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Souriau presents signal contacts.

Crimp contacts include signal machined contacts. They are ideal for low and medium volumes. They can...

machine insert / rubber / round - 38-0202

PlacoGrip® Anti-slip rubber insert proper for levelling feet for machines.

machine insert / rubber / round - 38-0202

The Hole Reducer Bolt provides reduction of the hole screw size. The unit is designed from a...

threaded insert / for plastics -  M3 - M5 | JSTKB, JSTKC , STKC, STKB

Shanghai Jingyang's Threaded Inserts for plastics are inserted into non-metal materials,...

threaded insert / for plastics -  M2.5 - M8 | JIUC,IUC

The JIU and IUC are threaded inserts for plastics, manufactured by Shanghai Jingyang. These...

threaded insert / molded-in -  M3 - M10 | JITB, JITC,ITB, ITC

The inserts are designed to for use in applications involving non-metal components....

threaded insert / molded-in -  M2.5 - M8 |  JIBB, JIBC, IBB,IBC


Thread Code: 832
Length Code: 1
Material: Brass and Stainless...

threaded insert / for plastics - M2.5 - M8 | JIUB, IUB

Shanghai Jingyang's Threaded Inserts for plastics are inserted into non-metal materials in order...

threaded insert / self-tapping  - M2 - M30 | Ensat®-S

The Ensat are a self-tapping threaded inserts that are equipped with both external and internal threads, cutting slots, or cutting bores. These devices' characteristics are further enhanced using the continuous process...

threaded insert / self-tapping  - M14 - M18 | Gripp®

The Gripp® series, manufactured by Kerb Konus®, is a M14 - M18 self-tapping threaded insert utilized for...

press-in insert / threaded - M4 - M5 | Mubux® - Z

The Mobux-Z is a unit manufactured by Kerb Konus company. It has the dimension...

threaded insert / metal bonding - M3 - M12 | Mubux® - M

The Threaded Inserts are specifically designed to provide a good quality and excellent...

threaded insert / for plastics / self-tapping  - M2.5 - M16 | Ensat®

The Kerb Konus Ensat® range of threaded inserts for wood and plastic includes a large...

mold insert for aluminum casting - DENSIMET®

The DENSIMET inserts are for perfect aluminum casing. During the process, the melted metal is either pressed or poured into the...

extrusion dy insert - MHC

Extrusion presses are utilized to create iron and non-iron metals like brass, copper-nickel, aluminum-bronze, stainless steel etc....

contact insert - ø 1 - 2 mm, 24 - 16 AWG, 5 - 16 A | ME... series

These contact inserts are comprised of the contact carriers and the number of their...

contact insert - ø 5 - 11 mm, 2 - 10 AWG, 50 - 200 A | ME3, ME6+PE series

The ME3, ME6+PE series of contact inserts can be installed directly even without...

threaded insert / tube-end - ENDFIX®

The ENDFIX® is a series of Threaded tube end inserts from Clufix. It...

threaded insert / for plastics - SOFTERFIX™

The SOFTERFIX™ inserts are specifically designed to provide a good quality performance...

threaded insert / for plastics - SOFTERFIX™

This conical glass insert is developed by Altmann Analytik Gmbh & Co. KG. It can be a substitute...

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - M2 - M12 | ISL, ISHK series

The M2 - M12 | ISL, ISHK Series of Ultrasound-Fitted Threaded Insert, manufactured by INSERCO, is designed...

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - M2 - M12 | ITEC series

The ITEC Series manufactured by Inserco is a fastener made from plastic body materials....

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - M1.4 - M2.5 | IMTEC, IMTH series

The IMTEC, IMTH series, manufactured by INSERCO, is an ultrasound-fitted threaded insert...

expanding insert / threaded - M2 - M8 | IPLK series

The IPLK is a press-in expansion insert which has been designed for use in thermoplastic moldings. It has been...

press-in insert / threaded - M2 - M8 | IFL, IFLH series

The IFL/IFLH series is a press-in threaded insert, manufactured by INSERCO. This...

press-in insert / threaded - M2 - M8 | IFL, IFLH series

When there is access from only one side of the workpiece, threads can be created on pre-holed plates with these rivet nut fasteners. During application, no damages are caused on superficially plated component materials....

threaded insert / anti-vibration / EPDM - RUBBER-NUT

The RUBBER-NUT is manufactured by Specialinsert. It is an...

threaded insert / tube-end - CROWN-NUT

The CROWN-NUT is a threaded tube end, manufactured by Specialinsert. This product...

threaded insert / metal bonding - TTN

The TTN is a threaded insert for metal, manufactured by Specialinsert....

threaded insert / expanding / anti-vibration - NYLON-NUT

The nylon nut is a threaded anti-vibration...

threaded insert / self-tapping  - ENSAT

The Self-Threading Bush can be utilized for regenerating damaged threads. It is suited...

threaded insert - Atlas® MaxTite®

Type AE MaxTite® threaded inserts are designed for...

threaded insert - Atlas® FM™

Flat Head, Round Body - AEFR
Thin Head, Round Body - AETR
Flat Head, Knurled, Round Body - AEFK
Thin Head, Knurled,...

threaded insert / for plastics - IUB, IUC series

• Tapered, Thru Threaded - IUB,...

threaded insert / for plastics - IUTB, IUTC series

Straight wall, thru threaded inserts, types IUTB...

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - Ultrasert I

A fluted brass insert designed for ultrasonic or heat installation into thermoplastics.

The tapered design allows for accurate positioning of the insert in the receiving hole,...

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - Ultrasert II

The most widely accepted and used insert in the plastics industry today.

Ultrasert II brass inserts are designed for ultrasonic or heat installation into thermoplastics and structural foam materials. The...

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - Ultrasert III

Symmetrical brass insert designed for high-volume production.

Inserts can be installed ultrasonically, with heat, or molded in. Double-ended design...

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - Ultrasert IV

Parallel-sided brass insert designed for ultrasonic or heat installation into thermoplastics or structural foam materials.

Opposing diagonal knurls provide excellent torque resistance, and undercuts deliver tensile strength. Designed to be installed into straight holes....

threaded insert / ultrasound-fitted - Ultraseal®

Ultraseal pipe thread inserts are designed to be installed after molding using either ultrasonics or heat. They provide the high-performance strength values of molded-in inserts while still retaining all...

threaded insert / anti-vibration / neoprene - -10 °C ... +90 °C | AWTH

Farrat AWTH anti vibration top hat washers are the best way to isolate bolt through connections by providing a complete separation of the bolt and the isolated structure.
Why choose AWTH Acoustic Top Hat Washers?

Used in conjunction...

threaded insert / anti-vibration / neoprene - -10 °C ... +90 °C | AWTH

Brass fixing PA 4
The brass fixing for thin board building materials

Building materials
Wooden board building materials

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