type and size of cylinder....

honing tool - min. ø 3 - 15 mm

KADIA Shell-type and Shaft-type Honing tools
These tool types are almost full-surface tools with process-specific abrasive patterns. Shaft-type tools...

honing tool - min. ø 3 - 15 mm

Diamond coated files and rifflers...

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