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hydraulic actuator / linear / for gas / valves - max. 600 000 Nm | HPG series

The selection of pipeline actuators offered by HPG utilizes the innovative scotch yoke mechanism field which is proven across the globe in every type of fluid power application. It works...

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves - max. 196 Nm | PHW series

The Rotork Fluid Systems' PHW is an excellent answer for rarely used or remotely located valves where automated actuation is not handy but quicker valve operation is occasionally...

hydraulic actuator / linear / double-acting - max. 600 000 Nm | GO series

The Rotork GO range of pipeline actuators utilise Rotork GH and RH quarter-turn prime movers and use pipeline gas as the power source for operation....

hydraulic actuator / rotary - max. 600 000 Nm | GH series

The rugged, compact GH (hydraulic) and GP (pneumatic) range scotch yoke actuator offers a quarter turn rotary movement for on/off or modulating tasks, in double-acting and spring-return...

hydraulic actuator / rotary / rack-and-pinion - max. 3 400  Nm, max. 250 bar | RH series

The Rock and Pinion actuators provide an economical alternative for the quarter-turn valves which have a steady torque requirement throughout the stroke....

hydraulic actuator / linear / double-acting - 30 - 160 kN

The first impressive aspect about this hydrostatic bearing with 8 pockets is that...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - ø 16 - 40 mm, 0.9 - 22 Nm | R3 series

Dual-rack actuator with automatic adjustment for wear.
Hydraulic shock absorbers are arranged externally and operate at
a distance from the axis of rotation which is considerably higher than

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves - DYNACTO

This is a single-acting hydraulic actuator that works for quarter-turn valves and uses a top flange at ISO 5211 standards. This uses control pressures at up to 120 bars and can be mounted...

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves - max. 16 000 Nm, EN ISO 5211 | ACTO, DYNACTO, ENNACTO series

ACTO, a double-acting hydraulic actuator is used for mounting on quarter-turn valves (butterfly valves or ball valves). ACTO is also used to mount on various types of valve stem ends (square end, flat end or key). The unit finds...

hydraulic actuator / linear / for gas / valves - 180 x 180 x 150 mm

ActuCOM, an actuator developed by HOERBIGER for driving throttle valves of large gas-powered industrial engines, operates faster than other actuators. This important development for manufacturers and operators...

hydraulic actuator / rotary-linear - max. 10 bar | 1330, 1333 series

These rotary actuators belong to Series 1330 to 1333. They are utilized...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - 6.9 - 13.7 Mpa | HR series

The HR Rotary actuators from Kawasaki converts hydraulic pressures to useful...

hydraulic actuator / linear / double-acting - max. 8 000 Nm | RD8

The R-Series double-acting actuators are a compact and fully concentric...

hydraulic actuator / linear / spring-return / valves - max. 8 000 Nm | RS8

Dantorque R-Series hydraulic actuators are designed with helical spline drive mechanism and disk springs to produce very compact and fully concentric actuators. R-Series actuators finds application...

hydraulic actuator / linear / double-acting - 13 300 - 406 000 Nm | RD13

The type RD13 double-acting actuator is a hydraulic actuator manufactured by Dantorque....

hydraulic actuator / linear / for marine applications - DTU, DTUS

Dantorque actuators are subsea actuators ideally utilized in subsea applications such as marine, offshore, and oil and gas markets. Besides being cost-effective, these actuators are compact....

hydraulic actuator / rotary / rack-and-pinion - DRV series

The DRV - Pneumatic & Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Actuator ( Female Shaft ) is a double acting unit that has a remarkable rack and pinion construction for steady torque output....

hydraulic actuator / rotary / rack-and-pinion - DRC series

The DRC Pneumatic Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Actuator is a double-acting rack and pinion device, tested to more than 1 million cycles. This component does not need a lubricant to function, it...

hydraulic actuator / rotary / rack-and-pinion - HYV series

The HYV Series- Rack and Pinion Actuators provides a high performance and heavy duty actuators. It is made up of a steel and a zero leak system...

hydraulic actuator / helical rotary - 1 700 - 25 000 in-lb (190 - 2 825 Nm) | L10 series

The L10 series, which are manufactured by Helac, are helical hydraulic actuators. It has a compact, sleek, and cylindrical design and it is ideal to be used where...

hydraulic actuator / helical rotary - 4 500 - 39 000 in-lb (508 - 4 400 Nm) | L20 series

Helac's L20 series is highly versatile. It is adaptable to a wide array of operations in cost-efficient ways. Provisions have been given for installation in number of ways. Its flange...

hydraulic actuator / helical rotary - 17 000 - 380 000 in-lb (1 900 - 43 000 Nm) | L30 series

Helac L30 series is a heavy duty helical hydraulic actuator. It is ideal for challenging environments. The actuators have been developed for applications demanding ultra high bearing capacity....

hydraulic actuator / helical rotary - 25 000 - 60 000 in-lb (2 830 - 6 780 Nm) | T20 series

Ideal for applications where torque generation and higher
cycle rates are the primary requirements, the T20 Series
features splined output shafts and 200-220...

hydraulic actuator / helical rotary - 25 000 - 60 000 in-lb (2 830 - 6 780 Nm) | T20 series

Helac rotary actuators incorporate Helac's extensive experience. Helac was founded in 1968, and since then has been providing customized solutions to...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - 250 bar | SM4

The rotary actuator SM4 is extremely powerful and climbable designed on “helical gear” principle. If you are tired of searching a rotary unit...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - 100 bar | E1 series

This is a device that is ideal for those areas of applications that have low pressure of 100, 80, 60 or 40 bar. The device has a compact design...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - 210 bar | E3

E3 is a hydraulic rotary actuator that achieves high performance in mobile applications in particular. The actuator uses the helical gear principle and only requires minimal space...

hydraulic actuator / rotary-linear - HSE4

The rotary straight line actuator from Eckart HSE4 is an amalgamation of a rotary actuator and double-action cylinder. The HSE4 enables both the rotary and the straight live movements to be carried...

hydraulic actuator / linear / single-acting / compact - 80 - 400 mm, max. 10 kN | MK5


The MK5 is a reliable self-contained hydraulic actuator, of which more than a million have already been built. The pump, cylinder, valves and reservoir are combined into one, compact, maintenance-free unit.

Every MK5 comes...

hydraulic actuator / linear / double-acting / single-acting - 60 - 400 mm, 8.5 - 14 kN | MMC

MMC (Manual Multi Cylinder)

The Manual Multi Cylinder is a reliable hydraulic system to operate multiple movements within your application. This system enables the user, by means of a selector, to select which cylinder to operate. The selector is integrated in the pump which results in less build-in space and...

hydraulic actuator / linear / single-acting / for medical applications - max. 380 mm, max. 4.5 kN

Stretcher Actuator

The Stretcher Actuator is a reliable self-contained hydraulic actuator for use in stretchers and trolleys. The pump, cylinder, valves and reservoir are combined into one compact, maintenance free unit.

The Stretcher...

hydraulic actuator / linear / single-acting / compact - 165 - 250 mm, max. 6 kN | DMI


The DMI is a reliable hydraulic actuator set for every application where our self-contained units cannot solve your problem. Pump, cylinder, couplers and hoses are combined into one, compact, maintenance-free unit.

Pump and cylinder...

hydraulic actuator / linear / compact / for medical applications - 250 - 350 mm, max. 6 kN | MEDIPACK 5100

The MEDIPACK 5100 is a reliable self-contained hydraulic actuator for patient lifts. The...

hydraulic actuator / linear / for gas / valves - max. 40 0000 Nm | GPO series

Reliable gas-over-oil actuator for extreme applications in both on- and offshore markets
Features & Benefits:

Canted scotch yoke mechanism transforms movement of the hydraulic...

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves - max. 2 250 psi | HP

2,250 psig Operating Pressure Rating
Direct Gas/Hydraulic Actuators
Ductile Iron/Stainless Steel Quarter-turn

hydraulic actuator / linear / for gas / valves - 2 - 8

For more than 60 years, Shafer actuators have been recognized for their reliable performance in natural gas pipeline service....

hydraulic actuator / linear / for gas / valves - max. 678 000 Nm, 300 - 1 480 psi

Gas/Hydraulic Valve Actuators (often referred to as Gas over Oil type) use a high pressure gas supply (typically 300 to 1480 psig) as...

hydraulic actuator / linear / double-acting - max. 5 687 Nm, max. 207 bar | HD series

Bettis™ HD-Series hydraulic actuators are ideally suited for operating ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers and other 90 degree...

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves - PressureGuard™

The PressureGuard™ Self-Contained Hydraulic Emergency Shutdown Systems are designed to provide reliable valve shutdown capability when an external power source is either not available or not dependable....

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves - 1 420 – 678 000 Nm | G series

For more than 40 years, Bettis™ has combined its ingenuity with high quality standards, continuously pioneering valve actuator technology. Beginning with the Robotarm scotch-yoke concept, Bettis, innovations have become today's standards for valve control in virtually every part of the world. The company operates in accordance with...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - SS Series

SS rotary actuators provide the "Muscle" for your lifting,...

hydraulic actuator / rotary / mini - MPR 1x.4 & MPR1x1

Standard MP actuators utilize a journal bearing made of an advanced composite material that is filament...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - HS series

HS Rotary Actuators provide the "Muscle" for your lifting, turning, indexing, opening, closing, clamping,...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - 26R series

26R rotary actuators provide the "Muscle" for your lifting, turning, indexing, opening, closing, clamping, mixing, bending, testing, steering...applictions.
NOTE: Connection of drains...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - MPJ-11, MPJ-22 series

Journal Bearing Actuators
Standard MP actuators utilize a journal bearing made of an advanced...

hydraulic actuator / rotary - 250 bar, 250 000 Nm | DA-H

Working pressure 3,650 PSI

Torque up to 2,200,000 LBS

Angle of rotation up to 360°


hydraulic actuator / helical rotary - 210 bar, 4 800 Nm, 360° | M-DA-H

This design is based on a system with a multiple helical gear. The linear movement of the piston is converted into a rotational movement...

hydraulic actuator / rotary / mobile - 210 bar, 8 000 Nm, 360° | M-DA-H-F1


Working pressure 3,000 PSI

Torque up to 42,000...

hydraulic actuator / rotary / rack-and-pinion - 350 bar, 350 000 Nm, 360° | DZK

Working Pressure up to 350 bar
Torque up...

hydraulic actuator / rotary-linear - 2 - 16

Our H series actuator is ideal for control valves especially when it incorporates the ATI hydraulic...

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves / for gas - 1 500 psi

The “Quarter-Turn Hi-Pressure Direct Gas” valve actuator is designed to operate using direct pipeline gas with pressures...

hydraulic actuator / linear / valves / for gas - 1 500 psi

The “Gas Motor Actuator Control” package utilizes hi-pressure poppet valve technology to provide reliable, maintenance-free control of gas motor actuators. The standard local “auto-manual” control consists of a pop- pet selector valve and two limit...

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