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Circuit breakers
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The Bulletin 1592 Fused and Non-Fused Load-Break Switches feature a main load-break...


The load break switch is suitable for hinge-style mounting. The switchblade is integrated...


This is a regolus switch disconnector by Giovensana International that...


The Load Break Switches LA, LAU, LMU, LAS are utilized for switching on and off apparatuses, devices and establishments in ordinary conditions without impedance. The switches work as disconnectors....


Load -Break- Switches KL /Insolating Switches T/Earthing Switches DES.

Air-insulated load-break switches...


Quik-Spec™ Power Module Elevator Disconnects



Fault Tamer® Fuse Limiter

S&C Fault Tamer combines the functionality of a conventional fuse cutout and a backup current-limiting...

Type XS Fuse Cutout

S&C Type XS Fuse Cutouts, when fused with S&C Positrol® Fuse Links, provide full-fault-spectrum protection for overhead distribution systems rated 4.16 kV through 25 kV, whether...


General characteristics
The pole mounted SF6-Gas insulated Load Break Switch is designed to meet the increasing requirement of the electric utility industry,...

General characteristics
The CSL single phase mineral oil switch type is one equipment to switch load in circuits of medium voltage that...


Panel and DIN rail mounted 3-pole switch...

Panel and DIN rail mounted 3-pole switch,...

Ensto Compact load break switch...

Enclosed switches with metric knockouts, 16 A
Ensto’s offering includes a complete...

Enclosed switches with metric knockouts, 32 A
Ensto’s offering...


Standard Features
• Continuous hinge (removable hinge pin)
• Wall mounting feet
• Watertight...


Load break switched with and without fuse manufactured in accordance...


The LB-TPS is a three-position rotary switch manufactured by SEL. The switch comes in two versions (load break switch and isolator)...

The Sel Electric PLS has a voltage rate with a maximum of 40.5 kV. This outdoor SF6 insulated pole mounted switch disconnector can remotely be...


Craig & Derricott produces several ranges of enclosed switchgear within the i-switch family; each...


-The modular structure enables the drive mechanism position to be varied


Open Fuse Cutouts / Disconnect (Silicone Type)
Type: Manual...

Type: Manual Operation
5.2kV, 100A, 12kA Asym, 95kV BIL (Fuse Holder)
5.2kV, 300A, 20kA Asym,...

Features & Benefits
Light weight
High leakage...

Pole-Mounted Load Break Switch (LBS)
Features & Benefits

Type: Manual, Motor-Control, Remote-Control Operation
15.5kV 600A & 24kV 630A
Short-time withstanding...


Rapier GX Enclosed Load Break Switch and Sectionaliser up to 38kV

Based on the latest developments in SF6 switchgear technology, the GX combines...

Dropout Fuse Units

11 – 36kV Beta Drop Out Fuse Units – Max 100amp fuse link

The fused cutout is a rewirable...

MV Removable Isolating Links

12kV & 36kV Removable Isolating Links

The MV isolating links provide...


Environmental friendly product
- Environmental friendly product without using Green house effect gas
- The world first vertical phase...

Various option
- 3-Position/ 2-Position Load Break part
- Porcelain/ Polymer...

SF6 gas insulated, Rotating Arc quenching load breaking
Single operation tool (3-Position switch)
Latch type Spring mechanism


- SF6 gas insulated, Rotating Arc quenching load breaking
- Single operation tool (3-Position switch)

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