Interlock switches

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Door Interlock Switches are a set of 1PDT snap action switch as well as two 1PDT miniature snap action switches.

The switches...


Interlock Switches HS5D

The smallest in their class at just 30 x 30 x 91 (mm), IDEC now offers compact HS5D Interlock Safety Switches available with up to three contacts. These switches provide a high-quality, space-saving product at a competitive...

Interlock Switches HS1L

New HS1L series has increased locking strength of 3,000N and offer six contacts with easy-to-wire termination. HS1L is designed to work in applications with...

Interlock Switches HS1E

The HS1E is a full size, lightweight plastic interlock switch that includes a locking solenoid unit for extra security. When mounting the key on a movable door, and the switch on a machine body, the door can be mechanically locked...

Interlock Switches HS1C

The HS1C is a full size interlock switch in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing that also includes a locking solenoid. When mounting the key on a movable door, and the switch on a machine body, the door can be mechanically...


Interlock Door Switch
TL, Interlock



Snap-in mounting


This protective device called IS16K vacuum interlock switch is tailored to protect the operator by making sure that electric circuits in vacuum chamber do no maintain its...

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