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knife gate valve / manual / for bulk materials - DN 16 ISO-KF - DN 40 ISO-KF, DN 63 ISO-F - DN 160 ISO-F

The HV gate valves are one of the most efficient valves that can be used...

knife gate valve / wafer - max. DN 1 200 | HERA-BD

Wafer-type knife gate valve made of grey cast iron, single or two-piece body, bi-directional,...

unidirectional valve / knife gate - max. DN 50 | HERA-SH

The MSS SP 81 is a uni-directional knife gate valve that is constructed of both carbon and stainless...

knife gate valve / for bulk materials - VDI

The VDI Inclined Slide Valve is innovative as a whole. Its inclined blade forms an eye-shaped aperture with the asymmetrically tapered inner body. The wider the eye is opened, the more material flows through, the further...

knife gate valve / steel - VG-VGR

This simple slide gate valve is of VG-type and impresses with its unique design, made entirely...

knife gate valve / double-flange - VL SINT®

The VL-type slide valves utilize highly-durable sliding blades manufactured from carbon, stainless steel or the WAM®-created SINT® engineering polymer...

knife gate valve / lug type - DN 80 - 600, max. 10 bar | BV

Featuring a nominal diameter of DN 80 - DN 600 and a face-to-face of DIN 3202-K1, this knife gate valve is in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment...

knife gate valve / wafer - DN 50 - 1200, max. 16 bar | MV

The MV Knife Gate Valve features a nominal diameter of DN 50 to DN 1200, and is the ideal uni-directional knife gate valve for bulk solids and fluids. It is capable of flow and suspensions...

knife gate valve / wafer - DN 80 - 800, max. 10 bar | XV

The EBRO ARMATUREN knife gate valve is designed to be used with liquids with up to 8% solid content. The valve provides optimal handling with the ball handle, modular actuator design, solid construction,...

knife gate valve / wafer - DN 50 - 600, max. 10 bar | WB 11

The knife valve WB is created, built, inspected and tested according European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED97/23/EG), category II module A1 and is marked CE. Actuators include...

knife gate valve / double-flange - DN 150 - 200, max. 4 bar | WB 12

With a nominal diameter of DN 150 - DN 200, this double flanged knife gate valve is a WB12 model. The flange...

knife gate valve / bi-directional - ø 80 - 600 mm, 10 bar | LKF

Knife gate valves from Flowrox are heavy-duty valves designed for use in mineral or water processing, waste treatment and the mining and metal industries. They feature...

knife gate valve / high-pressure - ø 80 - 600 mm, 20 bar | LKH

The Flowroz heavy-duty knife gate valves have been designed for use with corrosive and tough slurry service. These devices are manufactured from a cast body and feature a durable stainless...

knife gate valve / wafer - 50 - 600 mm, max. 100 bar | LKW

Knife gate valves from Flowrox are heavy-duty valves that find their applications in mineral or water processing, waste treatment and the mining and metal...

knife gate valve / for bulk materials - FUH, FUS series

The Universal FUS and FUH are highly durable gate valves designed for fluid group...

bi-directional valve / knife gate - max. DN 1 200| HERA-BD

The KSB products wafer-type knife gate valve consists of two parts, can be moved in two directions and is made of ...

knife gate valve / vacuum - max. 4 600 l/s, 1.2 bar, ISO | BGV series

Maximizing the up-time of the pumps operation was the main priority for the manufacturer in construction of this isolation valve. In this matter,...

knife gate valve / air-operated - 1.2 bar, 4 600 l/s | BGV series

The BGV basement gate valve is made with stainless steel and works with pumps to help get more items ready in harsh procedures. These valves are made to work...

knife gate valve / manually-operated / metallic / with bellows seal - max. 1 bar, ISO80 | GVI080 series

The Edwards GV stainless steel sealed gate valve series is made for applications that need leak tightness controls and less hydrocarbon in the atmosphere residual....

knife gate valve / plastic - DN 25 - 100, max. 3.5 bar

The PVC-U valve is a very lightweight device that features a double O-ring shaft seals. The valve body has mounting pads molded on it. Mechanical locks in...

unidirectional valve / knife gate / cast iron / 1-piece - DN 50 - 1 200, PN 10, -10 °C ... +90 °C | 120

Grey cast iron
Nominal pressure:
10 bar
Nominal diameter:

knife gate valve / bi-directional / cast iron / 1-piece - DN 50 - 600, PN 10, -10 °C ... +90 °C | 121

Grey cast iron
Nominal pressure:
10 bar
Nominal diameter:

knife gate valve / electro-pneumatic - SE

The Pneumatic Knife Gate (SE Model) by Defino & Giancaspro...

knife gate valve / manually-operated - ø 78 - 299 mm, DN60 - DN300

The pipe regulators are integrated with a silicone (SI) slide plate. The units...

unidirectional valve / knife gate - DN050 - DN1200

The Knife Gate Valve is a uni-directional wafer valve suitable for general industries. It has a nominal width that ranges from DN050 to DN1200,...

knife gate valve / wafer - DN50 - DN300, ø 200 - 310 mm  | VGCF series

DN/ND A B C D Ø V H Weight(kg)
50 - 2' 40 283 124 83 200 348 8,000
65 - 2'1/2 40 308 139 83...

knife gate valve / wafer - DN 50 - 800, 10 bar | 170 series

The Flange threaded ball valve is designed to replace the conventional multiple-valves connections. It has a lifting and twisting...

knife gate valve / wafer - DN 50 - 300, 10 bar | 176 series

This product comes with open and closed valve. It has rising rotating system and non rising lever or chain...

knife gate valve / bi-directional - DN 50 - 400 | 178 series

The 178 series, which are manufactured by Sferaco, are bi-directional knife gate valves. It...

knife gate valve / stainless steel - DN 50 - 400, 10 bar | 172 series

The valve contains a rising rotating stem and a non rising hand wheel. It also features a loose factor of 2% Kvs with no tightness,...

knife gate valve / for bulk materials - 50 - 400 mm, CE, ATEX, FDA

The Vortex Quantum Series Orifice Gate (patent pending) has been designed specially to handle dry bulk solids in dilute phase, gravity flow or vacuum conveying systems. Unrestricted conveying of material is provided...

knife gate valve / electrically operated / for bulk materials - 150 - 750 mm, CE, ATEX, FDA

The vortex roller gate is widely available with a variety of configurations that includes either rectangular sizes and customized hole patterns. This product is suitable for handling dry material where...

knife gate valve / air-operated - max. 75 psig | HDPV2

This device was designed to address higher-pressure applications up to 75psig (5barg), depending on the sizes. The product sets itself apart from traditional slide gates in the industry, providing positive material shut-off...

knife gate valve / air-operated - DN 150 - 400, max. 15 psig

This vortex clear action gate is constructed for use in gravity flow or pneumatic conveying systems. These valves mostly depend on soft rubber seals that break during the time of utilization, allowing the leakage...

knife gate valve / manual / for bulk materials - 75 - 350 mm, CE, ATEX, FDA

The Vortex Maintenance Gate function is to turn off the material from a hopper or silo when the maintenance of downstream equipment...

knife gate valve / for slurries - class 150

The 0 series Ported Knife Edge Gate Valves from Petrosystem is used for controlling...

knife gate valve / for slurries - class 150

The STIF's Slidevalves manual knife gate valves are mostly used for bulk...

knife gate valve / for slurries - class 150

The Stif offers a pneumatically-operated knife gate valve constructed with...

knife gate valve / for slurries - class 150

The TTN model is a chain conveyor valve equipped with a motor-reductor electrical...

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