Low-voltage fuses

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Quality and reliability has been the utmost thought when one is purchasing any equipment or component. The brand is here to deliver both quality and reliability in...

The Diazed fuse system is the oldest in the world and dates back to 1906 when Siemens first developed it. Today it remains the standard fuse system in most countries. It is very popular in harsh industrial...

Introducing the top performing Semiconductor Fuse SITOR which is especially built with a NH Design. This device is equipped with a specialized fuse that safeguards power...


The industrial fuses manufactured by Socomec ensure high reliability and performance. It protects installations...


The NH fuse by Driescher has a low voltage and high breaking capacity...


D0 fuse-links are utilized as a dependable solution for safety of mechanical setups, regulation and indicator orbits from excess load or fire hazards. The entire DO systems comprises of three sizes including D01, D02 and D03 fuse-links,basic...

ETI has brought in a new series of fuse-links. These low-voltage appliances come in sizes varying from NV00C to NV3. They have a new dual indication of operation called KOMBI. The indicator is located...


BS 88 Low Voltage


Type "D" Bottle Fuses



Fast-acting supplementary fuse.

13/32" x 1 1/2 (10.3 x 38.1mm).

Melamine tube; nickel plated brass endcaps.



Manufactured in robust, Glass Reinforced Polyester (DMC) material 60/80A or 100A versions available.

The Series 5 range has been designed as a replacement for existing PILC installations. Interchangeable phase and neutral/earth terminals enable simple installation, without the need to disturb cable polarity. They are...


Low-voltage, high-performance fuses

A switchgear without proper fuse protection may well be put out of service for a considerable time. And that can be expensive. And even if the actual damage is covered...

Up to the present day NH-fuse links according to DIN
43620 were available either with
- top indicator on the cover plate of the fuse link or
- centre indicator in the middle of the insulating body.
When such fuse links are fitted in standard NH-fuse
bases or...

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