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Easy-to-use functionality.
G and ESN Series hot air dryers ideal for the treatment of non-hygroscopic material; suitable for applications involving high rates of material consumption.



Dryers can be fitted directly in the opening of the processing machine and all the models in this range are appointed with precise and quick temperature control combined with a safety overheat thermostat to protect against material overheating....

All models in this range offer precise and quick control of temperature and are appointed with a safety over heat thermostat to avoid overheating materials. Adding to this, the indented lid on each drying bin offers easy access and is appointed with a flange...


A wide range of standard installations is available from the NOVATEC production stable. The Cleaning and Drying Systems are used for ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing both for standard...


Air Flotation Converting Dryers

Spooner is a world leader in the field of air flotation technology. A range of airbar systems has been developed to suit the entire range of converting applications. All Spooner...


The vertical dryer offers a high degree of flexibility

The demands on production processes often change very quickly. VEN DRY VARIO TIME makes it possible to react quickly. The batch is detected by light barriers at the infeed and the dwell time in the dryer is controlled accordingly by the state-of-the-art control system.


Drying method is based on a hot air-circulating air system

The drying method is based on a hot air-circulating air system, divided into different zones.

A well thought-through ventilation...

This VEN DRY AIR JET unit is a warm air dryer developed by Venjakob Maschinenbau...

Multi-level pallet dryers

Multi-level pallet dryers optimise gentle drying...

Drying with a trolley

The painted workpieces are stored in trolleys. There are three possibilities for the drying process, depending...


The MAM by Martinenghi S.r.L. is a warm air dryer which is designed for sealing the bases of the tubes. Using this tool, it...


ES SERIES Hot air dryer for the processing of non-hygroscopic polymers.

Automatic functioning; air temperature controlled by a double temperature-set electronic thermoregulator.

Fitted with alarm light.

Main features:

- high head fans...

The EST series is a warm air dryer developed by Main Tech. It comes with automatic functioning, and air temperature controlled through a double temperature-set electronic thermoregulator.



This equipment allows the drying room by a rotary movement of the centrifugal...


EH SERIES hot air dryer groups are compact solutions suitable for efficient non hygroscopic material...


The Conti-Dryer CD is a central hot air drying system designed for continuous drying of granular plastic material.

The central drying unit CD supplies air to one or more individual drying...

Together with battenfeldcincinnati GmbH, Labotek has developed a new drying technology - EAC (Efficient Air Cooling) - utilizing the hot air from the extrusion...


AIR JET DRYER The air blade dryer is a flat dryer working with hot air at high speed. Recirculating ventilation system with...

When talking about offset machines, todays high capacity requirements oblige to achieve the drying of inks and traditional lacquers directly on the machines.
The ink drying process implies two main equally important aspects.
The first main issue is the evaporation of the dilution products, the second one is the chemical reaction, which takes place as an oxidation of the pigments.


HA Series Hot Air Dryers include one thermometer and one 12-foot length of high temperature flexible dryer hose. HA Series dryers should...


Energy-saving fiber drying

The Superheated Steam Flash Dryer operates in a closed loop system. Wet material is injected via the blow line and dried in a continued...


Hot Air and Vacuum Dryers
FinnSonic manufactures a range of dryers for various needs
Hot air circulating dryers
Hot air circulating dryers are most commonly used method for drying of water from parts.
Options for the hot air dryers include HEPA-filtration,...


In-line drying module, stand-alone SMEMA-compatible unit, can be integrated into a production line, operating in conjunction with any in-line cleaner. The OmniJet uses a unique high temperature/high flow air drying technology that removes and evaporates water from even the most dense and...

Stand-Alone Conveyorized Drying System can be integrated into a production line, operating in conjunction with virtually any conveyorized parts washer. Spray dryers use a unique high temperature/high flow air drying technology to dry the...


This warm air dryer is developed by Elma-Hans Schmidbauer. It is specifically...


The stand has a slide and lock height adjustment.
The gun brackets can be moved along the length of the arm and positioned to suit.
Each arm can be used independently
The guns are provided with...


A vibrating fluid bed dryer uses temperature-controlled...


Our recirculated hot air dryer dries in a few minutes different types of parts. It also has an open/close insulated...


The air circulation dryer is an electric equipment. The device comes in modular parts and can be attached to the cleaning-rinsing unit in a variety of ways. It proves perfect for completing...

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