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Pressure switches
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compact pressure switch / for injection presses / OEM / hydraulic - 0.2 - 400 bar | PSM02

Presenting the latest Model PSM02 OEM compact pressure switch. Designed with two adjustment screws...

hydraulic pressure switch - 1 000 - 7 500 psi | H-N4

The Ashcroft specialty switch is used in applications that include balers, compactors and other types of...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - 6 - 20 000 psi | N-N4

The K series is one of Ashcroft's latest additions to the market, being comprised of thin film pressure sensors defined by high stability and long life. The rated load is...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - DS 6

The DS 6 series from BD Sensors is a ceramic sensor that is especially designed...

hydraulic pressure switch - BPS3000

The BPS3000 system, manufactured by BARKSDALE, is a dual-pressure switch that has protection states...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - max. 5000 psi | 400 Series

The 400 Series is a heavy duty mechanical switch which features a stable switching point setting and a perfect repeatability at ±2% of full scale. This device transforms hydraulic and...

digital pressure switch / explosion-proof / hydraulic - 3 - 350 bar, IP66 | FC series

Orion® FC pressure switches are manufactured to be used in potentially explosive places. These are suitable for gas groups IIa, IIB and...

digital pressure switch / explosion-proof / hydraulic - 3 - 350 bar | MD series

These MD switches from Orion instruments is set at a pressure range 3 - 350 bar. They are engineered to adhere to the requirements of applications that needs robust, long...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - 2 - 400 bar, IP66 | MZ series

The MZ series by Kaustubha Udyog is a pressure switch designed for high pressure operation. This is the tool...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - HO series

The HO Series of pressure switches is designed with an aluminum powder coated housing. They are suitable for manifold...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - 3 - 400 bar |  DN, DA series

The DN/DA Series, manufactured by Orion, is a pressure switch equipped with a 1/4...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - 70 - 200 bar

• Power: 4x21 W, 150 W
• Voltage: 12-24 V=

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - max. 7 l/min | PSCK, VFC series

The Enerpac work holding flow control valves and pressure switches work best in giving control and regulation on hydraulic...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - 1 000 - 5 000 psi

This SPX-manufactured Hydraulic Pressure Switch is generally used for controlling or monitoring system pressure rates. This apparatus...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - 1 000 - 5 000 psi

This hydraulic pressure switch is used to either control or monitor system pressure. To control system pressure the switch can be electrically wired into a pump’s power circuit. At lower pressures, the switch is closed, causing the pump to run. When the pressure reaches the switch...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - PS-35-20, MPS-02 series

The MPS-02 series is manufactured by Kcl Hydraulics, and is a modular pressure...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - max. 40 MPa | HED series

The HED series is an electronic pressure switch for hydraulic manufactured by...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - max. 35 MPa | USPH series

Ponar Silesia's USPH 1 Pressure Switches switch electrical circuitry systems on and off...

digital pressure switch / hydraulic - 0 - 35 Mpa | PS86

Series name Pressure switch PS86

Pressure medium Hydraulic oil

Pressure reference...

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