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FT-IR spectrometer / R&D / for industry
FT-IR spectrometer

... FTIR Excellence for Industry, R&D and Science: INVENIO INVENIO is the definitive spectroscopic solution for routine FTIR analysis as well as research and development. It is all you need and so much more: innovative technologies, intelligent ...

FT-IR spectrometer / industrial / for the food industry / monitoring
FT-IR spectrometer
EM 27

... (FT-IR) spectrometer, designed and optimized for remote sensing of chemical substances in the atmosphere. With its high sensitivity, mechanical stability and speed the system is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, ...

optical spectrometer / industrial / portable / real-time
optical spectrometer

... identification and quantification of a wide range of compounds. An important application of the system is air monitoring at industrial, construction or municipal sites. In addition, the OPS allows high-precision quantification ...

fluorescence spectrometer / process / industrial / for analysis
fluorescence spectrometer

Energy efficiency is the most compelling resource to realize huge cost savings. With the brand new S8 TIGER ECO line Bruker offers wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) performance at uniquely low costs of operation and ownership. Based ...

fluorescence spectrometer / industrial / for analysis / for precision materials handling
fluorescence spectrometer

The new S8 LION´s simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer provides the fastest time-to-result for process and quality control in the cement, minerals and mining industries. Based on ...

optical emission spectrometer / for analysis / laboratory / for the environmental industry
optical emission spectrometer

Wavelength: 165 nm - 770 nm

... samples with challenging matrices, including certain wastewaters, soils, and sludges, industrial chemicals, high salt samples, and metals. The SPECTROGREEN spectrometer is ideal for routine analyses in ...

optical spectrometer / process / industrial / for metal analysis
optical spectrometer

... one sample standardization – based on SPECTRO´s Intelligent Calibration Logic (iCAL) – saves on average 30 minutes per day Industry unique app-like concept for user-friendly software operation The SPECTROCHECK stationary ...

laboratory spectrometer / for analysis / industrial / for scientific applications
laboratory spectrometer

Wavelength: 400 nm - 700 nm

... high-quality color measurement. Featuring a dual aperture 10/8 mm and 5/4 mm, and including SCI and SCE specular modes for industrial color measuring applications, the PCE-CSM 22 offers a long battery life, a long 18-color ...

LED lighting spectrometer / optical / for scientific applications / laboratory
LED lighting spectrometer

Wavelength: 360 nm - 780 nm

PCE-CRM 40 is a portable handheld LED spectrometer or spectrophotometer used to accurately measure the correlated color temperature (CCT - in Kelvin), illuminance, chromaticity, excitation purity (Pe), luminous flux (in ...

Raman spectrometer / industrial / compact / robust
Raman spectrometer

Wavelength: 785 nm

The new MacroRAM™ Raman spectrometer brings simplicity to Raman measurements without compromising the ability to handle even the most complex samples. Its compact and robust design, including Class 1* laser safety means ...

UV/VIS spectrometer / laboratory / industrial / automated
UV/VIS spectrometer
FHR Series

Wavelength: 640, 1,000 nm

... VIS/NIR spectrometer has a range from 0 to 1500 nm. Features of the spectrometers include an excellent drive speed, precision and high resolution. It is suitable for researchers who require high accuracy ...

fluorescence spectrometer / X-ray / industrial / X-ray fluorescence
fluorescence spectrometer
Epsilon 4

quadrupole mass spectrometer / industrial / for the metallurgical industry / for process gas
quadrupole mass spectrometer
GAM 3000

GAM 3000 - Process gas quadrupole mass spectrometer for fast automated online gas analysis in industry and research - Customizable configuration to the specific analytical needs of ...

quadrupole mass spectrometer / laboratory / process / R&D
quadrupole mass spectrometer
GAM 200

... component gas analyzer that is suitable for use in industrial process environment, as well as in laboratories or engineering projects. The system can be a bench-top instrument, or provided with a standard ...

mass spectrometer / industrial / automatic / fast
mass spectrometer
GAM 300

Versatile process mass spectrometer for automatic online gas analysis in industrial processes (PAT); ATEX certification available for potentially explosive zones. Digitally controlled ...

industrial spectrometer / for scientific applications / CCD
industrial spectrometer
MAS 40

Wavelength: 250 nm - 950 nm

... complete range of accessories from Instrument Systems provides the MAS 40 with the same application profile as the other spectrometers.

process spectrometer / infrared / industrial / for the food industry
process spectrometer
Polytec NIR PSS

Wavelength: 850 nm - 2,200 nm

Polytec PSS spectrometers provide an ideal solution to your NIR process analytics problem. Based on a transmission grating design with diode array detectors, the devices ensure fast and precise data acquisition. Flexible ...

IRMS spectrometer / mass / industrial / laboratory
IRMS spectrometer

... process as simple as possible, EA IsoDelta provides a fully dedicated and flexible software suite for even the most exacting EA gas analysis requirements.

mass spectrometer / industrial / for analysis / ICP-MS
mass spectrometer

... blood. nuclear industry:analysis of nuclear fuel radioisotope, pollution of Primary cooling water etc. others:as chemical industry and lithification 1 Year Limited Warranty

mass spectrometer / laboratory / process / for analysis
mass spectrometer
expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS)

With the expression CMS, Advion provides a compact mass spectrometer based on ESI/APCI/ASAP single-quadrupole technology - enabling uncomplicated mass determination from liquid, solid or gaseous substances within minutes. A ...

optical spectrometer / laboratory / process / industrial
optical spectrometer
Rhea series

Wavelength: 200 nm - 1,100 nm

The Rhea series spectrometer offers a unique combination of ease of use and accurate measurement capabilities packed in a robust jacket. The Rhea utilizes a high-end cooled CCD detector for low noise and high dynamic ...

fluorescence spectrometer / laboratory / industrial / measurement
fluorescence spectrometer

... Absorbance Spectrometer - Among the Best in the Industry for its Lightweight and Compact Footprint - HORIBA, a global leader in fluorescence instrumentation and solutions, has announced the release of ...

NMR spectrometer / laboratory / process / industrial
NMR spectrometer
minispec mq Toothpaste

Toothpaste and mouthwash contain many ingredients to enhance the quality and health benefits. Fluorine is added in typical amounts of 1000 to 1500 ppm to prevent cavities by strengthening tooth enamel. With Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic ...

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Bruker BioSpin
NMR spectrometer / process / industrial / high-resolution
NMR spectrometer
picoSpin™ 45

... dedicated NMR spectrometer for your research, manufacturing process or classroom with the affordable Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ 45 Series II NMR spectrometer. A true breakthrough in chemical instrumentation, ...

ion mobility mass spectrometer / industrial / high-resolution / monitoring
ion mobility mass spectrometer

... for volatiles organic compounds (VOCs), toxic organic compounds (TOCs), acids and industrial pollutants. The additional advantage of Double Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer is its 6 independents sample ...

fluorescence spectrometer / industrial / automated / multi-channel
fluorescence spectrometer
Simultix 15

The newest version of our popular multi-channel simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer system is the Simultix 14. Based on over 30 years of accumulated experience, the Simultix 14 stands ...

quadrupole mass spectrometer / industrial / process / high-sensitivity
quadrupole mass spectrometer
VeraSpec™ APIMS

... Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometer (APIMS) was designed to have reliable, repeatable low parts per trillion detection limits for gas contaminates. The VeraSpec Trace system has been the first choice for ultra high ...

optical spectrometer / for pharmaceutical applications / medical / industrial
optical spectrometer

Wavelength: 950 nm - 2,150 nm

... for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and scientific applications. The LVF detector, light source, collection optics, and electronics are fully integrated in a palm-size device. The MicroNIR™ Pro spectrometer ...

optical spectrometer / industrial / R&D / automatic
optical spectrometer

The first portable atomic fluorescence spectrometer in the world for truly rapid field analysis —Atomic fluorescence spectrometers are entering the era of solid acid which is fully used as substitute ...

gamma spectrometer / industrial / monitoring
gamma spectrometer
AT6101C series

... materials. Can also be used for radiation monitoring of areas, routes, isolated grounds, industrial sites and buildings with GPS-referencing of measurement data. The spectrometer can comprise the following ...

infrared spectrometer / industrial / ultra-fast / USB
infrared spectrometer
SeaWave IR

Wavelength: 900 nm - 1,700 nm

A top of the range IR spectrometer, showing the smallest footprint in the market for its class, the highest data acquisition speed (>1000 spectra/second) and excellent resolution (3 nm) for the broad detection range in ...