floating ball valve / lever / flange-mounted / stainless steel
floating ball valve

DN: 0.5 in - 8 in

Size: from ½” to 8” Class: from 150 to 2500 Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, incoloy, exotic materials, bronze, titanium. Conforming to the latest NACE MR 01-75 and MR 01-03. Base material + CRA weld overlays ...

ball valve / lever / double block-and-bleed / distribution
ball valve
VS series

Temperature: -50 °C - 200 °C
Pressure: 20 bar - 420 bar
DN: 15 mm - 1,400 mm

Valves suitable for Oil & Gas production, processing, transportation, distribution, chemical and petrochemical refining. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION Trunnion ball valves have the obturator bounded by ...

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floating ball valve / lever / flange / for industrial applications
floating ball valve

FLOATING BALL VALVE TWO PIECE SIDE ENTRY Bolted closure Antistatic device Anti-blow out stem design Firesafe design Double barrier for static and dynamic seal Available with Flanged or Buttweld ends

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Cam SpA
valve with butt weld ends / floating ball / lever / fully-welded
valve with butt weld ends
300 Series – Art. 320/TE - 310/TE

DN: 200 mm

Fully welded ball valve, standard model, available in the sizes up to DN 200 (8”) full bore or to DN 300 (12”x8”) reduced bore, PN 10÷50 or ANSI 150-300, in carbon steel with floating ball in stainless steel or nickel ...

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Negri Fratelli srl
cryogenic valve / floating ball / lever / double block-and-bleed
cryogenic valve

... -Loaded Packing and Anti-Static Capable Fugitive Emissions ISO 15848 PCTFE(KEL-F), TFM, CTFM, and Metal Seats Available Valves are degreased, cleaned and packaged prior to shipping Custom Face-to-Face Lengths Available ...

wafer valve / ball / lever / electric
wafer valve
117/118 FB series

DN: 15 mm - 125 mm

Suitable for use in industrial chemical complexes, for gas and water distribution and food industry Body material from bar (A 105 or AISI 316) Thread ball body-cover Flanges drilled acc.to ANSI Possibility of equipment with handlever, ...

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sampling valve / lever / with handwheel / pneumatic
sampling valve
Aseptomag® PV

Temperature: 135 °C
Pressure: 10 bar

Aseptomag® single-seat sampling valves are used for the safe sampling in UltraClean and Aseptic processing plants. When not actuated, the internal assembly seals the valve seat in a leakage-free manner ...

ball valve / lever / threaded / stainless steel
ball valve
9000 series

Temperature: -25 °C - 180 °C
Pressure: 64 bar
DN: 0.25 in - 10.5 in

Full bore stainless steel ball valve Nominal pressure: PN 64 Working temperature: -25° C. / +180° C.

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Valvo Robica
ball valve / lever / distribution / for water
ball valve
TOTAL series

Temperature: -20 °C - 130 °C
Pressure: 40 bar - 100 bar
DN: 6 mm - 80 mm

... request NPT and BSPT. Operation devices: Aluminium lever, aluminium T-handle, square cap, underground adaptor, lockable sealing cap from 3/4”. Available colours: black, red, yellow. All the valves ...

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butterfly valve / lever / wafer / for corrosive fluids
butterfly valve

DN: 50 mm - 300 mm

Use : Intended for the division of corrosive, aggressive fluids and high purity. Body shape : Wafer

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butterfly valve / lever / flow control / for water
butterfly valve

Pressure: 10, 16 bar
DN: 50 mm - 600 mm

KBL is pleased to offer top-of- line product in pipeline flow control. Kirloskar wafer and lugged Butterfly valves have been developed with extensive application, design and manufacturing expertise. These products are ...

floating ball valve / lever / threaded / 2-piece
floating ball valve
AOP CB, DB series

Pressure: 1,500 psi - 5,000 psi
DN: 40 mm - 100 mm

... floating ball valves have a two-piece body and bolted construction that allows for disassembly on the job site for easy service and repair. AOP Series CB floating ball valve bodies are constructed of ...

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butterfly valve / lever / shut-off / for water
butterfly valve

Pressure: 16 bar - 25 bar
DN: 80 mm - 900 mm

The valve is desinged for heavy duty industrial applications, for shut off and modulating service.

ball valve / lever / control / 3-way
ball valve
BV 303 series

Temperature: -20 °C - 50 °C
Pressure: 300 bar
DN: 4.8 mm

Application: High flow and high pressure valve used for CNG applications, instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatic pipes, control panels, moderate vacuum systems, chemical research and gas analysis. Key Advantages: ...

ball valve / lever / shut-off / carbon steel
ball valve
FT 221/1

Pressure: 500 bar
DN: 0.25 mm - 2 mm

Two-way ball valves for high pressure up to 500 Bar ( depending on the size ) available in sizes from 1/4" to 2"

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butterfly valve / lever / PVC / EPDM
butterfly valve

DN: 50 mm - 200 mm

... is a lever handle-type butterfly valve complies with the JIS, ANSI, and DIN standards. The body of the unit is available in either UPVC, PP, PPG, PVDF, and CPVC. The disc of the valve ...

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Shie Yu Machine Parts Industrial Co., Ltd.
butterfly valve / lever / with handwheel / control
butterfly valve

Temperature: -10 °C - 110 °C
DN: 1.25 in - 24 in

... or stainless steel discSeat in EPDM (NBR also available for steel disc version)Available in the following versions:● with lever (lockable in both open and close position)● with manual gear● with CUTTER (DN≤200) or CUTTER-XL ...

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ball valve / lever / control / for chemical products
ball valve
9465 series

Temperature: 20 °C - 150 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 20.7 bar
DN: 0.25 in - 2 in

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SBU - Sociedade Brasileira de Usinagens Ltda.
ball valve / lever / control / for air
ball valve

DN: 0.125 in

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ball valve / lever / flow control / borosilicate glass
ball valve

... with .040 thick coating. Valve body can be supplied with translucent armoring. 6" lever handle.

ball valve / lever / steel / high-pressure
ball valve
8150996x series

Pressure: 4,568, 5,800, 7,250 psi

Specification:• Steel construction• Steel ball• POM ball seat• BUNA-N stem seal• Max pressure: 5,000 PSI

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Intradin (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.
ball valve / lever / flow control / stainless steel
ball valve

DN: 15 mm - 50 mm

Pennant ball valves have been designed for long life, economy, ease of operation and, above all, safety. The design offers safety features because it does not allow the seal to get squeezed and break due to line pressure ...

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Pennant Engineering
butterfly valve / lever / wafer / chemical
butterfly valve

Description Robust chemical valve with clip seal Stainless steel spindle for reliable power transmission Additional, double shaft seal Hand lever with practical locking function O rings included in the ...

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DAB Technology Pte. Ltd.
ball valve / lever / for water / for oil
ball valve

Temperature: -20 °C - 80 °C
Pressure: -1 bar - 20 bar
DN: 0.125, 0.25, 0.375, 0.5 in

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