inspection microscope / optical / digital camera / image-processing
inspection microscope
Spirig-40, Spirig-100

Magnification: 40, 100 unit

... use the 40- respectively the 100- power SPIRIG pocket microscopes are positioned onto the surface to be inspected, the built-in illumination activated by a slide switch on the side, and then the image ...

educational microscope / optical / digital camera / image-processing
educational microscope
3002-CB Series

Magnification: 4 unit - 100 unit

... an forensic comparison microscope that is designed for teaching forensics and comparative sciences. This device allows the contrasting of two slide samples side by side so that users can analyze the slides in complete ...

analysis microscope / opto-digital / portable / image-processing
analysis microscope
HDM200 / HAM200

Magnification: 10 unit - 200 unit

Discover without any destruction details you never have seen before in a high image quality. The handheld microscope is working like a digital camera, magnifying objects from 10 to 200 times, taking pictures ...

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measuring microscope / optical / digital camera / image-processing
measuring microscope
MF series

Resolution: 1, 0.5, 0.1 µm
Magnification: 2,000 unit

The MF measuring microscope has a measuring accuracy that is highest in its class, and it follows the standards of JIS B 7153. It has a good expandability that makes it more reliable when associated with Mitutoyo's vision ...