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1 products DALMEC
video DALMEC
For furniture DALMEC

For handling wooden furniture, the Manipulator with jaws tooling for gripping...

INGERSOLL RAND max. 454 kg, 1.524 m/s | InteLIFT®
Intelligent max. 454 kg, 1.524 m/s | InteLIFT® INGERSOLL RAND

Ingersoll Rand InteLIFT® air balancers combine the industry’s finest, thoroughly proven, mechanical balancing technology with...

Eichinger Equipement 200 kg | 1552
Portable manhole cover 200 kg | 1552 Eichinger Equipement

Sturdy steel construction for the safe transportation...

3 products Jakob Thaler
Jakob Thaler 16 kg
Portable manhole cover 16 kg Jakob Thaler

Manhove-cover lifting tongs,...

Jakob Thaler 7 kg
Portable manhole cover 7 kg Jakob Thaler

Manhole-cover lifting tongs...

Jakob Thaler 12 kg
Portable manhole cover 12 kg Jakob Thaler

Manhole-cover lifting tongs This manhole-cover lifting tongs consists of lifting tongs and a pipe lever with...

2 products Scaglia Indeva
video Scaglia Indeva
Cardboard box lifting system Scaglia Indeva

This INDEVA model Liftronic Easy E80C is equipped with an end effector for gripping cases: the linear chuck INDEVA. This chuck grips and releases the cardboard by simply sligthly pushing downwards the...

video Scaglia Indeva
Vacuum Scaglia Indeva

One intelligent device for handling INDEVA with a multi-face end effector for gripping bags, boxes and drums by vacuum and jars by special hook. with a quick and simple...

11 products Tawi
video Tawi max. 125 kg | PRO120
For boxes max. 125 kg | PRO120 Tawi

Protema Electric Box Lifters are manufactured with an emphasis on functionality, flexibility and reliability. The lifts are lightweight and low-maintenance....

video Tawi max. 70 kg | PRO70
For roll max. 70 kg | PRO70 Tawi

Protema lifts have been successfully marketed around the world for many years which during that time we have experienced...

video Tawi max. 120 kg | PRO120
For roll max. 120 kg | PRO120 Tawi

Changing rolls in packaging machines is carried out swiftly and safely using a Protema lift with V-block on a platform. The V-block is detachable...

video Tawi 70 - 100 kg | PRO100
For roll 70 - 100 kg | PRO100 Tawi

A roll can be picked up from a pallet with a Protema EasySqueeze which grips the reel sideways. The roll is gripped safely between the arms, rotated and installed in the...

Tawi max. 130 kg | PRO200ESE
Drum lifting system max. 130 kg | PRO200ESE Tawi

Protema stainless steel lifts with different tool applications are suitable in clean room environments with high demands. Drums are often used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to transport...

video Tawi max. 40 kg | PRO40
For boxes max. 40 kg | PRO40 Tawi

This is a version of the PRO40 with capacity of 40 kg adjusted with a tool to specifically...

Morse Mfg. Co., Inc. 208 L (55-gal), 454 kg (1000 Lb.)
Drum lifting system 208 L (55-gal), 454 kg (1000 Lb.) Morse Mfg. Co., Inc.

Worry about Safely Moving Drums? Use this safety-conscious device to lift a drum with your crane or hoist. Your drum is supported underneath, and secured with a positive grip cinch chain around your...

1 products airbank
airbank max. 554 kg, 711 x 457 x 737 mm
Drum lifting system max. 554 kg, 711 x 457 x 737 mm airbank

» To be used for transport of drums in upright position. » To be added to a monorail,...

1 products Ferplast
Ferplast max. 250 kg | DS 250
Drum lifting system max. 250 kg | DS 250 Ferplast

Hydraulic lift clamp for metal drums with automatic coupling mod. DS 250. Complies with CE standards...

2 products haacon
video haacon max. 20 t | Type 1889
Container max. 20 t | Type 1889 haacon

Specialised lifting systems for mobile devices Depending on the application of the supports, the following technical parameters can be achieved: Container carrying capacity from 2.5 t to 20 t, Lifting...

video haacon max. 12 t | 2689.12
Container max. 12 t | 2689.12 haacon

Lifting device 2689.12 Lifting device...

1 products BUTTI
BUTTI max. 2 000 kg | SERVIPAK
Container max. 2 000 kg | SERVIPAK BUTTI

Basket lifting through 4 arms chain-harness Capacity of...

5 products WINKEL
WINKEL 200 - 1 500 kg | W-RH series
For bodywork 200 - 1 500 kg | W-RH series WINKEL

Single, Double or Four Pillar versions are available.WINKEL Chain belt lifts are robust,and made for continous use and require...

WINKEL 500 - 6 000 kg
Two column 500 - 6 000 kg WINKEL

Two / Four pillar lifts are robust, made for continous use and require only few minimal...

WINKEL max. 500 kg | MHD series
Lifting and turning device max. 500 kg | MHD series WINKEL

Single stage or multiple stage versions are available. WINKEL Handling...

WINKEL max. 2 000 kg | W-PL series
For boxes max. 2 000 kg | W-PL series WINKEL

WINKEL Box and Pallet Lifts are economical designed and...

WINKEL max. 10 000 kg | CW series
Coil lifting and turning device max. 10 000 kg | CW series WINKEL

WINKEL coil turning units are economical designed and built systems...

4 products GIS
With telescopic arm GCHHTD series GIS

Stabilized movement of loads precise positioning...

Vacuum GIS

The vacuum production and all lifting and travelling movements are controlled with...

GIS max. 1 000 kg | Vacujet RVP
Vacuum for glass sheets max. 1 000 kg | Vacujet RVP GIS

High safety standard designed specially for...

Vacuum Vacujet ECONOMY GIS

Vacujet ECONOMY economic...

ZASCHESitec handling GmbH max. 1 000 kg, 1 500 Nm | TV, TR
With telescopic arm max. 1 000 kg, 1 500 Nm | TV, TR ZASCHESitec handling GmbH

Telescopic lifting devices are lifted and lowered by inside or outside running chains of electrically driven Demag chain hoists. They are available with two different design principles. Either with square...

ZASCHESitec handling GmbH max. 300 kg
Vacuum max. 300 kg ZASCHESitec handling GmbH

Vacuum Tube Lifter Inexpensive Handling with Vacuum Vacuum tube lifters are particularly suitable for lifting and moving airtight and porous loads such as, for example, cartons, sacks, barrels, glass...

MECCANICA NICOLETTI max. 2 000 kg, ø 1 600 mm
Coil lifting and turning device max. 2 000 kg, ø 1 600 mm MECCANICA NICOLETTI

If you have not found any configuration that meets...

1 products SAPEM
video SAPEM
Coil lifting and turning device SAPEM

Tilting without jerking Prevents...

1 products Schmalz
Schmalz max. 750 kg | VacuMaster Comfort
Vacuum max. 750 kg | VacuMaster Comfort Schmalz

VacuMaster Basic - comprehensive basic configuration. - Vacuum lifting device with high degree of variability - Pump size, operator-handle length, suction pads and main and cross beam lengths can...

Probst Greiftechnik Verlegesysteme JUMBO-BV-VARIO
Vacuum for concrete slabs JUMBO-BV-VARIO Probst Greiftechnik Verlegesysteme

This BV type with knuckle boom jib is equiped with innovative Probst safety features, thus hightest safety in the slewing range! Mostly kerb stones are installed one side of the road, white on the other...

3 products Ketterer
Ketterer Model 3051
Gas spring lifting unit for table height adjustment Model 3051 Ketterer

Gas spring synchronisation unit 3051 for currentless desk/table adjustment of heigh Synchronisation unit for gas spring tables with an integrated brake. The unit is suitable for efficiently...

Ketterer 1:1, 0 - 40 kg, 500 mm | Model 3052
Crank lifting unit for table height adjustment 1:1, 0 - 40 kg, 500 mm | Model 3052 Ketterer

Fast crank lifting system 3052 Crank lifting system for fast height adjustment of sitstand workplaces. Mechanical synchronization of two spindle lift drives with crank, brake unit, deflection gear and...

Ketterer 24 VDC, IP30 | Model 4644
Lifting unit for stepless height adjustment of cupboard system 24 VDC, IP30 | Model 4644 Ketterer

Lifting unit for cupboard systems 4644 D e s c r i p t i o n : Lifting unit for stepless height adjustment of cupboard systems particularly...

1 products FAGIOLI S.p.A.
new video FAGIOLI S.p.A. max. 3 000 t | TOWERLIFT
Two column max. 3 000 t | TOWERLIFT FAGIOLI S.p.A.

Towerlift is an extremely heavy duty structural support system for use with Strand Jacks. It is specifically designed in modular...

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