Jib cranes

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Jib cranes
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jib crane - 80 - 2 000 kg

There are two types:

Column jib cran electrically rotated

Column-mounted crane with tubolar section fixed on the ground with log bolts inserted in a foundation plinth.The arm, rotating around...

jib crane - 5 - 20 t

Thanks to reduced size easy and immediate installation are the ideal solution for handling loads in a single workplace on the range of jib.


jib crane - 5 - 20 t

Conductix-Wampfler Wall-mounted slewing jib crane has a swivel range of 180°. It is suitable...

jib crane - 5 - 20 t

Conductix Wampfler's Pillar Slewing Jig Crane features a swivel range...

jib crane - max. 200 l | POM 080 series

GALLOWS LIFTING Mobile Stainless Steel Pneumatic


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