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Aircomp by Stampotecnica 1/4 - 3/4
Manual rotary pneumatic valve 1/4 - 3/4" | 130 VM Aircomp by Stampotecnica

Line 130 hand switch valves are particularly recommended for panel mounting...

Aircomp by Stampotecnica 3/2
Manual valve 3/2" | 341 Aircomp by Stampotecnica

The 3 ways hand valves of the 341 line have the function to...

Circle Seal Controls
Hand operated shut-off valve Circle Seal Controls

Manual Shutoff Valves Circle Seal Controls - Fluid Control Products offers...

Circle Seal Controls 1/4 - 3/8
Hand operated shut-off valve 1/4 - 3/8", 6 000 psig | 900 series Circle Seal Controls

Body Construction Material 316 or 303 stainless steel Stem Materials 316, 303 or 17-4 PH stainless steel Gland Nut Materials Brass or 17-4 PH stainless steel O-ring Materials Buna...

Circle Seal Controls 1/4 - 1/2
Manually operated vacuum valve 1/4 - 1/2", 150 psig | 9300 series Circle Seal Controls

• Leakproof in vacuum or pressure service • No stem leakage • Minimum pressure drop • Very low turning torque • Effortless, fingertip operation •...

Circle Seal Controls 1/8 - 3/8
Hand operated shut-off valve 1/8 - 3/8", 3 000 psig | 9400 series Circle Seal Controls

Leak-proof shutoff • No stem leakage • Minimum pressure drop • Color-coded handles • Effortless opening & closing • Knob or toggle handle •...

1 products ILMVAC
Highlight Technology Corp. GVB series
Manual control knife gate valve GVB series Highlight Technology Corp.

Gate valve assemblies consist of three key components: an actuator, a carriage/gate and a valve body. Htc vacuum gate valves have two series: HV series and UHV series. HV series valves are rotary action,...

Highlight Technology Corp. 3/4 - 2
Manually operated angle valve 3/4 - 2 ", 1.2 bar Highlight Technology Corp.

Z-inline valve is one type of the poppet valves. When the poppet is moved toward the top of the valve the internal body cavity is open to the system and flow is unimpeded (maximum conductance). Once the...

Highlight Technology Corp. 3/4 - 8
Manually operated vacuum valve 3/4 - 8 ", 1.2 bar | CF Highlight Technology Corp.

Vacuum Y type In-line valve is one type of the poppet valves. When the poppet is moved toward the top of the valve, the internal body cavity is open to the system and, flow is unimpeded (maximum conductance)....

Highlight Technology Corp. KF10VVM
Manually operated vent valve KF10VVM Highlight Technology Corp.

Features 1. Manually operated vent valve is used to vent vacuum systems with ambient air 2. Easy to operate and maintain 3....

3 products LOCKWOOD
1 products Alco
Alco 1/2 - 1
Manually operated vent valve 1/2 - 1", 6 000 psi | NVP series Alco

The "NVP" and "NVP-P" Series precision made mini venting plug. Manufactured in high grade 316 S11 stainless steel, carbon steel and super alloys including Duplex, Hastalloy, Inconel and commercially...

Armstrong International, Inc. SV-12
Manually operated vent valve SV-12 Armstrong International, Inc.

The SV-12 Series has a vent port size for every room...

Armstrong International, Inc. AV-11/AV-13
Manually operated vent valve AV-11/AV-13 Armstrong International, Inc.

Air vent models AV-11 and AV-13 are compact float-type...

Manually operated vent valve 1/4" - 1/2" | 5A EM-TECHNIK GMBH ARMATURENBAU

The Series 5A venting valves are, depending on the design, suitable for...

Plastic manual ball valve DN 4 | 6A EM-TECHNIK GMBH ARMATURENBAU

The Series 6A ball valves have been in our product range for years. Today they are predominantly in...

1 products Bush & Wilton
Sealant Equipment & Engineering
Hand-operated dispensing valve Sealant Equipment & Engineering

Lightweight Construction For Greater Comfort Vertical and Pistol Grip Handle Assemblies Light...

1 products Centork
Centork 30 - 350 000 Nm
Manual valve actuator 30 - 350 000 Nm Centork

In applications where it is not possible to directly access the rotary valve stem (butterfly and ball valves and dampers) the solution is the use of rotary actuators with lever. The CENTORK actuators...

Industrias Amat R-RM7RV
Manual valve actuator R-RM7RV Industrias Amat

Our manual reducers have two different series: for angular turn valves ( RM series) and for canal gates (R-304...

1 products DeZURIK
Manual valve actuator DeZURIK

Manual Gear Actuators feature a cast -iron housing with sintered bronze bearings on each end of the input shaft for durability...

1 products Copes-Vulcan
Copes-Vulcan 800 Series
Manual valve actuator 800 Series Copes-Vulcan

The series 800 actuator is capable of giving precise manual throttling control. A travel indicator mounted...

Manual valve actuator GB01 BUENO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD

Specification Max.output: 250Nm-2200...

1 products Kinetrol
Spring-return manual valve actuator Kinetrol

If you want to operate a valve manually, but maintain the advantage of the fail-safe...

Crane Process Flow Technologies GmbH
Hand operated control valve Crane Process Flow Technologies GmbH

Overview Bellows sealed globe valve for chemical applications with safety gland packing in straight type, y-type or corner-type;...

Dorot Control Valves 100M series
Hand operated control valve 100M series Dorot Control Valves

Description The valve is controlled manually by a three port selector that allows the user to select the closed, opened or remote-controlled position of the valve. The control is effected effortlessly...

2 products Nopak
Nopak 3/4
Hand operated control valve 3/4", 250 psi Nopak

The standard four-way valve has I wo cycles of operation and is generally used...

Hand operated shut-off valve Nopak

The In-Line l ¡1 did’or Clobn Valve where a quirk .nenne lever operated val\ <• is wnnled. The Shut-Off Valve IdCOrparalOB ¡1 bronze body 11 nil disc. The respective...

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