LCD monitor / touch / panel-mount / wall-mount
LCD monitor
6186M series

Screen size: 17, 19, 12, 15 cm

Rockwell Automation Bulletin 6186M Performance Monitors, offering high heat and vibration resistance, are ideal for challenging environments. All 6186M monitors are rated for Class I, Div 2 hazardous ...

LCD monitor / multitouch screen / 15.6
LCD monitor

Screen size: 15.6 in

This groundbreaking and world-class device is especially made for infotainment and retail use. ACD-515D is a muti-touch panel that operates Windows XP, Linux Fedora, and Windows 7. A product that has 3 USB ports, VGA/DVI, a line-out, ...

TFT monitor / 12
TFT monitor
VDP16 series

Screen size: 12 in

... unique components for dangerous business surroundings Lean exhibits (VDP), with optionally available tactics or touchscreen display open, Simple and flexible IndraControl VDP, VPB and VSB give a expert remedy ...

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Bosch Rexroth - Electric Drives and Controls
touch screen monitor / 1024 x 768 / 1280 x 1024 / panel-mount
touch screen monitor
6176M series

Screen size: 19, 17, 15 in

6176M Standard Monitors flat panel industrial color monitors RS232 and USB touch-screen inputs, VGA and DVI video inputs, and features On Screen Display ...

touch screen screen / 1024 x 768 / panel-mount / industrial
touch screen screen

... greater functioning accuracy compared to making use of the finger or any other pointing channel, by utilizing the Beckhoff touch screen pen. The steady, spherical reason for the pencil enables straightforward, running ...

LCD monitor / 1920 x 1080 / desktop / industrial
LCD monitor

Screen size: 22 in

Uses VMware® Ready Teradici PCoIP® based virtualized desktop environments Highly secure and reliable centralized data management Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) support Ergonomic tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment, VESA wall mount ...

resistive touch screen monitor / LCD / 1024 x 768 / panel-mount
resistive touch screen monitor

Screen size: 15 in

... 1015 is a 15" XGA TFT color LCD flat panel monitor. It features a resistive touch screen with abrasion-resistant tempered glass, and has a maximum resolution of 1024x768. It is USB coupled to enable touch ...

LCD monitor / 1920 x 1080 / desktop / dust-proof
LCD monitor

Screen size: 20 in

The ViewSonic® VA2055Sa features a 20” (19.5” viewable) Full HD SuperClear® MVA widescreen panel. The monitor offers 1920x1080 resolution, 3,000:1 Contrast Ratio, VGA inputs, and a VESA-compatible mount design. In addition, ...

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LCD monitor / multitouch screen / LED / 1280 x 1024
LCD monitor

Screen size: 12.1 in - 21.5 in

NDUSTRIAL MONITOR SERIES – A NEW DIMENSION OF VISUALIZATIONSPECIFICATIONSComing soonMulti-touch edge to edge frameless front panelVarious display dimensions: 12.1” / 15.6” / 18.5” / 21.5”Industrial ...

LCD monitor / multitouch screen / LED backlight / with PCT touch screen
LCD monitor

Screen size: 42 in

... Advanced thermal system to maintain comfortable touch screen temperature Chemically-strengthened 1.9 mm glass construction enables modern durable flat front surface designs Fully integrated multi-touch display ...

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3M Touch Systems
LCD screen / panel-mount / wide / industrial
LCD screen

... five feet by six feet measurement. The EAGLE XG Slim glass shares remarkably cost efficiency and gradual reduction to LCD display panel producers

LCD monitor / 1440 x 900 / flush-mount / industrial
LCD monitor
SCD 1900

The SCD 1900 is a flush mounted widescreen monitor manufactured by Siemens. It has a 19 inch TFT-Display that has a 1440 x 900 pixel resolution and a huge viewing angle. The monitor uses a 24 V DC power ...

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SIEMENS Industry
LCD monitor / TFT / touch screen / LED backlight
LCD monitor

Screen size: 19 in

TFT Monitors Our range of industrial TFT monitors incorporate the most advanced display and touchscreen technology. Available as standard, bar/cut, high brightness and ...

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Densitron Technologies
TFT monitor / touch screen / LED / 1920 x 1200
TFT monitor

Screen size: 17.3 in

... LED 16:9 widescreen touch display with maximum resolution of 1920×1200 and its CE/FCC certificated and with an operating temperature range from 0oC to 50oC., the AcuTouch17W can be easily mounted in most of standards ...

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Acura Embedded Systems
LCD monitor / touch / 1280 x 800 / VESA mounting
LCD monitor

Screen size: 10.1 in

... can confidently place this waterproof monitor into even the most demanding workplace environment. The monitor includes on-screen display (OSD) controls on the back of the unit for quick ...

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Teguar Computers
LCD monitor / LED backlight / 1280 x 1024 / panel-mount
LCD monitor
DuraMON 19” LED Glas

Screen size: 19 in

DuraMON 19” LED Glass is part of the new full glass front product Family from ISIC. The DuraMON 19” LED Glass provides superior value for money, and is your assurance of optimal product-lifetime & -availability. The LED backlight both ...

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LCD monitor / 1366 x 768 / panel-mount / VESA mounting
LCD monitor

Screen size: 15.6 in

... 01922 Brand: Nematron Title: LOW COST 15.6” INDUSTRIAL DISPLAY MONITOR WITH PROJECTED CAPACITIVE OR RESISTIVE TOUCHSCREEN Description: Low Cost 15.6” 1366×768 Widescreen IP65 Industrial ...

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TFT-LCD monitor / projected capacitive touchscreen / 1024 x 768 / panel-mount
TFT-LCD monitor

Screen size: 15 in

15" TFT LCD, support Multi Touch 7H vandal proof surface against damages Aluminum front bezel Easy to use function key (at front for optional) No gap, no step with flat panel design DC11~32V Power Input

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LCD monitor / TFT / touch / 1920 x 1080
LCD monitor

Screen size: 55 in

55" Active Matrix TFT LCD Max Resolution at 1920 x 1080 Flush Bezel VESA Mount Design VGA, DVI, HDMI Display Input Black Powder Coated Projected Capacitive Touch USB Touch Interface AC Input NEMA IP50

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LCD monitor / touch screen / 1920 x 1200 / panel-mount
LCD monitor

Screen size: 24 in

... Stealth’s 24″ Panel Mount LCD monitor features a widescreen 16:10 high resolution display that easily integrates into your enclosure, cabinet, console, wall, kiosks or other industrial ...

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LCD monitor / touch screen / 1920 x 1080 / desktop
LCD monitor

Screen size: 15.6 in

Stand alone industrial hazardous monitor with LCD, color display, can be used for desktop or VESA applications. FM Approved, Class I, Division 2, Group A-D, Non-Incendive (non-purge), & ATEX Zone 2, NEMA ...

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Daisy Data Displays
TFT monitor / 1024 x 768 / 1280 x 1024 / 800 x 600
TFT monitor
MRED series

Screen size: 12.1, 15.1, 17.1, 19 in

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LCD monitor / resistive touch screen / 1024 x 768 / 800 x 600
LCD monitor
RainDrop™ series

Screen size: 12.1, 15 in

... Optional resistive touch screen Thick Plexiglas for LCD screen protection Auto video resolution resizing Brightness and contrast controls are sealed behind a removable panel Can be wall mounted, arm ...

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LCD monitor / touch screen / 1920 x 1080 / 1366 x 768
LCD monitor
EW300 series

Screen size: 15.6, 21.5 in

... the new EW300 Industrial Monitor. The EW300 series offers a wide range of industrial monitor that combines the innovative and elegant design of ESAWARE products with ...

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ESA elettronica
LCD monitor / capacitive touch screen / 24
LCD monitor

... LCDs. All monitors are available with aluminum front and aluminum TrueFlat with 5-wire resistive touchscreen and USB 2.0 port, LCD monitors with TFT Wide also with aluminum fronts with rear-projected ...