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Made for cylindrical fuses the RM and RMS modular fuse disconnect switches are high quality. They give safety disconnection...


The three phase BS Fuse switch disconnector is for NH fuse-links. It has an...


Omega's 'industrial series' comprises ceramic fuses, fuse disconnectors, fuseblocks, panel and in-line fuseholders. The fuses are manufactured in compliance to IEC 269 and CEI 32.1 standards and provide an exceptionally...

The DESIGN AND TECHNIQUE WITHOUT CONTROVERSY Proved by the new development of EFEN LV Fuse Switches series IN. Idealized technology and an engaging model show the best blending of these units. Movable windows encourage...


The Type SDF horizontal center break disconnectors are easy to operate, low friction designed instrument that is exceptionally reliable regardless of the environmental...

ABB's type eDB devices are a top-quality IEC 62271-102- and IEC 62271-1-compliant horizontal double break disconnectors that have passed some of the...

The Pantograph Disconnectors type GW54 are offered for valued powers up to 550kV. The standard GW54 disconnectors are intended...


The center break grid disconnector known as the Alstrom Grid S2DA, is one of the most commonly used in the world due to its easy, yet effective design in which both insulators...

One of the first things you will enjoy about this product is the fact that it will help you save plenty of space, through its robust design, which,...

The SPV disconnector from Alstom works at up to 1000 kV and uses up to 30% less space than other units, because it is a horizontal item instead of a...

The Alstom Grid SPVL vertical reach disconnector maximizes space utilization by connecting the lower busbar to the upper one via the semi-pantograph arm. It reduces space usage...

Alstom Grid is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes of disconnectors and one of its product is the Alstom Grid VCB. This is a unique V-type center break disconnector...


Part No.: 31521
switch disconnector with D0 fuses up to 16 A
Shock protected to specification BGV A3
dual-function terminal 1.5 - 35 mm²


Part No.: 31232
bus-mounted fuse holder, for 10x38 NFC cylindrical fuses
slide-in fuse carrier,
double breaking snap action switch mechanism
busbar 12 - 30 mm, double-T- and triple-T-section
combination base accommodates busbars 5 and 10 mm thick
locking mechanism...

Part No.: 31158
bus-mounted fuse switch for fuse links D0

slide-in fuse carrier,
double breaking snap action switch mechanism
busbar 12 - 30 mm, double-T- and triple-T-section
combination base accommodates busbars 5 and 10 mm thick
locking mechanism slide on busbar
open box terminals 1,5 - 16 mm²

Part No.: 33416
NH fuse switch disconnector size 000, 125 A
3-pole, connection...

Part No.: 33198
NH fuse switch disconnector size 00, 160 A
3-pole, 60 mm system, top and bottom by...


NH-fuse-switch-disconnector acc. to IEC/EN 60947-3, VDE 0660 part 107;

NH-fuse-disconnectors TL1AG-3/265/1200V T1611007
for surface mounting; both sides with...

The solution based on a circuit-breaker for fuse monitoring is ideal for those applications...


Modular fuseholders,...


Our three pole LV fuse switches - horizontal design comply with the electrical requirements...

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