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The JenLas® disk IR50 & JenLas® disk IR70 with output powers of 45 W and 65 W are Jenoptik´s disk-laser-generation for precision material processing.

The lasers allow achieving the highest quality at maximum throughput.
Product features are optimal laser parameters such as adjustable laser pulse length and independently adjustable...


REO is certainly a good place when looking for a high-performance HeNe laser. Over the last 20 years it has been providing unmatched quality of performance helium-neon lasers for confocal microscopy, ellipsometry, particle counting,...


The Explorer® laser from Spectra-Physics is a compact that features a versatile DPSS platform. This laser that showcases a proven rugged industrial design, a diode-pumped solid...


Helios lasers are known for their coherence in the green and the IR, as well as for their compatibility with various microelectronics and micro-machining applications....


Make the switch with confidence.
With the security of Nufern’s name behind every pulse, NuQ fiber lasers enable you to mark faster, cleaner, and...

The NuBENCH series of fiber laser and accessories is a family of products specifically...


The Cobolt Rumba™ 1064nm is a continuous wave (CW) diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser, manufactured by Cobolt ® It is a single-frequency laser with high level of stability, ultra-low noise,...

Cobolt Tor Series Q-Switched Lasers are compact and powerful DPSS lasers with perfect TEM00 beam emission and single frequency spectral characteristics. They are designed...


All solid-state industrial design
Long and straight cavity design
Excellent beam quality, M²<1.2
High beam pointing stability.
Controllable with RS232 interface


All solid-state industrial design
Excellent beam quality, M²<1.2
High beam pointing stability.
Controllable with RS232 interface

Cedar-1064/30 30W IR Laser adopts LD end pump, Nd: YVO4 and unique laser...


Laser Wavelength: 473nm~1342nm

Laser Output Power: 500mW~10W
Beam Mode: TEM00(Transverse),...


FC-D-785 laser module is designed
specially for Raman spectroscopy, which
have integrated...


Microchip MNx system is a compact microchip lasers. It incorporates the microcavity, even the harmonic...

For generating high peak power IR pulses of a few hundred picoseconds, microchip lasers are economical, compact, and reliable. Sub-nanosecond 1064nm pulses are indeed directly generated from the diode pumped passively...

The PowerChip™ PNP-M 1064nm series provides maximum peak powers and the briefest pulses...

The Teem Photonics ® PicoFlash™ series is designed in an ultra-high redundant rate with a pulse characteristics which provide a price/quality...

The PicoSpark™ series integrates multi-watt output level together with high repetition rate and excellent pulse features ro give maximum price to quality ratio...


Model DTL-329QT is a laser designed for various applications such as high technologies R&D, non-destructive control, laser marking, test and measurement...

The DTL-323 series of lasers are capable of 1 - 2.5 W of output power. These devices...

The DTL-322 model, manufactured by Laser Exports Ltd® offers an extensive range of different features that...

Infrared radiation
CDRH-compliant laser systems
Small size

The DPSS diode pumped solid-state laser from Laser-export co is featured with Q-switched...


Altechna's DPSS CW IR Laser has a wavelength of 1064nm. It is made of several longitudinal mode laser....

Altechna's DL CW IR Laser is always utilized in spectroscopy, measurement, medical, and communication. Its wavelength, 1,550...


Miniature size
Collimated straight beam
Adjustable focus

Up to 3W high power IR laser
Easy use & maintenance free


The Fiber Detachable Diode Laser is ideal for use in material manufacturing...

BWT infrared fiber coupled diode laser is designed with specialized fiber-coupling mechanisms, enabling...

BWT offers a diode laser designed for various applications. It operates with...


Based on propriety OPO technology that brings wide tuning from a single device. The Firefly does not require...


The ventus 1064 is a laser unique in its class, offering a single transverse mode, near diffraction...

The opus family of lasers are characterised by their high power to size...


Tm-fiber Laser Pumped Acousto-optically Q-switched Ho:YAG Laser

Main Features
Operating Wavelength 2090 nm
Output Energy up to...

Co2+:ZnS, Cr2+:ZnS and Cr2+:ZnSe saturable absorbers (SA) are ideal materials for passive Q-switches of eye-safe fiber and solid-state lasers operating...

Main Features
Multi-watt Output Power
Narrow Linewidth Operation, <1 nm available
Any Wavelength within 2-3 µm is available

Main Features
Single Longitudinal Mode
Tunable Range up to 100 GHz
Narrow Linewidth Operation

Main Features
Operating Wavelength 2090 nm
Single Longitudinal Mode Operation Available
Output Energy up to 5 mJ (Passively...



Model: SDL-946-XXXT

Output Power: 1-200mW

Wavelength: 946nm



Model: SDL-946-XXXT

Output Power: 300-500mW

Wavelength: 946nm

Operation Mode: CW, TEM00

Spectral Linewidth: <0.1nm



Model: SDL-1047-XXXT

Output Power: 1-300mW

Wavelength: 1047nm

Operation Mode: CW, TEM00

Spectral Linewidth: <0.1nm



Model: SDL-1053-XXXT

Output Power: 1-500mW

Wavelength: 1053nm

Operation Mode: CW, TEM00

Spectral Linewidth: <0.1nm


Scitec Instruments offers cost effective ultra-compact Diode Pumped Solid...


Extreme series:
Extreme laser is characterised by an ultra-stable high average power (200...


The BLADE-series is the one, when maximum versatility in micro/macro-material-processing will be claimed. The unparalleled characteristics in precision...

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