disc valve / lever / shut-off / flow control
disc valve
BM5 series

Temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 100 bar
DN: 25 mm - 150 mm

... off the flow of gas as the pressure increases or decreases below the affixed rate. The sleeve type valve does not need outer bypass in opening the valve. It has various Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC ...

lever valve / hydraulically-operated / for oil
lever valve
iValve series

Pressure: 80 bar
Flow rate: 250 l/min - 500 l/min

The iValve is the revolutionary new development of Bucher Hydraulics. This valve contains all advantages of the approved LRV-1 and follows trends and changes in the hydraulic market. With the iValve, yor are ready for the future

ball valve / lever / purge / flange
ball valve
1/2 - 4", 150 psi | F61TB-V

Temperature: 73 °F - 180 °F
Pressure: 150 psi
DN: 0.5 in - 4 in

... Chemtrol® Tru-Bloc® True Union ball valve is engineered with a self-adjusting seat and upstream and downstream blocking capability to stop flow when an alternate union is removed for servicing the piping system. The valve’s ...

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ball valve / lever / control / for liquid food products and beverages
ball valve
AISI 316

AISI 316 stainless steel ball valves are suitable for use in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, within the set pressure limits. The high corrosion resistance feature of the grade of steel used and the presence of PTFE ...

needle valve / ball / lever / control
needle valve
VSM-VHM series

Pressure: 700 bar
DN: 6 mm

ball valve / lever / shut-off / for natural gas
ball valve
BV series

Temperature: 400 °F
Pressure: 250 psi

Ball valves are used to provide positive manual shut off of fuels in combustion systems. Ball valves are UL listed and rated at 250 psi (1720 kPa) for fluid temperatures up to 400° F (204° C). Ball ...

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ball valve / lever / shut-off
ball valve

Pressure: 5,000 psi

These two new high pressure ball valves provide full unrestricted flow and positive shut-off of fluids under extremely rugged service conditions making them perfect for workholding applications. Based on the floating ...

butterfly valve / lever / wafer / PVC
butterfly valve
21000xx series

DN: 50 mm - 300 mm


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ball valve / lever / control
ball valve

Temperature: 752 °F
Pressure: 1,000 bar
DN: 0.2 in - 48 in

The Ball Valve has been designed such that the valve body and actuator are separated by an elongated actuator shaft. It offers a straight-through and unimpeded flow with a minimal valve ...

ball valve / lever / control / 2-way
ball valve

XOMOX® offers a variety of screwed end sleeved plug valves for your processing needs. Whether you require superior in-line sealing, easy adjustment, or redundant stem seals, XOMOX has a plug valve ...

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butterfly valve / lever / changeover / for chemicals
butterfly valve

Pressure: 120 bar
DN: 25 mm - 400 mm

Change-over valves from the Best Availability product group increase plant availability. Bursting discs used in component-tested combination with safety valves provide tightness up to the set pressure ...

butterfly valve / lever / control / for liquid food products and beverages
butterfly valve

These AWH butterfly valves are synonymous with quality, reliability and high hygiene standards. Supplemented with a comprehensive range of accessories, these valves therefore offer the ideal solution ...

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Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH
ball valve / lever / control
ball valve

Pressure: 41.4 bar
DN: 0.25 in - 4 in

... chrome-plated brass mini ball valves are perfect in tighter areas where you don’t have the full-flow, high-pressure requirements of standard Ball Valves. In sizes from 1/8" - 3/4" with 600 PSI/41.4 Bar ...

lever valve / tank bottom
lever valve

DN: max 80.0 mm

SCHÜTZ CLEANCERT is the new packaging standard for applications where safety and technical cleanliness is crucial. Advantages: CLEANCERT is the highest level of process and product cleanliness and safety offered by SCHÜTZ Extensive ...

ball valve / lever control / hydraulic / pilot
ball valve
M180 384 000 000

Pressure: 320 bar
DN: 3 mm
Flow rate: 20 l/min

The pilot valve is suitable for applications with permanent pressure. The valve is fitted on the right side with a locking lever.

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Blasberg GmbH
sampling valve / lever / with handwheel / stainless steel
sampling valve

Temperature: 121, 135 °C
Pressure: 6 bar - 10 bar

By means of the BioCheck sampling valve, samples can be taken easily and safely out of closed systems like vessels and pipings. When designing this sterile fitting, special emphasis was placed on the aseptic, but also ...

gate valve / lever / threaded / brass
gate valve
201 series

Pressure: 10 bar
DN: 0.375 in - 4 in

... networks. Gate valves comprise of a steel body or head, a shutter and a shaft used for the opening and closure operation, these are also called on/off valves. The shaft can be manually operated ...

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Rubinetterie Paracchini
knife gate valve / lever / flange-mounted / coated
knife gate valve

Pressure: 6, 7, 8, 10 bar
DN: 50 mm - 300 mm

Design Center body consists of 1 part to be mounted between two flanges according to EN 1092-1 type 11 form B – PN10 (former DIN 2501). ANSI 150 on request. Media Liquid and pulverised media with fibre particles, viscous media, ...

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Watergates GmbH & Co. KG
ball valve / lever / pneumatically-operated / flange
ball valve
VL series

Temperature: -20 °C - 230 °C
Pressure: 16 bar - 100 bar
DN: 8 mm - 100 mm

compact flange ball valves or 1-, 2- or 3-piece ball valves of stainless steel socket welded, treaded, flanged or „compact“ connenction with hand lever or with DIN ISO top flange ...

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Lohse GmbH, Maschinenbau
wafer valve / butterfly / lever / with handwheel
wafer valve

Pressure: 16 bar
DN: 40 mm - 600 mm

Nero Butterfly Valves Wafer type: Design: body is suitable for installation between flanges Flanges drilling are according to DIN EN 1092-2 for pressures up to 16 bars In open position, disc will be right in the middle, ...

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Nero Valves GmbH
butterfly valve / lever / control / regulating
butterfly valve
AK/D series

Pressure: 6, 10, 16 bar
DN: 25 mm - 1,000 mm

... and lug type. -max. Difference pressure 16 bar -Temperature range -40 ®C to +140 °C -May be used as control or regulating valve, manually, pneumatically or electrically controlled. CHARACTERISTICS -One-piece body, ...

butterfly valve / lever / isolation / for water
butterfly valve
87 series

DN: 50 mm - 600 mm

Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valves Size: 2 to 24 in. (50 to 600mm) Description: These soft-seated butterfly valves are designed for a variety of general applications in the control of water, air, oil, ...

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Mueller Steam
lever valve / flow control / switching
lever valve

JM valve enables switching of the direction of flow of the fluid by operating the spool with the manual operation lever. Enables construction of a wide variety of circuits in combination with 02 size ...

butterfly valve / lever / for potable water / wafer
butterfly valve
B3 10 series

Pressure: 10, 16 bar
DN: 32 mm - 700 mm

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ball valve / lever / stainless steel / ISO
ball valve

DN: 15 mm - 100 mm

Valves by Velo Acciai include ball valves, butterfly valves, two-way valves for nitrogen and non-return valves. Technical features Sizes of ball ...

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Velo Acciai Srl.