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servo  level gauge / for tank - max. 47 m, ± 200 °C | Proservo NMS5

The Proservo NMS5 is an innovative product designed and manufactured by Endress+Hauser. It is perfect for atmospheric and high pressure applications up to 25 bar...

servo  level gauge / for tank - max. 18.5 m, -20 °C ... +100 °C | Prothermo NMT532

The Prothermo NMT532, consisting of an intelligent HART signal converter and average temperature...

servo  level gauge / for tank - 40 m, -40 °C ... +100 °C | Prothermo NMT539

This multi signal converter is intrinsically safe and is coupled with a standard precision water and temperature bottom sensor for custoday and inventory control needs. It is regarded as an extremely...

servo  level gauge / for tank - max. 1 200 m, -20 °C ... +60 °C | Promonitor NRF560

The Endress and Hauser unit is for tank side monitoring for Proserve NMS5...

FMCW radar level gauge - max. 30 m | OPTIWAVE 5200 C/F

The Optiwave 5200 C/F from Krohne is a low-cost, 2-wire loop powered FMCW radar level meter that can measure different kinds of liquids,...

FMCW radar level gauge - max. 80 m | OPTIWAVE 6300 C

The OPTIWAVE 6300 C is a non contact Radar (FMCW) Level Meter for Solids. This device uses a unique Drop antenna design for very dusty atmospheres and has...

radar level gauge / for marine applications - OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine

OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine is a non-contact Tank Level Radar (FMCW) used for cargo level gauging. The highly accurate and reliable instrument is specially designed...

radar level gauge - max. 400 bar, max. 100 m | BM 70 A

This is a 4-wire Level Radar that helps on precise measurement of tanks and other internals under hazardous...

radar level gauge - max. 250 °C, max. 35 m | BM 70 P

The BM 70 P is a four-wire level radar designed for precise and highly-accurate measuring, with a system accuracy of +/-1mm or 0.04". For use...

magnetic level indicator / miniature - max. 27 bar, max. 204 °C | Alloy Mini

The Mini-Alloy Visual Level Gauges by SureSuite provides clear and accurate measurements....

liquid level gauge / for tank - max. 48 bar, max . 399 °C | Alloy

SureSite stage indicators are alloy set: normal...

hydrostatic level gauge / digital - max. 3 000 mbar | TCG2000

ESI TCG2000 digital tank contents gauge is specially developed for mass measurement of bulk liquid on storage tanks, for stock control and local content readout....

mechanical level indicator - max. 250 cm, 1 1/2 - 2

The mechanical level indicator is a state of the art product designed by AFRISO. It is built with a pointer deflection that amounts to 280°...

mechanical level indicator - max. 2 000 mm, 1 1/2 - 2

As part of AFRISO'S level indicators, the UNIMES E is durable and highly efficient...

oil level indicator - max. 3 000 mm | Unitel

This exceptional piece of equipment created by Afriso is remarkably self-sufficient as it...

oil level indicator - max. 4 000 mm | Unitop

Level Indicators available from Afriso are amazing devices which can work even without any power supply....

hydrostatic level gauge / digital - max. 3 000 mm, max. 300 mbar | DIT 01

The Afriso level indicator finds global usage across tanks with dimensions of up to...

bypass level indicator - KM26

KM26 are ABB'S Magnetic Level Gauge, designed and developed to provide highly efficient and accurate level measurement of fluids used in different processing plants.


ultrasonic level gauge - max. 2 000 mm | 30 series

It has maximum filling height dimension of 2000 mm 30 sequence. Maximum...

ultrasonic level gauge - max. 3 000 mm | 50 series

Filling level detection at great distances 50 series

ultrasonic level gauge - max. 1 000 mm | 20 series

It is a solid and complete 20 chain with maximum filling...

magnetic level indicator - DTM/DTP/DTV

This is an indicator available that can work manually without the need of electricity. This device is compact in size and can provide indication of liquid level in vessels...

magnetic level indicator / miniature - MVR series

Dwyer Series MVR are miniature custom level indicators suitable for confined areas with their highly visible level indication.

MVR is strong...

radar level gauge / for liquids / slurries - max. 30 m | DR5200

This device is a non-contact radar level meter that uses FMCW technology. It measures distance, level and volume of liquids and pastes. It is ideal for measuring the level of corrosive products with its PP or PTFE antenna options.


PP or PTFE Wave Horn antennas for...

radar level gauge / for solids - 580 psig | DR6300

The radar solution for solids
This device is a non-contact Radar (FMCW) Level Meter for distance, level, volume and mass measurement of powders, granulates and other solids. It gives a more stable measurement than pulse radar and is well suited to dusty process conditions. The device can operate at very low and very high process temperatures...

liquid level gauge / for tank - 12 - 216

The Tank Level Gauge SXRLTX Series is manufactured by Ametek Drexelbrook. The product is specifically created for floating roof tanks such as internal and external roofs and it comes with flexible sensing element 700-0005-594....

FMCW radar level gauge - max. 131 ft | DR7000 series

DR7000 is known for being a FMCW 26GHz radar, which comes with an impressive state-of-the-art design. The device is able to operate over a 2GHz bandwidth, which ensures a sharper resolution, as well as a higher accuracy....

hydrostatic level gauge / digital - USB, 4 - 20 mA, max. 210 m | LEVEL MATE III series

Ametek presents Level Mate III level measurement system. As a standard, it features a stainless steel transmitter. The bottom of the system has a range of perforations. Due to these, the sensing port is protected from clogging or other harm. The same snub-nosed end...

water level indicator / for water table - 30 - 500 m | BFK Series

With a Kevlar core, four-conductors, and PVC rounded cable, the Water level indicator...

water level indicator / with temperature indicator / for water table - BFKT Series

The BFKT Series manufactured by PASI is a water level indicator. This device is equipped with a PVC...

water level indicator / for water table / flat ribbon - BFM Series

The BFM series is a line of water level indicators manufactured by Pasi. It indicates the water level through acoustic...

bypass level indicator / optical / compact - max. 1 bar, max. 100 °C | NS 1 AM

The level switch NS 1 AM is known for numerous features, as well as for the design that will save...

float level gauge - TL Series

Madison Company presents TL Series tape level indicators. They provide easy and cost-effective indication of liquid level without requiring electrical power. The indicators are perfect for marine uses, industrial fire extinguishers, chemical drums, and underground...

radar level gauge - DF-6200

The DF-6200 is a radar level gauge that is integrated with microwave, embedded technology and digital signal...

ultrasonic level gauge - DF-6221

The ultrasonic level meter is a product that incorporates software, ultrasound and electron. It is suitable for the applications that...

liquid level gauge - DF-SLL

The DF-SLL is a level gauge specially designed for liquids. It is an essential device in the automatic control of the flotation...

magnetic level indicator - 300 - 5 000 mm, max. 320 bar  max. 389 °C | MENKAR K

The MENKAR K Level Indicator, manufactured by MECON, is generally designed for controlling as well as measuring...

liquid level indicator / weld / for the chemical industry / for welding applications - PN 25, max. 250 °C | 706

Cast steel
Acid resistant steel
Nominal pressure:
25 bar

liquid level indicator / flange - PN 16, max. 250 °C | 708

Cast steel
Acid resistant steel
Nominal pressure:
16 bar
As required

liquid level indicator / threaded - PN 16, max. 150 °C | 713

Cast steel
Acid resistant steel
Nominal pressure:
16 bar
As required

liquid level indicator / threaded - max. 150 °C, 3/8 - 1

Cast steel
Acid resistant steel
Nominal pressure:
As required

liquid level indicator / flange - PN 40, max. 150 °C | 715

Cast steel
Acid resistant steel
Nominal pressure:
40 bar
0 -...

liquid level gauge / for tank - L100

The L100 Bubble-Tube Level System is a completely independent instrument, obliging just associations with air or gas supply, dip tube and electrical...

magnetic level indicator - max. 3 mt, 150 °C, 5 bar | LMU

The LMU is manufactured by Riels Instruments, and is a magnetic level indicator that is intended for a visual and electromagnetic control of liquid in tanks. It has a possibility of sending a luminous/acoustic...

float level gauge - max. 20 mt, 25 bar | TLQ

Generally utilized for applications that involve liquid level measurement in small, medium, and large reservoirs,...

magnetic level indicator - max 6 mt, 350 °C, 125 bar | VISCO

The Viscorol magnetic level indicators have been designed for optical viewing of liquid levels in most industrial applications. They are also suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications...

magnetic level indicator - max. 3 mt, 250 °C, 5 bar | LVC

The LVC Visual level indicator from Riels allows control of the liquid liquid steadily, clearly and precisely. It has an operating principle in which the liquid is applied from the tank...

weight and cable level gauge - Nivobob 3000

This has a discontinuos level measurement for nearly all kinds of bulk goods and interface measurement. It has a easy yet reliable measuring principle. It has sensor weights in various designs ideal for each applications. It is insensitive...

weight and cable level gauge - Nivobob 4000

The Nivobob® 4000 is designed with a microprocessor controlled weight and cable level gauge. It...

magnetic level indicator - 33.7 mm, -40 °C ... +100 °C, max. 6 bar | 34000E-A, 34000E-K

Besta's Economy Range 6 of Electric Magnetic Level Indicators come in a range of models,...

magnetic level indicator - 53 mm, -40 °C ... +100 °C, max. 6 bar | 23614E-A, 23614E-K

Besta offers two versions of magnetic level indicators. The version A has a...

magnetic level indicator - 33.7 mm, -80 °C ... +250 °C, max. 50 bar | 34000, 34110

Besta's Smart Range 50 of Magnetic Level Indicators are generally used for applications that involve...

magnetic level indicator - -80 °C ... +150 °C, min. 0.65 g/cm³, max. 6 bar | 23614

The 23614 Magnetic Level Indicator is designed for measuring pressures of up to...

magnetic level indicator - -100 °C ... +400 °C, max. 28 bar | 34300 series

The type 34300-A from Besta is mainly used for pressures up to 28...

liquid level gauge - ISO9001, 500 - 1 700 mm, max. 4 MPa | ULB-02

The DDTOP ULB-series is an array of level gauges that are suitable for liquids....

bypass level indicator / high-pressure - ISO9001, 500 - 1 400 mm, max. 10 MPa | ULB-Y

The ULB-Y (WY) High Pressure (High Temperature High Pressure) Glass Plate Liquid Level Gauge is constructed from good quality,...

liquid level gauge - ISO9001, 500 - 6 500 mm, max. 4 MPa | ULB-T

The ULB-T cylindrical body glass plate liquid level gauge features a big indicating range as well...

liquid level gauge - ISO9001, 580 - 1 940 mm, max. 4 MPa | ULB-FS

The ULB-FS Series of Level gauge, manufactured by Dandong Top Electronics Instrument Co.,Ltd, is specifically...

liquid level gauge - ISO9001, 500 - 1 700 mm, max. 0.6 MPa | ULG

The ULG series, manufactured by Dandong Top Electronics Instrument Co.,Ltd., features a Level...

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