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These Impact dryers utilizes rotary impaction to disperse agglomerated material as well as a vertical...


Batch dryer, Reactor, Horizontal dryer, paddle dryer

Operational volumes 100 – 50.000 liters

In AVA paddle dryers of the HTC (batch dryers) and HTK (continuous dryers) series, the product is moved along the length of the heated drum wall, thus achieving the drying process‘ primary goal: reducing humidity. Special-shaped paddles of these horizontal...


The Pharmadry® vacuum paddle dryer with short drying times is well suited for the drying of freely flowing, sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients...

The Comber Termomix® TM 1500 - TM 40000 Series is a range of paddle dryer and reactor from Heinkel. They comply with the ASME pressure vessel code, Section VIII for calculation,...


The SHV is a sanitary paddle dryer from Bachiller. It has a sanitary construction...

The high efficiency MHTS Paddle dryer is specially designed according to ASME VIII div.1 - AD-2000 - EN-13445 for products with pseudo plastic behavior during the drying phase, with a high torque demand. The device contains completely heated Shell, Shaft and paddles to maximize...

It is an apparatus dryer of objects, particularly intended for items having pseudo plastic conduct amid the response or drying stages with high torque request.
Operational guidelines integrated:
Body and shaft totally warmed to amplify the warm trade. Razor...


The Planex System® unit is a horizontal vacuum rotary vane dryer developed by Italvacuum...


The PHARMADRY® unit is a horizontal vacuum rotary vane dryer developed by Comber Process Technology Srl....

The Termomix® is manufactured by Comber Process Technology Srl. This horizontal rotary vane dryer is...


The horizontal cylindrical dryer design includes either a ribbon or paddle agitator, depending on the materials and...


The Steridry ES is manufactured by 3V TECH Equipment and Process Systems SpA . It is a horizontal vacuum paddle dryer,...

The Steridry EP unit is a horizontal vacuum rotary vane dryer developed by 3V TECH....

The Chemidry EC model is manufactured by 3V Tech S.p.A., and is a horizontal...

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