Hydraulic solenoid valves

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Solenoid valves
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The Fieldbus Interface is perhaps what makes this D670 Series valve more spectacular than other models available out there. The design is optimized...

Moog's servo valves D661 series are two stage valves created with robust ServoJet® pilot design for a high rate flow and brilliant dynamic...

This Moog Pilot-operated Servo Valve is made with a 3-stage design for high dynamics and uses electrical...


Eaton solenoid-actuated Screw-in Cartridge Valves (SiCV) are specially designed for superior performance...


There are various options proposed by the manufacturer for this item, as well as high durability and no oil leakage...

Kawasaki DE directional spool sub-plate mounted valves are oil-immersed eliminating oil leakage from solenoid pin. The highly durable valves are available in various...


HA4040 spool type control valves are 2/2-way cartridge valves that are solenoid-operated but with...


This standard performance valve is solenoid operated, being suitable for applications that involve flow direction control in applications such as hydraulic...


On-direction free flow check valves offer reliable shutoff in the opposite direction....

Parker two way spool valves are available in...


TORK-PL Series TORK dust collector valve, pulse solenoid valves are...


DropsA's 4/2 Modular Directional Valve is generally utilized for oil and grease-related functions in hydraulc and double-line...


The Magnetbau Schramme GP series of proportional solenoids (or electromagnets) is intended for use in proportional valves (or continuous / servo-valves) found in a wide range of applications...


The HWE Series is an immediate solenoid worked directional spool valve. The valve porting example takes after DIN 24 340 structure A. The valves comes with wet pin DC...


The KRACHT Directional Control Valve NG 16 WL 4.16 has a 315 bar p operating pressure and a 200 l / min optimal flow capacity. The NG 16 WL has a pilot valve that maneuvers the prime control valve hydraulically...


The VL-VR is a series of valves manufactured by Euro Press Pack. The VL is a manual control...


The solenoid valves from ATOS is equipped with interchangeable spools made through 3D fluidic...

Atos Digital Servoproportionals are made close in achieving good and reliable servovalves. The proportional valves modulate...


These EH Series are compound products of hydraulic equipment using the latest electronic and sensor technology...


Muncie 17 Series directional control valves are well suited for a wide variety of hydraulic applications where flow rates are low.



Compact construction for
cavity type AL ˘ 3/4−16 UNF
Optimised p values
Choice of nominal power rating...

For controlling the starting, stopping,
and direction of a flow
Manifold-mounting design,

 Protection class EEX em II T4
in accordance with EN 50014, 50019
and 50028

 For controlling the starting, stopping,
and direction of a flow
 Manifold−mounting design,

 High switching reliability thanks to
spool operation
 Unaffected by:
− asymmetric flow paths
− long periods...



Direct acting, subplate mounted directional control valve, with mounting surface according to NFPA...


These valves conform to NFPA D05 and ISO 4401 mounting standards. They are available...


The VSD*M and VPD*M pilot operated directional control valves are available with either electric solenoid or hydraulic actuation of the main spool.


1. 5000 psi rating on all ports.
2. Long plunger stroke coupled with
"U" slots for progressive "shut-
off action provides smooth


Highly reliable wet solenoid Structure
Terminal box type...

Recognized by reliable overseas safety standards such as CE (Europe), UL (U.S.A.) and CSA (Canada).
The power consumption...

Highly reliable wet solenoid structure
DIN connector type...

Highly reliable structure in which wet solenoid valve SS-G01 is used as pilot...

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