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Load sharers
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load sharer generator - Selco T4800 series

T4800 Load Sharer gives programmed burden imparting and recurrence control for parallel running generators. The heap on every generator is contrasted and...

load sharer generator - 100 kW | Selco T4900 series

The T4900 VAR Load Sharer has been designed for automatic load sharing of the reactive power. For parallel running generators, voltage control is also done. The reactive load provided by each generator is compared with the reactive load present...

load sharer generator - Selco B9300 series

The SELCO B9300 Series - Power Reference Unit is made for working with T4800 Load Sharer or the T4300 Load Sharer during the...

load sharer generator - Selco T4400 series

The Selco T4400 is a load sharer for most of electronic speed controllers. This unit regulates generators which are aligned...

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