Linear electric motors

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Electric motors
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Linear synchronous motors advantages
Precision: positioning precision within nanometers; high uniformity of travel; rigidity of drive.

linear electric motor - LM Series

Linearserv LM series linear motors are based on the direct-drive method. They are better in all aspects than the conventional AC servomotors with ball screws on account of their...

stepper electric motor / linear - ANPx101eXT

This linear, horizontal and compact stepper positioner allows for position...

linear electric motor - 50 - 2 000 mm, max. 2 500 mm/s | MR series

The Servotube from Rodriguez is a three phase brushless linear motor. Its
magnets are arranged in the form of a round bar. Therefore, they can ope-
rate free from lateral forces. An integrated measuring system consisting of
Hall sensors provides reliable positioning data even under the roughest am-
bient conditions. In...

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