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line laser / compact - 95 - 100 %, 500 kHz

LLG660 laser line generator are designed with refractive optics of precised capabilities that complement the device. Its maximum...

line laser - max. 1.5 W, 473 nm | MBL-473(Line)

CNI can offer line lasers at all existing wavelengths and output power, also the divergence are available in fan angles of 7°,...

green laser / line - max. 18 W, 532 nm | MGL-532(Line)

CNI can offer line lasers at all existing wavelengths and output power, also the divergence are available in fan angles of 7°,...

compact laser / line - 0.05 in, 2 1/2 ft | 1044

The laser line generator in this product series is distributed under the name Mini Laser 1044 and makes use of the most advanced semi-conductor technology,...

line laser / robust - 0.0625 in, 8 ft | 1049

The 1049 is an industrial laser line generator manufactured with an industrial housing. The industrial line laser generator 1049 integrates a 635 visible diode line generator packed in an industrial...

line laser / robust - 635 nm | 1053

The Straight Laser Line 1053 made by H-Way Far Way International Inc. It is designed as a straight line generator that integrates a 635nm. It has observable laser diode that...

green laser / line - 0.0625 in, 8 ft | 1067

The model 1067 is a 532 Green Laser Module. It has a green laser line which makes it more possible to be seen compared to the red line units. The 1067...

line laser / battery-powered - ø 20 mm, 5 mW | ZA

The ZA laser module is a unique laser with...

line laser - ø 40 mm, 90 - 265 V, max. 80 mW | ZPT-F

The ZPT-F stands out for its 80mW output power. It also includes...

green laser / line - ø 40 mm, 90 - 265 V, max. 40 mW | ZRG-F

The ZRG-F is the only laser with a Ø40mm housing offering a green projection...

green laser / line - ø 20 mm, 5 - 30 V, max. 40 mW | ZM18H-F

The ZM18 is an established product series that is used for positioning as guidance of for machine...

line laser / with digital modulation - ø 20 mm, 5 - 30 V, 80 - 120 mW | ZM18-DM

The ZM18 is an established product series that is used for positioning...

compact laser / line - 637 - 855 nm, 1 - 2.5 mW | RS series

The RS is a line laser engineered by Lanics. It is suitable for use in guide beam, and...

compact laser / line - 637 - 905 nm, 2.5 - 100 mW | MK series

The MK(Ø14) measures Ø14*80mm and has a glass lens with various fan angle of 10,...

compact laser / line - 637 - 905 nm, 2.5 - 50 mW | MS series

The MS(Ø14) Laser Module is ideally designed to provide a high quality functionality...

line laser - 637 - 855 nm, 2.5 mW | GS series

Lanics provide the GS series of laser modules. These tools feature a 120 mm size, and DC...

green laser / line - 532 nm, 8 - 20 mW | KGL series

The KGL series is a line of laser diode modules produced by Lanics. The device's optical...

green laser / line - 532 nm | IDT5G

IDT 5 laser with green beam. The...

line laser - LaserBank

To take advantage of the introduction of increasingly powerful diode lasers at a wide range of wavelengths we have recently...

line laser - LaserBank

For some applications a single laser line is all that is required. In this instance we are pleased to provide a range of individual lasers complete with power supply, fast...

line laser - LaserBank

L³ LIMO Line Laser® - Line Lasers for Materials Processing

Many conventional materials processing techniques are increasingly replaced by innovative laser technology in...

line laser - MLL 12

Wuerth line laser stands out from its competition because of its IP protection...

line laser - 520 - 830 nm | StingRay

Coherent StingRay is a brand new range of pattern generators, diode-based, being able to deliver increased flexibility, along with unique optimization capabilities for...

line laser / compact - 635 - 830 nm

It is a dense laser line generator with the minimum measurements accessible on the marketplace for a diode laser creating consistent power lines. Mini laser of Coherent contains the minimum measurements accessible...

line laser - 375 - 810 nm

This is one of the most advanced laser line generators, which was developed to tackle the needs of demanding machine vision and scientific applications. In addition to this, the...

green laser / line - PL MG-IS

PL MG-IS Line laser involves simplified tool setup and can be maneuvered with ease. It has remarkable...

green laser / line - 532 nm, 50 W

IPG Photonics GLR Series is a family of single-mode, single-frequency CW green fiber lasers with output powers up to 50 W. Based on IPGs pioneering highly efficient and reliable fiber laser technologies, GLR lasers feature a super-compact lightweight optical head, connected with a fiber cable to an air-cooled rack-mounted...

line laser - 635 - 905 nm | FLEXPOINT®


Precise positioning and measurement systems require a high-quality laser source. The laser modules of the FLEXPOINT® series are of the highest quality.


line laser - ALC 1-360

A visible 360° laser line

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