gear flow meter / for paint / insertion
gear flow meter

Process pressure: 0 bar - 137.9 bar
Process temperature: 180 °C
Volumetric flow rate: 0 us gal/min - 2 us gal/min

... electrostatic applications and automotive paint lines using water-based and solvent-based paints and coatings. Features: Flow ranges 0.003 to 2.0 GPM Accuracy up to 0.1% of reading Pressure rating up to ...

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AW-Lake Company
electromagnetic flow meter / for liquids / insertion
electromagnetic flow meter
FLOMAT series

FLOMAT series flow meter is suitable for use in large diameter pipes or open channels as an economical solution for liquid metering. Applications include flow measurement of conductive ...

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electromagnetic flow meter / for water / insertion
electromagnetic flow meter
FPI Mag™

... pipe diameter. This allows the FPI Mag to deliver accuracy unmatched by other insertion mag meters and rivals the performance of a full-bore mag meter. The FPI Mag Flow ...

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ultrasonic flow meter / for liquids / open-channel / insertion
ultrasonic flow meter

Permanent A/C powered flow meter (controller only) Highly accurate flow measurement using ultrasonic sensor technology Simple menu-driven system. Provides reliable and cost ...

pitot tube flow meter / for gas / insertion / clamp-on
pitot tube flow meter
F-300, D-300, U-300

Process pressure: 5.17 bar
Process temperature: 88 °C
Volumetric flow rate: 15 l/min - 7,200 l/min

... the most trusted flow meter in the industry of the swimming pools. It possess a solid single piece machined acrylic meter body. High contrast scales and Dual GPM/LPM permanent are ...

liquid flow meter / insertion
liquid flow meter

Volumetric flow rate: 0 m³/h - 140 m³/h

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Aquametro AG
insertion flow meter / digital / for water / for fuel
insertion flow meter
FLOMEC® DP490 & DP525

Process pressure: 0 bar - 80 bar
Process temperature: -40 °C - 150 °C
Volumetric flow rate: 0.3 l/s - 49,000 l/s

FLOMEC® DP490 & DP525 are cost effective stainless steel flowmeters for measuring the flow of water, fuels & other low viscosity liquids in pipes sizes 1.5”~100” (40~2500mm). Insertion ...

turbine flow meter / for water / stainless steel / insertion
turbine flow meter

... rate proportional to the flow. When there is not enough straight pipe lengths, there is a double turbine model that maintains good precision with low laminar flow. Analog and pulse output. It can indicate ...

mass flow meter / thermal / for compressed air / with LCD display
mass flow meter
VPFlowScope DP

Process pressure: 0 Pa - 1,600,000 Pa
Process temperature: -40 °C - 150 °C

The VPFlowScope DP is designed for wet air. When properly applied, it can be used in the discharge of the compressor. The VPFlowScope DP is fully compatible with the standard VPFlowScope, which means that it is easy to install and operate ...

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turbine flow meter / paddle / for water / for oil
turbine flow meter

Process pressure: 100 bar
Process temperature: -40 °C - 350 °C
Volumetric flow rate: 35 m³/h

The Metri Insertion Paddlewheel Meter (IPM) Series is the ideal liquid flow meter for insertion into pipe sizes ranging from 40mm to 300mm. Simple to ...

mass flow meter / for compressed air / insertion
mass flow meter

Process pressure: 30 psi - 200 psi
Process temperature: 40 °F - 120 °F

The T-CDI-5200-10S is a flow meter for compressed air systems. It measures flow by maintaining one probe warmer than the other. It calculates the mass velocity from the amount of heat ...

oval gear flow meter / positive displacement / for oil / aluminum
oval gear flow meter

Process pressure: 0 Pa - 1,000,000 Pa
Process temperature: 0 °C - 80 °C
Volumetric flow rate: 0.1 l/min - 100 l/min

Oval Gear Meter model 2950 is designed and developed for lubrication oil measurement in demanding industrial environments. The model 2950 oval gear meter is a positive displacement flow ...

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Kytola Instruments Oy
oil flow meter / insertion / industrial
oil flow meter

Process pressure: 0 bar - 30 bar
Process temperature: 0 °C - 120 °C
Volumetric flow rate: 10 l/h - 5,400 l/h

The MPV Series Flow Meter can be utilized in various operations and the accurate flow meter can be also utilized in various types of industrial sectors. It has more than ...

oval gear flow meter / for fuel / electronic / insertion
oval gear flow meter

Process pressure: 0 bar - 70 bar
Volumetric flow rate: 0 m³/h - 3.6 m³/h

Oval gear electronic flow meters in acetal resin for controlling non-commercial dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity fluids including fuels, lubricating oils and other special fluids compatible ...

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numak srl
ultrasonic flow meter / for water / digital / stainless steel
ultrasonic flow meter

Process pressure: 0 bar - 20 bar
Process temperature: 0 °C - 130 °C

... adaptable to various complex flow conditions due to working with double channels. ● Capable of drilling holes on pipe under flow pressure. Mounting and Maintenance of the meter can be ...

liquid flow meter / insertion
liquid flow meter
PFMU 65/160

Process pressure: 0 bar - 160 bar
Volumetric flow rate: 0 m³/h - 7.8 m³/h

... PERFORATOR Flow Measurement Unit 65/160. This is a two channel measurement unit which records flow and pressure of both components of the injection material. It also gives you the possibility to shutdown ...

differential pressure flow meter / pitot tube / for exhaust gas / insertion
differential pressure flow meter

Process temperature: -5 °C - 700 °C

... SEMTECH-FEM is a brand new fuel economy meter with accuracy that is yet to be surpassed coupled with ease of access. The yet to be patented design is a perfect blend of high speed, high performance, exhaust flow ...

ultrasonic flow meter / for liquids / portable / with LCD display
ultrasonic flow meter

Process pressure: 0 bar - 1,000 bar
Process temperature: -40 °C - 280 °C

... programmable open collector outputs (max 50Vdc, 0.2A) - Displayed measures: instantaneous flow, inlet and outlet temperature, energy, power, pressure if present, total flow and energy - Total accuracy: ...

electromagnetic flow meter / for liquids / insertion / stainless steel
electromagnetic flow meter

Process pressure: 16 bar
Process temperature: -10 °C - 60 °C

Full Profile Electromagnetic Insertion Flow Meter Sensor With Multiple Electrodes The AVI-MagTM (or MULTI-MAG for Russia & CIS-countries) is a hot tap full profile electromagnetic insertion ...

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Flow-Tronic S.A.
ultrasonic flow meter / for air / insertion
ultrasonic flow meter
RoHS | SC012.(M)X1

Process temperature: -25 °C - 70 °C

... directivity. It has an operating temperature that ranges from -25 up to +70°C, frequency range of 120 kHz, and distance up to 3 meters. This is used in applications involving tunnel sensors, agricultural machines, and ...

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SECO Sensor Consult GmbH
wastewater flow meter / compact / stainless steel / insertion
wastewater flow meter
AMF 100 series

Process pressure: 0 bar - 9.8 bar
Process temperature: -10 °C - 80 °C

AMF100 Series is an insertion type electromagnetic flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 150 to 6000 mm. AMF100 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage, Pulp ...

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ultrasonic flow meter / for natural gas / insertion
ultrasonic flow meter

Process pressure: 0 Pa - 10,000,000 Pa
Process temperature: -20 °C - 70 °C

Hyperflow-US T ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the flow of natural gas and bring it to standard conditions in pipelines of DN 700 and higher. This flow meter ...

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thermal flow meter / mass / for gas / insertion
thermal flow meter
HLX 776

Process pressure: 0 bar - 16 bar
Process temperature: -20 °C - 80 °C

The HLX776 Series manufactured by DIGITRON, is an insertion mass flow meter that is made according to the mass flow measurement. This device is suitable for flow ...

liquid flow meter / insertion
liquid flow meter
mag-flux MIS 1/D

Process pressure: 0 bar - 10 bar
Process temperature: 0 °C - 60 °C

The Mecon Flow Sensor (mag-flux MIS 1/D), same with all electro-magnetic flow sensors, is generally designed for larger pipes and contaminated liquids which functions through using electric conductivity ...

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turbine flow meter / for liquids / insertion
turbine flow meter

Process pressure: 0 bar - 10 bar
Process temperature: 0 °C - 60 °C
Volumetric flow rate: 20 l/min - 120 l/min

The electronic Flow meter serves to measure fluid liquids for the uncalibrated app- lication. With this Flow meter JESSBERGER offers an opti- mal and inexpensive meter ...