Hydraulic power units

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Electric hydraulic power unit / stationary

This easy-to-install drive unit from...

With AC motor / wheel mounted

Heavy duty 700...

Diesel engine hydraulic power unit / wheel mounted

Alcoa Fastening Systems presents Powerig® 911D Huck® diesel...

Electrically-driven hydraulic power unit / compact / wheel mounted

Alcoa Fastening HK3413 electric hydraulic...

Electric hydraulic power unit / brake / stationary

The BBH2 Power Unit is manufactured...

Electric hydraulic power unit / brake / stationary

A highly-advanced brake control system, Hillard’s H3...

With electric motor / brake / stationary

Hilliard H4 power unit is suitable for brakes demanding pressures...

Internal combustion engine / for demolition robots / stationary

The Hydrodemolition and Industrial cleaning procedure begins...

Internal combustion engine / for demolition robots / stationary

The Hydrodemolition Power Pack functions through the...

With electric motor / mobile

The Continuous Control...

With electric motor / compact

The Continuous micro...

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A hydraulic power unit generates, controls and supplies hydraulic power to one or more tools or mechanisms. It is the most important control element of the system.


These devices are widely used in settings requiring constant and/or repetitive exertion of directional force. These include agricultural machinery, forklifts, loaders, road maintenance equipment and other vehicles. In industry, they are found on machine tools, systems for automation and in steel production and mining. They also are employed in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and the aerospace industry.


A hydraulic power unit consists of:
- an internal combustion engine or an electric motor driving a pump
- an accumulator, generally connected to one or more actuators, which stores energy in the form of fluid under pressure
- a reservoir containing the hydraulic fluid
- a filtering system
- valves to control pressure and flow
- a heat-control mechanism to keep the system within required operational parameters
- a control panel to monitor and adjust the system


- Safety and reliability
- Cost control

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