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lifeline self-retracting - Blocfor™

TRACTEL® is launching the new automatic fall arrester device and textile strap Blocfor™ 1.8 which takes the place of the current B1.5S.


lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - SECURIFIL® alu

SECURIFIL® alu is the benchmark product on the personal safety market against falls from height.


lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - SECURIFIL® optima

SECURIFIL® optima is a simple yet robust solution.
This life-line presents the best price/quality ratio on the market.


lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - SECURIFIL® industrie

The steel version makes it possible to install SECURIFIL®...

lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - SECURIFIL® préfa

For roofs where the frame is made of RSJ, IPE, angles and other metal trusses, SOMAIN SECURITE has designed a unique life-line: SECURIFIL® préfa.


lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - SECURIFIL® vertical

SECURIFIL® verticale is a carefully prepared life-line to secure pathways where the slope is an angle greater than 15 degrees.


lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - SEKURALT

this kit is designed for difficult access areas, where it is not possible to install a tripod and a fall arrest and rescue system are required.


lifeline - SEKURALT KIT V

The IRUDEK's SEKURALT PT11 series lifelines are made for used in different difficult access areas. They are operated by only one user at a time. The arms can rotate 30º...

lifeline - SEKURALT X2

temporary lifeline made of 30 mm wide polyester webbing, equipped with a ratchet that...

lifeline - SEKURALT X4

temporary horizontal lifeline, equipped with 16 mm diameter polyester...

lifeline - SEKURALT 2000

The LIFELINE SEKURALT 2000 is an anchorage device equipped with a line, i.e., it is a flexible horizontal lifeline. Its aim is to secure operators working at height, providing freedom of movement at the same time. A trolley circulates...

lifeline horizontal - ELARA11

Description :
Temporary and re usable horizontal lifeline...

lifeline self-retracting - MIMAS06

The DELTA PLUS' MIMAS06 series self-retractable fall arrests feature a Kevlar® webbing...

lifeline self-retracting - MIMAS08

The DeltaPlus MIMAS08 series of retractable type fall arresting devices is composed...

lifeline self-retracting - MIMAS20

Description :
Webbing self-retractable fall arrest equipment, provided with...

lifeline - KeeLine®


KEELINE is a 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire system with electro-polished brackets, detachable travellers and powder coated anchors that provide flexible, continuous protection for up to 3 users working at height.

The system is available for most modern...

lifeline self-retracting - KeeLine

Fall protection specialist, Kee Safety has expanded its KEELINE range with a new overhead life line system, designed to support two users carrying out essential maintenance at height.

KEELINE Overhead is a personal protection system that is mounted directly above the user for applications including vehicle loading, machine and maintenance access, building maintenance and overhead...

lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - Alsipercha

The Alsipercha is a "zero" factor fall arrest system designed to prevent fsll from height. It provides total safety...

lifeline self-retracting - EN 360, 6.2 - 20 m | MILLER FALCON

The most secure and rugged stainless-steel retractable lifeline on the market. This lifeline is built in accordance with EN360 regulations.

The unit cuts the fall within a few centimeters for a rapid protected...

lifeline self-retracting - 0.86 kg, EN 360 | MILLER TURBOLITE

Best alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards used in Factor 2. 2m Self retracting webbing lifeline. Conforms to EN360.

Compact and light weight 0.86kg
Low space clearance of 1.80m compared...

lifeline - 5 - 20 m, EN 795B

Allows a horizontal lifeline to be installed quickly when there is a large work surface
The self-jamming device...

lifeline self-retracting - DIN EN 795

Extension arms

Tested as an anchoring device for PSAgA (personal fall protection equipment) pursuant to DIN EN 795, Class B

The extension arms were specially-developed for use with the fall protection...

lifeline horizontal - Gravity Dyna-Line®

MSAs newly enhanced Gravity Temporary Horizontal Lifelines offer unique, exclusive bypass shuttles enabling two workers to share...

lifeline horizontal - Gravity® Sure-Line™

MSAs newly enhanced Gravity Temporary Horizontal Lifelines offer unique, exclusive bypass shuttles enabling two workers...

lifeline horizontal - Horizon®

This complete above-beam cable horizontal lifeline system allows for a continuous...

lifeline horizontal - Sure-Rail™

Customizable to your application, the Sure-Rail™ Horizontal Lifeline is typically used in areas with limited clearance below the working surface. This system consists...

lifeline self-retracting - Workman®

MSAs new Workman SRL provides the best value for your dollar! With...

lifeline self-retracting - 7.6 m, 140.6 kg | MightEvac®

The Miller MightEvac SRL combines the superior performance and reliability of the best-selling MightyLite™ Self-Retracting Lifeline Series with a quick-activating retrieval mechanism for emergency evacuation.

No annual factory recertifi cation...

lifeline - 4500 daN | LVS series

Lifelines, belts

Work belts...

lifeline self-retracting - ST#540 series

ST#540"Self lock"retractor

lifeline self-retracting - ST#540 series

Rail-based horizontal anchorage device

Soll-MultiRail is a fixed rail-based horizontal anchorage device and is...

lifeline self-retracting - ST#540 series

The Xenon Horizontal Lifeline is an anchorage device incorporating a flexible wire rope. The principal components of the system...

lifeline mobile - Constant Force ® ManSafe

The ManSafe Freestanding Constant Force Post provides assured worker safety at height where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures.

At the heart of the system is Latchways' unique Constant Force technology. The Constant Force Post is contained...

lifeline mobile - Constant Force ® ManSafe

Latchways ManSafe systems provide the total solution for all horizontal safety at height industrial applications. The system's versatility and ease of use makes it ideal for protecting workers as they go about day-today activities such as maintenance, cleaning, access...

lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - max. 18 kN

ManSafe overhead systems combine Latchways’ unique knowledge of fall arrest load control with innovative Constant Force technology in a solution that is flexible to use, strong, durable and easy...

lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - TowerLatch

Latchways ManSafe for Towers fall protection solutions have the inherent flexibility to be configured for use on virtually any design...

lifeline for working at heights / fall arrest - TowerLatch

ManSafe overhead systems provide a dependable safety at height solution for personnel working on an aircrafts wings and fuselage within a hanger.
ManSafe overhead systems combine Latchways unique...

lifeline - EN 795 CLASS C | BATILINE

The horizontal BATILINE system is a flexible anchor device.
It allows a continuous movement without restriction nor unhooking while going throw intermediate...

lifeline fall arrest / for working at heights - EN 795 CLASS C | ALTILINE

Altiline is the ideal lifeline when the operator is working at some distance from the device.
It allows a continuous movement without restriction nor unhooking while going throw...

lifeline fall arrest / for working at heights - EN 795, EN 795 CLASS C | COMBILINE

The COMBILINE is a horizontal, inclined and vertical belaying system, which meets the safety requirements for slopes of greater than 15°. It allows a continuous movement without restriction nor unhooking while going throw intermediate brackets.

lifeline fall arrest / for working at heights - NF EN 353-2 | VERTILINE

The fall arrest VERTILINE system permits working in complete safety on a wide range of vertical structures (ladders, pylons, wind turbines, roof access, ).
The travelling,...

lifeline self-retracting - EN 360 | H-24

Standard: EN 360
In a vertical workings, 46mm high strength galvanize steel rope which is used in mechanism, provide use to safely input and output.

lifeline portrait - EN 353-1, RfU CNB/P/11.073 | K-2020

Standard: EN 353-1, RfU CNB/P/11.073

All materials are stainless steel with the quality of 304 and 306
Product provides to ascent safely to high working fields
F-5 steel rope holder move...

lifeline horizontal - EN 795 C | K-2010

Standard: EN 795 C

All materials are stainless steel with the quality of 304 and 306
Product is designed for the permanent secure in crane loads, filling plants, roofs working at height
Easy set...

lifeline self-retracting - Kinetix

The main characteristics of KINETIX is its easy handling,...

lifeline self-retracting - Crew 200

The CREW is a simple operating SRL with excellent mobility....

lifeline self-retracting - Crew 300

The CREW is a simple operating SRL with excellent mobility....

lifeline self-retracting - Flexible

Strong, low-maintenance SRL with galvanized steel cable or webbing. Light...

lifeline self-retracting - Robusto

Durable, low-maintenance SRL with galvanized steel wire rope and swivel...

lifeline - 60 - 150 cm, 22kN, EN 354, EN 566 | TIBOR II

The Tibor line was developed especially for the friction knot climbing technique. The unique...

lifeline - 80 - 140 cm, 22 kN, EN 354, EN 566 | TIBOR III

We developed Tibor II further, so that Tibor III was born. Tibor III impresses with...

lifeline self-retracting - 7605061 EZ-Line™

EZ-Line ™ is the most user friendly horizontal lifeline system on...

lifeline horizontal - max. 1 900 daN | Harip AN410


Temporary life line
1 user
minimum anchorage points strength: 1600daN
advised pre-tension: 120 daN
maximum deflexion at 10 m: 2,27 m
PPE to be used in compliance with CE standard


lifeline horizontal - max. 22 kN | PRO-Line™

A Portable, Versatile and Quick to install Horizontal Lifeline

* Quick to set up, no connecting or...

lifeline horizontal - Evolution™

The Evolution™ horizontal lifeline system is a permanent low tension, multi-span lifeline used for fall protection on elevated...

lifeline self-retracting - 40 m | 3400971 Sealed-Blok™


Sealed Blok™ 40m Galvanised Cable SRL with Steel Snap...

lifeline self-retracting - 400 lbs | FL113

The Miller FL113 MiniLite Fall Limiter is an 11ft self-retracting web lanyard with quick-activitating braking system...


How to choose this product


A lifeline is a safety device that protects the user against the risk of falling by attachment to a fixed point.


Lifelines are used for climbing, in elevated acrobatic circuits or during work at height.


Lifelines connect the user to a fixed point via a rope and a harness.

How to choose

Before choosing a lifeline, determine its exact use. Two types exist: horizontal and vertical. They can be designed for attachment to a cable or a solid rail. The product should meet current certification standards.


- Safety

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